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Griffin Chronicles


 Book 1 in the Griffin Chronicles: Transition Man

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The fabled war in heaven has finally come to an end! Seven powerful angels of God and their armies have won the fight and cast the devil and his minions to earth. The struggle for the souls of men intensifies to epic proportions with Transition Men at the heart of the battle.

The most powerful Transition Man ever to exist is Wesley Griffin. Welsey is the king pin of the Las Vegas underworld. When a deal goes bad for one of his girls and begs for his help, he refuses. To avenge his betrayal, she kills him. After his death, he finds darkness at the end of the tunnel and is sent back to earth by an evil power. Upon his return to life, he comes face to face with who he has been, and the slumbering hero inside him awakens. Wesley tries to use his new power to dominate all life no matter the cost. The noble Griffin fights to redeem Wesley’s evil and change his colors. Who will win the internal struggle? Find out in the action-packed story of the Transition Man.

Jon Pew’s The Transition Man will lead you on a wild ride into a world of good versus evil. His imaginative descriptions of weapons and swordplay will take you to a front-row seat and leave you breathless. Will Wesley Griffin turn to the light? Or will he bend to the darkness that is drawing him ever closer?


Twisted Souls Paperback ViewBook 2 in the Griffin Chronicles: Twisted Souls 

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On the heels of a devastating battle in Arizona, the loss of someone close to him and the new discovery of Jordan’s powers, Wesley Griffin’s soul is at stake. His twisted path will bring epic battles between angels and shadows and turn Las Vegas itself inside out. Who does Wesley belong to the Dark or the Light? Will he be the Great Griffin or turn to evil Wesley forever? Find out in the next stage of the Griffin Chronicles, Twisted Souls.


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