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books books and more books!

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Hello everyone in the blogosphere and welcome to the newest version of this blog. I’ve tried to do several different themes and include some of the things I’m interested in and have had a little success. However I want to use this blog to promote my books and interest in fun activities. I’d love to have any input I can get from anyone who wants to get involved in this action!

For me my interests are simple, I love my wife and kids, I love writing and reading good books, and I love surfing. Pretty simple. I also enjoy movies, motorcycles and getting outside. However I am not the only fish in the sea and I understand that others have different interests. This is my blog though and if you are interested in these things I think we could have a lot to talk about! At the moment I am writing my 5th novel for print and hope it gets some good reaction. My first several books have been met with my friends and family buying copies and shooting to the top of the best seller list on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for a day or two, but it peters out and I find myself floating between 500k and 1 million on the list these days. I don’t think that has so much to do with the quality of my writing, I think it has more to do with my time and interest in spending hours and hours on the internet promoting my work. I find it hard to spend as much time as I probably should peddling my wears to the public and trying not to offend people with my conservative Facebook posts. I’ll be honest I don’t lose sleep over this. I am a soldier and I have strong opinions on what our country should be and what it shouldn’t be and if my opinion offends you I’m not really that sorry, because you are allowed to have your opinion too and we can both shout them from the roof tops and we both have the right to do so, but I digress. This is not a political blog and so I intend to keep my leanings out of it.

This blog is about books and having fun doing amazing things! I have improved as a surfer and now go looking for bigger waves and a greater rush as I take the drop and try to shoot the spray off my turns as I lean in and snap it! (if you don’t understand don’t worry, its surfing lingo.) I have a go pro and will be posting some wave video and pics, I will also be posting snip-its from my WIP just as often. I also plan to do small reviews here for some other authors I read and like and will post them here. If you have reviews and are looking for an outlet, just let me know I can post them for you. Today I wanted to blog a little on Griffin 3, my current WIP and get everyone who’s interested caught up on the world of the Las Vegas hero.

Book 3 in this series is going to take our hero from the top of the pile in the 2nd book to a place he doesn’t completely understand. His true nemesis will be revealed and the intentions of his pre-mortality self-will also come out. Rae will play a much more prominent role and Jordan will get a love interest. The location of this story is moving to Atlantic City. Cliff is running and goes there on his way to his final escape location. Griffin will follow him there and adventure will ensue. Jordan will stay in Vegas and try to hold the fort in Griffin’s absence. There’s a lot going on in this episode of the life of the Transition Man. Griffin who now realizes all his power and Talon who has unblocked their relationship has powers he never realized he did before, but with this power comes more and more memories. This book will set up the final in the series I plan to write before the end of the year culminating in the final battle where the ultimate strategist will be revealed as either Griffin or the enemy of the entire human family. It should be epic!!!

In this story Griffin will get confused and have to figure out what he really wants and why he gave up on everything he had before he came to earth and forgot who he was and what he was supposed to do. Why did he give up and not stop Daru before? Why does he have such a responsibility with Jordan? And where does he belong in the end all get some answers in book 3. The plot is twisting and turning and in the end Griffin will have to come tor grips with what he did, or didn’t do before he can lead his army to the final battle against the forces of evil. To find out what happens just keep an eye out for this book. I should hopefully get it ready for release by Christmas. In the mean time you have Transition Man, Twisted Souls and Genesis to keep you busy.

On the new release front, Achilles is at the editor and she is working her way through my horrible grammar and spelling. I hope to get it back soon and get to editing so I can have something to release this fall. Next episode of this blog will have a review and synopsis of Achilles as well as the inspiration for that novel.

I think that’s all I have time for right now. Look for one of these posts a week or maybe more if I catch an awesome wave or if I write an amazing chapter. I am reading the Game of Thrones books now and just finished book 1, I will do a review soon and get it up as well. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife, Play to Win!! And you stay classy Planet Earth.

Feb 18

Back in Action!!

Well its been a very long time since I was able to post on this blog, time for a small update. The family and I have moved to Hawaii and I never thought I’d be affected by a place so much! I can’t get enough of the water and the people here. I have bought several surfboards and spend as much time as I can in the waves, which cuts into my writing time severely. However I have had a great last 6 months in writing, I finished Sword of Achilles and have sent it off to a couple of Beta readers, the input has been great! I am going to send it to an editor to get cleaned up before sending it to a publisher for consideration. I hope to have it published by fall. I also have been picked up by Celestial Waters Publishing for my other books! As they are all kind of fantasy and paranormal they fit in to this houses foot print really well. I am very excited about working with Elizabeth and Candace as I get some more work done.

The family is doing great! We had a bit of a scare mid way through last year as we were all ramped up for a deployment which was cancelled at the last moment, literally! Since that scare we have settled in nicely! Laynee is a busy freshman, doing amazing on her school work and I think enjoying her yearbook class most, though she’d probably tell you something different. Jax is doing ok, he is struggling a bit trying to decide who he wants to be. He is however excelling at singing! He made it onto his school Glee club and is their front man in their performances. I love watching him perform! He’s got to fix a couple of thing and we will be getting him in voice lessons and competitions for singing. We are so excited and proud! Evan is as usual the golden child. He has lofty goals to run 5-5K’s this year and with me still being injured I can’t run with him, but I can cheer. He has done several good projects and is enjoying his school here. Jules has developed severe migraine head aches and is in and out. She is very excited about starting barber school this year and hopes to get that started and done so she can get to work and have something besides house work to do all day.

