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Apr 09

some fun for me.

Well hello again from paradise! We here at the Author Jon Pew blog, (meaning author Jon Pew) have a few simple ideas on what on earth we (meaning I) think are post worthy on the internet. In this one, I thought to hit on some of the things I have been interested in lately. I …

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Mar 08

I’m back!

Well hello again from the beautiful paradise of Hawaii! For those that don’t follow me regularly I have been in the process of moving to Hawaii with the Army since around thanksgiving of 2013. It’s been a long journey to get the whole family out and set up but with a lot of hard work …

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Oct 28

Wow its been 2 months!

“Well here I am again!” (If you know where that quote comes from you are a true believer.) I’m very sorry for you who have followed this blog, wanting to follow my books and me as a person. It has been a very busy couple of months. After that long trip to Texas we came …

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Aug 21

Long time no post…(excerpt of Achilles as promised!)

Hello from humid Corpus Christi Texas! I’m sorry I’ve been missing from the net for a while, and that I’ve been not keeping up with the commitment I have to write and promote the books that at least few people want to read. Let me do a quick catch up and then I’ll do the update …

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Aug 05

A Plug and a Movie review or three.

Hello again from muggy Fort Campbell! The summer is coming to an end and I am supper pleased with how things have gone. Returning from deployment was an adjustment, but not a difficult one. I had a most enjoyable time watching the kids play, get wet and spend time sleeping in and having sleep overs. …

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Jul 23

An Amazing Experience!

  Well hello again from lovely Fort Campbell! It’s still hot and sticky here and can be so uncomfortable, but my garden is doing great and the air conditioning works, so we get by. We have enjoyed a month without sports, thinking we’d have a relaxed time, but we have been busy as ever! Jaxon …

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Jul 17

Twisted Souls revealed!!

    Well hello again from lovely, humid, hot, sticky, but clear skied Ft. Campbell! So a few things to report on the family front. (This post is mostly going to be about the coming release of Twisted Souls.) The kids are having an awesome summer. Laynee just got back from her trip to Ohio …

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Jul 04

4th of July, more than another holiday, a day to remember citizens.

  Well hello again from a rainy Fort Campbell! The fam and I are hoping the rain will stop long enough to see some fire works tonight. Nothing new has really happened other than the usual household stuff. We had a washing machine break, but I found a repair man to fix it for cheap …

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Jul 03

Moving forward!!

  Well hello again from beautiful Kentucky! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks so let’s catch you up. I’ve released my second novel, Genesis and have moved on to getting my next novel, Twisted Souls the second part of the Griffin Chronicles series up to scratch and ready to release. I’m also enjoying my …

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Jun 22

The big day!

Well hello from FT Campbell! I’ve been working hard getting Genesis ready to roll out and the good news is…I’ve done it!! For the updates of the family and being home, everyone’s fine and everything’s great. I hope you’ll all forgive me not giving more details but it’s the eve of the release of my …

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