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Aug 28

“Whats it like to go to war?”

Well hello again from Corpus Christi Texas! It’s been hot and muggy here for the last couple of weeks, with a few nice days mixed in. I’ve managed to get a full diet of fresh fish and fun while I’ve been here. I’ve missed the fam and things back at home like my new dog, …

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Jul 04

4th of July, more than another holiday, a day to remember citizens.

  Well hello again from a rainy Fort Campbell! The fam and I are hoping the rain will stop long enough to see some fire works tonight. Nothing new has really happened other than the usual household stuff. We had a washing machine break, but I found a repair man to fix it for cheap …

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May 30

The soldiers library!

  Hello again from Fort Campbell! It’s been a crazy couple of days. First the fam. My kids are doing awesome at sports and all have earned awards for academic achievement during the last year so all’s well that end’s well. Jules has been working hard in the gym and is having some success. She’s …

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May 28

More Important things.

  Well hello from the good ole USA!!! I’ve been home for over a week now and can I just say the food here is amazing! I’ve also managed to get to the gym with the wife and bought me a motorcycle which is great for some alone time to unplug. First let’s get you the …

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May 10

Reflections from Afghanistan.

Well hello again from Afghani land! I have great news to share with all my fans and friends out there… this guys on his way home! I have been waiting 9 months to say that and get there. Tomorrow sometime I get on that big C-17 in the sky and start the long process of …

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May 03

this should be obvious

Well hello again from Afghani-land! the count down is officially underway and I’m going to be on my way home from this crap hole to my family in around a week. (plus or minus, we are talking about the army here.) As far as I know the fam and kids are doing great. Laynee is …

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Jun 20

(No title)


 Jon Pew is a soldier with the 101st Airborne Division in the US Army. I have deployed with the Screaming Eagles and am going again soon. I am very proud of the Transition Man andam so excited about the coming publication. JonPew-Author webiste

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