Now onto books, writing and all things author-ish. Transition Man, Twisted Souls and Genesis have all been picked up and published by Celestial Waters Publishing and I have been honored by their excitement for the works. Sword of Achilles has had one full revision and has been to 1 beta reader. When I can afford it I’m sending it to an editor and getting it polished up for publishing later this year. I’m not sure if my current publisher, which handles mainly fantasy stuff will want a war book, so we’ll see. Either way I still want to publish it and offer it to other publishers if CWP passes. I am soon to go on a mini deployment which is awesome as I will have time to write! The next book in the chute is Griffin Chronicles 3! Griffin and Jordan have been pulling on my mind lately wanting me to finish the story! I’ll see if I can finish it in book 3 or is a 4th will be needed. I have 2 major villains left and the battle of Armageddon to tackle so no pressure! I find myself torn between to loves now.

Besides my family which always comes first, I have discovered Surfing! I absolutely love this sport! I find myself running to the beach as often as I can! I am shortly to start building my first surf board and I’m loving finding new surf spots all the time. I have my favorite spots but it’s fun to go to more and more picturesque spots. Hawaii is an amazing place. I’ve seen volcanoes, whales, dolphins, turtles, many different types of sea life, forested areas and snow packed mountains flying around. I get to be a tourist every time I go fly. It’s been a real blessing being here. I plan to stay as long as I can. This time struggle however means I have to give up some writing and promoting time with my writing career, so please bear with me. I’ll try to be more diligent in getting updates and fun bits from my work in progress items, as well as video updates of my surfing adventures. All in all I plan to blog once a week, and keep up my Facebook page a little better.I’d like to thank you for checking in on my little hobby, and supporting me in chasing dreams.

Thats it for this episode so as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet Earth!

Jun 08

Interview with Elizabeth Delana Rosa


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About the Book:

COMING JUNE 13, 2014

Cover completeTitle: Queen of the Loch

Series: Children of the Loch Saga

Author: Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Published: Expected publishing June 13th, 2014

Word Count: Approximately 42,000

Genre: YA Paranormal


Nineteen year old, Jaelyn Adena McDonnell, known as J.J. to all, just found out she is not who she thought she was. On her twentieth birthday, a handsome man shows up on her porch with a marriage edict and news that the grandfather she has never met, has died. Her world is about to change forever. J.J. must make the perilous journey to the Loch and take her place on its throne. With no idea, what is expected of her and dark forces closing in at every turn, will J.J. be able to accept her destiny or will she be stopped her before she can? Come join this first person account of a young woman’s journey to finding herself and those she meets along the way. Previously released as a free novella named Child of the Loch, this is a completely new novel based on the same premise with new characters, renamed characters and completely revamped story-line. The novella has stayed in the top 20 of Christian Fantasy and Science fiction Free Kindle since its publishing date in November of 2013. The expected publishing date is June 13, 2014. While it maintains a great level of clean reading and it references a faith, it is in no way preachy.




1) When did you first realize you wanted to be an Author?

When I was in Kindergarten, I fell in love in with reading and from there it transitioned into a love of writing.

2) What would you say is your interesting quirk that only happens when you are writing?

I often need noise and chaos to write. My family is always doing something or my animals are making craziness. It makes me feel happy to have writing as the calm in the storm.

3) What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing your books?

I love writing 1st person. Some people despise reading it but I just connect with the character. When I write 3rd person, I feel a disconnect from the story and what’s happening, I want to bring people into the thick of it and the characters feelings at that moment.

4) Where did you get ideas for your books?

I often times find at the weirdest times. I’ve some ideas hit me in the shower, dreams and just things I see or something my family is doing.

5) Out of all the books you have written which is your favorite and why?

Queen of Loch is the first full-length novel based on my novella, however, I’m really loving several of my WIPs…works in progress.

6) What people do you think will love your book the most?

I think anyone 15+ will enjoy it. It has some violence, births, minor romance and the spirit of adventure throughout it.

7) What do you think makes a good story?

A good story touches people. It makes them connect to it emotionally, caring about the characters and what happens to them or despising the protagonist.

8) Who are some of your favorite Authors?

OMG. You had to ask…I love my Indie Authors and have interviewed so many I can’t pin it down. : )

9) If you could pick one actor to play a character in your book in the movie version, who would it be?

I think a good person for Jaelyn is America Ferrera, even though she’s a little bit older than the character.

Attribution: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/celebs-insure-body-parts-gallery-1.76787?pmSlide=1.96117

Attribution: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/celebs-insure-body-parts-gallery-1.76787?pmSlide=1.96117

10) Who are some of the people that influenced your love of writing?

I have to say my mom is amazing and supportive. She really just got me into reading and encouraged my writing since I could write.

11) Is this book considered a dark Sci-fi book such as aliens or other decimate the earth or something lighter like ET? Sci-fi doesn’t necessarily mean aliens but it is a good example of the genres extreme polarities.

This book is closest to Urban Fantasy, it takes place in the mid-west of the US and the mythical land of the Loch, which is something very different. It’s almost steam punk in that it has a very old world feel but modern conveniences and magic.

12) What kind of TV shows do you like and do you find that as a Sci-Fi Writer that you gravitate toward Sci-Fi Movies and Television such as Lost in Space or Stargate?

I gravitate toward anything sci-fi or with swords. I love Netflix and currently finishing up Season 3 of the Walking Dead. I grew up Stargate, Star Trek: The Next Generation, the A-Team and reruns of the Incredible Hulk. I can’t resist them and binge on marathons all the time.

13) Sci-Fi is often grouped with the Fantasy and Paranormal genres; do you find a close connection between them?

Absolutely, I enjoy both genres and sub-genres. I finding my love of the genres overflow into my writing.

14) If you had one piece of advice for an aspiring Author what would it be?

I have advice for life in general. Be kind and surround yourself with kind people. That’s it. There are plenty of mean and rude people in this world.

15) What would you like to say to friends and family of Authors (not just your own)?

Let your writer write. People think writing is easy, but takes a lot of fortitude to put something out that people can critique without censorship. Encourage them when you can.

16) What projects do you have up and coming?

I have lots of projects but my sole focus right now is Queen of the Loch.

Excerpt From Queen of the Loch

Chapter 1: The Nightmare- The gray overcast sky darkened the room. Shadows grew larger then transitioned into smaller versions of themselves. They played on the slick, molding walls of Castle Loch. King Athelstan McDonnell, Blessed Monarch of the Loch, Second of his Line, lay in the large, downy bed of the royal room. Thick colorful quilts piled high onto him, covering the King from head to toe, yet he could not feel their heat.

Athelstan ‘s teeth chattered uncontrollably occasionally cutting his tongue leaving red streaks on the pale white surface and sores that did not heal, an oddity considering his ancestors and his descendants always healed immediately from wounds. In fact, the McDonnells aged and died but injuries rarely brought them to their end. Whatever plagued the King was not normal. The man fought for his breaths, both inhaling and exhaling the air from tired lungs. His shallow rasps whispered eerily in the hallways of the bricked castle.

Prophets both aged and young, racked with visions gathered themselves at the foot of his bed. Hooded robes and veils covered their faces as they sang the old, healing chants and death songs to the Lord of Light. Their melodious wails reverberated throughout the room and echoed off its corners creating a harmonious chorus of mirrored voices, much like Gregorian chants.




Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer. When she first learned to write in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with writing. It overtook her life and has been a constant companion. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Lastly Elizabeth is a big nerd. She loves Fantasy, YA, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi books. Her dream is to promote Authors and help them reach the highest level of Success, while writing her own YA and NA Fantasy Novels. She often says,

I hope that my stories connect with people of all ages, genders and races. All it takes is a good story to unite people who wouldn’t normally be on the same side.

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Apr 09

some fun for me.

Well hello again from paradise! We here at the Author Jon Pew blog, (meaning author Jon Pew) have a few simple ideas on what on earth we (meaning I) think are post worthy on the internet. In this one, I thought to hit on some of the things I have been interested in lately. I know, mind blowing right?!?

Ok, first I do need to update any readers I might have on the status of books. Transition Man is at the editor, I don’t know where it stands in her stack of stuff, but I think it should get finished in the next few weeks and I will have the appropriate relaunch after that. Twisted Souls and Genesis are still available on your favorite site, B&N, Amazon and Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords etc…you get the point. If you don’t own one of my books and you think you’d like to know what my twisted mind can put on paper, just go check it out and see. Genesis is the special right now, its .99 for e-book. I have my paperbacks priced as low as I can, but the e-book prices will fluctuate depending on which book I have on special at the time. Achilles is still in progress. I have several copies of the first 30 pages out right now to test readers and I am waiting on feedback before I proceed on the revising and editing and getting it ready to send to the pros. I am still very proud and excited for this book but it needs to be edited and set up before I want to release it. I feel like its my best work, and I want it to shine. The Pachyderm history book is being removed from my published works, and is reverting to a fundraiser for my old Army company the Bco, 6-101 Pachyderms. I did the history for them and I hope it serves them well. As for my next book after I finish with Achilles I am still debating with myself whether I want to try to finish up Griffin and his adventures in 2014 or press forward with Abby and the True Immortals series. (more on this on another post) I also have another series idea but will wait to reveal it until I have time to write some on the project.

Secondly on the subject of writing, I have lots of fun stories about my Transition Man series that I haven’t been able to squeeze into the novels. Several individual cases that have some back ground on their own, the story of Rae and her life, and other fun interactions between some of the characters in a more normal setting. I plan to write a series of short stories surrounding these events and release them for free right here on the blog. After I get enough of them done I will compile them and publish them under a side note series for sale as a compilation. should be fun! So look for the first one of these to come out in the next couple of weeks. Writing them and getting them a quick edit, is all I am going to do so they wont be prefect, they’ll just be stories I wanted to tell. hope you’ll like that.

Now onto the point of this post. Today’s world has too many serious people in it. I know, we live in a serious time with real risk, responsibilities and requirements, but does that mean we can’t have even a little fun. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I can tell you there are some pretty serious people in our faith. Some who think that lite times and relaxed laughter can somehow detract from our duty to share the gospel and message of Christ. I have other friends that are political advocates and so active that they can’t talk about anything but the slow decline of our country and its political problems. There are others, in the military (I am military) as well and we are not taught that its ok to laugh too much or to take time to relax and unwind, “Soldiers first!” or whatever. And while I agree that we do have a duty to share the message of Christ and his saving grace, and to discuss the ways in which our country and more particular our children are going to suffer if we don’t change things around are relevant, there still is time in our lives to enjoy ourselves and have meaningless fun.

Lets think about a few. Video games, TV, Movies, Leisure recreation, Motorcycles and ATVs, sports cars and travel. A lot of these places and things serve very little real purpose. Video games and the media items rarely have profound influence. We play games and check out of reality for hours at a time. No it isn’t hearty fun, or time well spent with loved ones usually, it’s just simple fun. Watching hours on hours of TV and unplugging from reality for a while is not so productive. Sitting on the beach or being lazy on a floating boat watching the sun cross the sky is again, not doing a lot for you, motorcycles, muscle cars etc. etc. Not producing and some would say not a good or valuable use of our limited time while we are on the earth. Can I just disagree a little.

Hear me out here, I agree and don’t argue the point that these activities serve no useful purpose whatsoever in the grand scheme of things. They don’t help us create better family relationships, or spread the good news. They may even be considered a waste of God-given talent and of course precious time and resources, but what they do give us is the reality that we are human, and here to enjoy the experience of life. I love spending time and gas tooling around on my motorbike. I love reading magazines and articles about it, how to improve it, make it go faster, techniques for riding and so on and so on. I love watching FB for posts by my motor-head homies who have cars with massive V-8s and the modifications they are investing time and money into. Lifting weights, surfing, writing novels that may never be published. All of this is so I can spend a little time with me, my interests and most of all my humanity. I quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” Wisdom.

Not one of my selected activities is truly life altering or mind expanding, but it is fun. A chance to unwind, explore some absolutely useless facts, and blow some time on goofing off and making no real lasting memories. I spent at least 100 hours playing Skyrim, and I am a slacker! I write novels and take time to write this blog for no other reason than I enjoy it, it makes me happy and for me its fun. Fun can be what keeps us sane, and can help us understand that life isn’t all about making sure you dot the I’s and cross the T’s, it’s about enjoying ourselves and passing the time in this life in a balance of worth while activities, hard work, sleep and yes dare I say it, having fun. I think you’ll find that if you put this little gem to the test, unplug from whatever it is that seems so important to you, go out and have some meaningless fun for a few hours or even a few days you’ll find that when you come back to whatever it is that’s so important, you’ll do it better. It’ll mean more to you and you’ll find an ability to focus better than you did before. You’ll also find that the important things are more important, because you know exactly what its like to do something for no other reason than it sounded fun. Trust me, and try it. Report back on this post if you want!

That’s it for now, my next post will be a Video blog post, it’ll be the premier of that feature on my blog so don’t miss it. Not sure when it’s coming but you can be sure it is. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! and You stay classy planet Earth!

Mar 27

My new philosophy.

Hello again from Paradise! The fam and I are all set up here in beautiful Oahu. We live in a nice little town with wonderful people not far from work. The kids are all settled into school and I am getting into work, and Jules is doing her thing and also getting more and more comfortable with each passing day. We have made contact with the Ward of our church for this area and are attending each Sunday making new friends and connections. All that being said we are happy here and connecting with the Sea and the beaches, we are certainly a more outdoorsy family than we were before.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time this post with my books, though I have to say if you’ve read them, please do a review! I need more reviews to get my books recognized and also to attract new readers. So once again please…leave a review. Sword of Achilles update, still working it, probably going to be a month or more before I can get it to the editor, plus I have no money for editing, so it’ll have to wait until I get some bucks in for that. Transition Man is at the editor for a final read through and should be ready to reformat and repost in the next few weeks, so something to look forward to there.

Alright, my new Philosophy on being an author, or writer and keeping up with everything else is to make it all fun again. I admit, I wanted to make some money and so was busy writing books, thinking I was good enough to sell a lot of them and make some extra coin, I lost the whole reason I was writing in the first place, which was for the story. I love my stories! My imaginary friends are so real to me I love spending time with them and getting them moved around in their worlds. However, just writing a good story isn’t enough to sell books, you have to market, and advertise and so on and further and I’d had enough. I took a break and during that break I was able to blog surf and read what my other writer buddies are writing and how excited they are about their new work and I’d lost that. I said keeping up and I mean that, but I also mean keeping it simple. let me explain.

I enjoy politics, I enjoy sports, video games, flying, spending time with my beautiful wife and playing with my kids. I love motorcycles and now that I am learning to surf, I’m loving that too! I have a lot that I enjoy and writing was taking up too much of the time I needed to have a well-rounded life. Don’t get me wrong I get a real high when I get on the computer and pump out page after page of good text, but the truth is, unless I get picked up by a solid publishing house that does a lot of marketing for their authors, I’ll never get much notice. So while I have this blog, I thought I’d try to share a little of my personality and thoughts with you via this channel. I also will have people on who are similar minded and share similar views. I doubt I’ll give equal time to opposing points of view, because honestly I don’t care about those. But I will have interesting people who want to donate an article or post about something they feel is important on and give them a place to share. I also plan to do some Vlog posts and get some cool links up to things I’m following and what I’m into and doing at the moment.

Today I’m venturing into deep water with a political rant about our society. I am very tired of hearing about how bad our current president is. (I have to be careful what I say here.) I don’t agree with pretty much everything he’s done, or wants to do. I think his policies are terrible and will lead our people in the wrong direction. I am a Christian man, Mormon or LDS faith is how I worship, I love God, I follow the example of my Savior Jesus Christ, I am a student of all things good and wholesome. I believe the liberal agenda leads us away from those things I believe in and away from the foundations our country was built on. But disagreeing with the administration is only the first part of my problem with our society, the bigger problem is that 51 percent of our people agree with him. though many don’t like what he’s done by breaking his promises and trying to use his “mighty pen” to enact legislation, which is against the constitution, they would still rather have a meal, health care or education on someone elses dime and that is a huge concern to me. Our people have forgotten the value of a good days work, they’ve forgotten to teach their kids that dependency on other people’s mercy and charity isn’t the way to get through life. Teaching that the government is going to take care of us, instead of us taking care of us, is backwards to the way things really should be. Lets compare out world today to how the people of our country reacted to the government overstepping its bounds in generations past. The farm society that our country once was changed to an industrial and commercial world causing the growth and creation of massive cities where huge populations gathered. From there the power and dependency shifted from neighbors, family members, town elders and town councils to “Big Government”. We needed police departments, fire departments, road workers, mayors, public school systems and people to run them. That was the beginning and it grew, and grew and grew.

Where has the innocence gone? Where is the challenge in life if you are failing and you have no accountability to anyone or anything, you can simply stand in line, fill out some paper work and get free food, housing, and now even cars and cell phones. As a matter of fact you can get spending money, healthcare, travel assistants, education assistance, and the list goes on and on. If you know how to work the system you can get a whole lot for no cost to you, but it’s still not free, someone else who is working and has hopes and dreams of their own is paying for your “free stuff”. There was once a point of pride in our land, where a father and mother would teach their little ones, to pray, work, save and strive. They taught them to dream big and chase those dreams and in our great society even the lowest man on the totem pole could climb to the top. Our history is filled with great men and women who have done just that. These stories are now a thing of the past, a place to look and be nostalgic not inspired. The new generations are so distracted by the shiny things the world is creating that they are being convinced that “Change is better” and that the old-fashioned ideas are a drawback instead of a way to correct our course and save our countries promise for our children.

Is there a solution? Absolutely, but it will take real work and diligence to accomplish it. I’m in my 30’s and I don’t really have hope for my generation, and the truth is with the laws we now have I think my kids might be screwed to but my grandkids might have hope if we start with a few simple things now and build on them. I went to my doctor recently and told him I wanted to get healthier and more fit. He told me to start by replacing one thing at a time in my diet and to make sure to exercise a few days a week, and in time, I would reach my goals. The answer for our sick country is the same, we need to try one thing at a time, fix it and secure it, then move on to the next. I would say the first step I see is fixing the education system, and taking it out of federal hands, but that implies that we have a functioning federal government, we don’t. What we need is to get good men and women of character and discipline into office. Most of the best of our generation are able to see what needs to be done to start drawing back the social programs that cause such massive dependency, but they are to busy building empires to be bothered to care. The ones that do care and try to make a difference are out numbered by the blind and greedy majority that will do and say anything, and I do mean anything to maintain their position. I quote a great mind, Albus Dumbledore when he not too gently rebukes the pathetic Cornelius Fudge, “You are blinded by the love of the office you hold.”

The usual way to affect a culture change is to start from the bottom up, and I agree with that, but in this case, we need to get those good men and women to rise up and take their place as leaders in our society and bring down this house of cards that is already starting to topple before it’s too late. I read the bible, and I try to see its meaning, I don’t know if we are meant to be saved, but so long as I have my children, their hopes and the dreams of a righteous posterity to look after I will continue to try to fix what can be fixed. I am currently serving in the military and don’t have the luxury of running for an office while I am under contract, but I intend to run when I get out. Local offices are as important as the grand ones on the federal level. While we wait to get the younger and stronger ranks filled in Washington, lets start at the local school boards, the city councils, the Mayor positions and even state legislatures. We can make real change in government at all levels. We don’t need millions of career politicians, we need a few terms from some good people who are willing to sacrifice some of their time and talent to aid our country and indeed our worlds future. Even if you run and don’t win, you tried to got out a message that is different from the status quo. Don’t give up, run again! As its been said and quoted over the year, the only way Evil wins is for Good men and women to do nothing.

Lets not be the ones that did nothing and watched our future get thrown away by smoke and mirrors. Lets not let it be said that the “Greatest Generation” came form the 1940’s. In the last 12 years of war, hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest have answered the call of a country that needed them, now there is a different call for you, a new need, freedom and liberty are still your charge to protect, let’s get to the task at hand and take the hill! The future hope of all we have fought and died for in our countries history is still here, it’s still available for the next generation, but we have to start the fight now to get it back on course.

So there you go, a piece of my mind, agree? disagree? Let me hear from ya, I love to get things rolling and really love a healthy debate. I’ll be your moderator for the next little while, look for my next post when I can get around to it, it’ll probably have something to do with my thoughts on the state of our economy. Bring it!

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! and You stay classy planet Earth!

Mar 08

I’m back!

Well hello again from the beautiful paradise of Hawaii! For those that don’t follow me regularly I have been in the process of moving to Hawaii with the Army since around thanksgiving of 2013. It’s been a long journey to get the whole family out and set up but with a lot of hard work and money we managed to get it done. Yes, we were able to bring our dog Lexi with us thanks to Julie’s parent who helped us out with the cost, and a special thanks to all those who went out of their way to make sure we got to see as many people as we possibly could on our way.

We now live in a place called Mililani Town on the island of Oahu. My new unit is the Chinook flight company here with 25th CAB the Hill Climbers, and while I miss my Pachyderm buddies it is nice to have a new place to call home. I have to admit to complete laziness and to be honest a lack of interest in writing books, promoting and in any other way pushing my hobby out the way I should. It is hard for me to try to sell my work. I think the books are a lot of fun to read and well written, but the truth is…I am a novice in every sense of the word. For those that like my books don’t worry I will continue to write them and have the occasional post about what’s coming up with the series of  books I have, and so forth. But over all I think I probably won’t be working so hard on promotion and or spending any more of my money on books as I can’t afford it anyway.

So what is this blog going to be about you ask? Well that’s an interesting question. The truth is I have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics and have never been shy about sharing them. So that’s what you’ll find on this blog. I have a lot of passion for politics, economics, religion, motorcycles, writing, kids, my country that I love and its direction and much more. I also will have some personal stuff when I want to show my kids off or talk about struggle that life presents to us. So if you read something here and you like it keep an eye out and look for the next post, cause it’ll probably be nothing like the last one.

I imagine at least one paragraph will be about books since that was the main reason for setting up this blog, but that’s probably all that will be, in this case, it’s this paragraph. Transition Man is once again the center of my attention, my first baby is now being reviewed. I had a good friend and my publisher tell me that the original copy was far to racy and not much like my personality in real life and after I re-read it I was forced to agree. Too much swearing and too much description in places where it didn’t need to be. So I have revised it and in doing so found I wrote the dang thin a weird 1st/3rd past and present tense setting. How did no one tell me it was so confusing? (laughing) So I have revised and have brought the whole thing into a true third person and cut out the racy language that goes against who I am and what I believe in. I should have it ready for re-release in the next couple of weeks. I don’t think I’m going to do a major roll-out, but I am going to replace the existing copy with this so if you paid for the old edit and want to update it with the new version, you should be able to re-download it from whatever site you got it from. If you have trouble and want to the updated version hit me up and I’ll do what I can to make sure you get it. If you have a paper copy, congrats you own the original. I can set you up with a discounted paper copy of the new revision again, just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Twisted Souls the sequel to Transition Man is out, but hasn’t sold many copies. That is mostly my fault for not  really promoting it the way I should. I am going to review it to make sure it isn’t written in the same weird past/present tense style, but other than that it is a finished product and a good one I think. For those wanting to see what Jordan looks like, she’s on the cover so take a peak. Lastly Genesis is still doing alright for not being promoted much either. In Christian fantasy it jumps and sinks on the Amazon charts I’m not sure where it is right now, but you can be sure I’ll be promoting more so I hope to get things rolling with some sales again soon. I have Sword of Achilles initial manuscript done and it is in need of review, so it won’t be out until summer. That’s only a year after when I originally planned to release it, but I want to get it right. I love the story, and the point of view that has come about thanks to my deployment to Afghanistan and don’t want to sell it short of its full potential. So be patient and you’ll bet the new thing soon. Also for this year I plan to do the 3rd installment in the Griffin Chronicles series and if I can the 2nd in the True Immortals. I also have a new idea for a book, but it will get its own paragraph at a later date. Now you’re caught up so let move on.

I managed to grow a nice beard on my leave from the Army while we were travelling and picked up a new hobby, shaving with a  straight razor! Man it’s awesome and I love it. I managed to find 2 antique razors and am trying to get them shave ready but in the mean time I found a razor with disposable blades that I can use and it seems to be working out fine. If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend it. The fam and I also went dirt bike riding while we were in Arizona and got hooked! Evan is a natural and the others are having fun learning as well. I expect we’ll be riding a lot in the near future. We are saving money up to buy a couple of bikes and a trailer so we can go trail riding here. There are several spots that look great and I’m going to go exploring on my bike to find new trails before I get the wife and kids out. While we were in Utah we went skiing for the first time. Laynee was a laugh as she was so uncomfortable on the snow. Evan was a natural as usual. Jules was awesome, having roller blading experience might have helped her a lot. Jaxon picked it up and by the end of the day we tackled the whole mountain. We also had such a great adventure on our trip out to Arizona and on to California from Kentucky. Evan, Laynee and I drove across country in our family truck and had great adventures all along the way. I want to make a little video out of it and post it here, so look for that to come. We got stuck over night in a little town called Vega Texas in a terrible winter storm that closed the freeways in New Mexico. The hotels were full, so we stayed the night in a shelter set up by the good people of the town. a big thanks to them for their generosity.

After a long trip we ended up here in Oahu and had to live in a hotel for a month. What an interesting experience. I also got straight to work as usual for the Army I guess. We looked for housing for a couple of weeks and found a cute little house in a low valley in a cute little neighborhood and really enjoy it. We hear roosters every morning and get to see beautiful mountain views from our back porch. We go to the beach often and have driven all the way around the island. We have seen the Arizona and the Pearl Harbor memorial, we have eaten lots of pineapple and have made lots of good friends already. Jaxon has his very own Trombone and Laynee’s saxophone has been repaired and is working great as well. I bought a new motorcycle a 2003 DR650 and love the heck out of that bike. As a good friend of mine said, once you go dirt you never go back, (Pete Fell) and he was right. I may never own a cruiser again. (I know this post is kind of all over the place, but I have been gone a while and am trying to catch up on everything I haven’t written about for a while, so bear with me.) We went to the beach with some of the members of my new unit, and tried surfing. I got up twice on my first day out and got hooked. The next week I bought my first board and am excited to be taking it out tomorrow for the first time.

I think that about covers it, I’ve made it through most of what’s happened. The Pachyderm history book I complied is reverting to property of Bco 6-101st, so if you want a copy you can still get it through them as a fund-raiser for the unit there. I think it’s a great little book and enjoy it every time I look at it.

Well that does it for this edition, I know I was all over the page, but hey, that’s me. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! and you stay classy Planet Earth!

Nov 25

A movie review or two.


Hello again from the freezing country of Kentucky, not for the last time, but that is soon to come. I have had a crazy busy last couple of months and I’ll not lie to you, I haven’t blogged like I should to keep my author persona in the public view. However I did manage to get several things done and have a couple of new projects underway.

One of the more exciting projects I’m working on is for my job as a soldier. For the last couple of years I have been my unit historian. I was given the assignment because I write novels and I believe the hope was that I could get the bigger picture and share more than just raw facts about the Pachyderms colorful and truly historic journey through the ages of war since Vietnam. I have managed to acquire many Commander and First Sergeant names and am trying to put together an effective timeline. But truly the more important part to me is to get a few stories of previous Pachyderms to put in so we can all reminisce on each others experiences. As of now the book isn’t long by my normal standards, but I think it’ll be fun to read for those who love Chinooks and the history of one of the oldest units around. Keep an eye out, Pachy 6 and his next unit historian will manage the domain and keep things up to date.

The other work I’m trying to get through before I move to Hawaii in December is my book Sword of Achilles. As you may or may not know the manuscript is done, but is extremely rough. I have made it through the first half of the book on my first pass, and as soon as I get it done I’ll send it to my editor and then go through again. My goal is to have it done and hopefully released in the next month but I’ll have to keep you up to date on that. So far though, it is by far the best thing I’ve put on paper.

This post is a movie review for 2 movies I really enjoyed, Thor 2 and Catching fire the second hunger games movie.

Thor was a surprise to me. I enjoy comic book movies and as Marvel has a near monopoly on the market they have plenty of money and effort to put into them. The first Thor movie was a set up for something else that was upcoming, the Avengers and did a fine job in establishing Thor as a hero. This second installment of the franchise is along the same lines, however, the head honchos at Marvel did this one much better. The story line is much deeper, the character development comes in faster and the action sequences are more along the lines of what you’d think a movie about Gods would be. The Dark Elf part of the conflict is well done and the special effects done distract from the overall scheme of what their message is. Loki is back and up to his usual tricks and Oden is wise and venerable. Thor at times shows his true power and strength as the God of Thunder, though they do try to humanize him a bit, which to me takes away from his status. This movie was funny at times, actiony nearly all the time and Natalie Portman is her usual gorgeous self. I enjoyed the whole movie and consider it a massive step up and brought the Thor franchise back from the edge of losing itself entirely, I look forward to the next one. I give this sucker 4 stars and recommend it for kids 9 and older. (my 9-year-old did just fine.)

Now for Catching Fire. As an urban fantasy author I was drawn to the Hunger Games series as a unique and outstanding idea. It was extremely well written and moved fast as I think a war type book series should do. The first movie was slow and didn’t quite catch-all that the first book in the series represented. I still liked it unlike many other purists. Many of the criticisms I hear are that the emotion of the book didn’t get through, and that too many small parts of the story were cut out. To those I answer, are you crazy? there is no way to convey the complete emotion of that first book on-screen, and I thought Jennifer Lawrence did well trying to bring it out. Her problem is that Katnis isn’t a very emotive person, so hard to act that out. they may have needed a narrator. (LOL) This next installment however was spot on. This book, for almost the first time in all my book reading/ movie going experience actually did the book justice. We all know that no movie can mimic the book perfectly, however this one conveyed the complete story and not just parts and fillers. The arena is amazing, the characters look and sound like what you’d think from reading and as I’ve read elsewhere, Jenifer looks great. No spoilers here, but if you liked the book, you’ll like the movie, it’s that simple. I give this 5 stars, it is one of my favorite movies of the year and it’ll definitely be in competition for the actual movie of the year post coming up in January. As for kids, I don’t think I’d take ’em younger than 10 unless they read and loved the books. otherwise, enjoy!

Well that’s it for this edition, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth.

Oct 28

Wow its been 2 months!

“Well here I am again!” (If you know where that quote comes from you are a true believer.) I’m very sorry for you who have followed this blog, wanting to follow my books and me as a person. It has been a very busy couple of months. After that long trip to Texas we came back home without a helicopter, so some other guys from the unit had to go bring it back. I missed the fam too much and had to bail. Any way since I’ve been home I finished my first college course and got an A thank you very much! I’ve now finished Sword of Achilles initial manuscript and have revised Transition Man. I feel awful about this. The T-Man version I used, I thought was good to go, being the one from my former publisher, come to find out, it wasn’t. So I revised and it’s getting re-edited now, if you’ve bought the version released under my own name keep an eye out and you will be able to get a fresh copy from any website you originally downloaded it from. If you have any trouble please message me and I’ll see to it you get the correct version of the book. Like is said, busy.

On the family front, Jaxon had an entire season of Soccer and his team finished around .500 on the season. He learned a lot and was a good defender. Laynee also played sports and was one of the best players on her volleyball team. We had a great time running around and watching as many practices and games as we could. Evan missed out on soccer, but did find a fun thing, the base running club. Turns out I have a runner in my family. (very strange) We have run 2 5K events together, the Trot for Troops, and the Go commando. Evan finished 3rd in the first and 4th in the second, I am a very proud papa. Jules is doing great having fun with the kids and taking some self-help classes. On a sad front out minivan died on us and we were forced to get a new car. Jules hates it when I call her new vehicle a car, it’s a truck. She picked out a 2011 Chevy Silverado Z71 SLT, a very nice truck.

My little Lexi has grown from a 25 lb. baby to a 55 lb. girl in a couple short months. We are getting through some of the growing pains of a pup and having a great time watching her grow. (which happens every single day.) We are making plans to move to Hawaii and really enjoying the last few months and hopefully last few seasons here that we will have for a few years. I have decided to sell my beloved cruiser (motorcycle) and try to get a different type of bike to ride for when we get there. Plans change and with the government shut down we aren’t sure when we will be leaving but we are excited to go when it happens. In the mean time I’m just working hard and trying to get through this last book before I take a break.

Once T-Man comes back from the editor and Achilles is done and released I am making plans to submit my work to some of the larger publishers. I find I have very little time to commit to promotion and that is 75% of the book publishing world. I can tell a good story, but it’s hard to get that story out for others to read. I truly have no idea how to make it most accessible for those who would read it and so I’m afraid back into the world of having a publisher I go. I stick by the older posts I have on the subject of small publishing houses, so I am only submitting to successful houses that sell books. A friend of mine asked me what would happen to me if they said it wasn’t good enough to publish? I told her that I would be disappointed, but that at least I would have an answer and would know this is just a hobby and I could adjust fire from there.

The truth is its very hard to sell books. I may be one of the best authors the world has ever known ( not really) and no one will ever know because I don’t have the time or experience to get the proper exposure that I need to keep the titles in the front of the pack. I am super happy with my covers and the editing and so I feel I will be presenting my best effort to the would be publishers I hope to get picked up by. We shall see.

With all the crazy stuff going on in life constantly I am going to try to do a weekly blog post every Sunday night, that will keep up with what’s happening around me and my family, as well as my books. So keep tuned in and share me around, I promise to make things more interesting and even get some guests on here. Until that time as always I am proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy Planet Earth!


Aug 28

“Whats it like to go to war?”

Well hello again from Corpus Christi Texas! It’s been hot and muggy here for the last couple of weeks, with a few nice days mixed in. I’ve managed to get a full diet of fresh fish and fun while I’ve been here. I’ve missed the fam and things back at home like my new dog, but I’ll get over it. It looks like we’ll be heading home via commercial air rather than on the helicopter and that’s a bit disappointing, but I can’t stay any longer, nearly 3 weeks away from home so soon after a deployment is long enough. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Maria Edwards of Navigator books. She is a publisher, but has a soft spot for Vets like me so has kindly offered her help, which I graciously accepted. (Laughing to myself, don’t know how gracious I can be, but I was eager none the less.) She spoke for a while about wanting to help veterans suffering from PTSD, or other dysfunctions brought on by war and other stressful situations the military can put people under. I truly admire her and what she hopes to accomplish with the different programs she’s involved in. This conversation, paired with a couple of others recently made me think about this Blog post, and what I might say that would be of interest to others. A question I get asked a lot (surprisingly) is, “What’s it like to go to war?” That’s a loaded question, but I’ll bite. dustlanding resize

“Another day at the office”

dust landing, infill/exfill

I planned to do a movie review today. I have seen 2 Guns, Elysium, Percy Jackson, The mortal instruments and more. I will do a review, especially of mortal instruments as I’m an Urban Fantasy guy, but for some reason I felt this was an important post to do today. While I will give you some idea of what going to war is like, and how it makes soldiers like me feel, for each person the experience is different. I’m also no expert. I’ve only been deployed for a total of 13 months. Some guys did more than that on their first tour, and more often we have some who have spent 7 of the last 10 years in the desert fighting to maintain our freedom. These gentlemen and lady’s are true heroes, but maybe I can give you an inkling. team shank resize

Team Shank OEF 12-13


I have been in the Army now for 4 years, my first 9 months were all training, so that doesn’t really count to me as true active time, but the 3 years I’ve been on station, I’ve spent 1/3 of that time in Afghanistan, and another nearly 1/4 of the remainder in training of some kind, so being separated from family is a bit of an issue. That kind of time apart grows calluses on heart-strings that make it easier to go away when needed, and that isn’t always easy to undo. The separation doesn’t just take a toll on the soldier but also on the loved ones they leave behind. Children, spouses, pets and extended family all feel the tear of this separation. Not only that, they don’t heal instantly just because we come home from war. These tears and breaks in family relationships take time to heal and usually leave a scar. Even spending as much time together as possible  and doing fun things when we get home don’t fix what was torn, it just puts a bandage on it until the healing process can get moving. It requires time and patience and even then an acceptance that those months and precious experiences are lost and can’t be redone. I don’t mean this to sound horrible, the sacrifice is something every soldier is willing to pay, and most are happy doing their duty. It does wear on us over time, and those family strings of love and connection can be re-established after the cut and even become stronger over time than they would have been had we stayed home and not gone away.

Another aspect of war is what happens to the mind of a soldier. I have many memories that will stay with me for a life time from my two separate experiences. I’ve made friends that I will genuinely love as family and if they need me, I’ll be there for them no matter the cost. The war stories we share with each other make us laugh and sometimes feel sad depending on what we’re talking about. Most people listening from across the room won’t understand, but we do. A loud noise, a distant alarm, gun fire, helicopter rotor report, TV shows and sometimes a smell or waking up out of a dream can take us back to a scary place in an instant. It doesn’t mean we want or need to talk about it. For most people, they wouldn’t understand if we tried. It doesn’t mean we are broken, or scary people, or “potential terrorists” because we have seen or felt the reality of war. It simply means that the world looks and feels different to us than to others. If you see me and my eyes are unfocused and I seem to be staring off into the distance, it doesn’t mean I’m back in my tent on the FOB, or in the bunker after IDF hit near where I slept. I’m probably thinking about the novel I’m writing, or seeing my beautiful wife in her new dress (or out of it). Regardless I have to say, I appreciate your concern and the answer is “no thanks, I don’t want to talk about my feelings right now.” when you ask about what it was like to go to war. me resize

(Yours truly, looking awesome!)

I never planned to share my experiences in this post, nor do I now. I can however give you a little more on what it’s like to be there, not just to go and come home. War is a place where soldiers die to protect our people’s freedom here at home. For some it’s where they thrive. For others it’s what nightmares are made of. For yet others it is simply another duty station, or anther assignment from Uncle Sam and they just do their job, and look forward to going home. My experience was a lack of sleep, crappy food and a sometimes stressful situation that I didn’t fully understand. I felt like I was doing my part, I felt and feel grateful to God to have come home safe. I’m glad to know we killed or captured bad guys who wanted to hurt others and take away their freedom and I would do it again if called on. I’m glad to have done my job, and I hope done it well. “What’s it like to go to war?” The answer is varied and complex, but over all I would say “It is what you make of it, a lot like anything else in life.” Getting over it and having to explain to your loved ones that the world just doesn’t quite look the same as it once did is difficult, but not impossible and I’m glad to have the opportunity to try.

Well that’s it for this edition, look forward to the movie reviews I’ll try to get that done in the next day or two. For now as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And…. you stay classy planet Earth.

Aug 21

Long time no post…(excerpt of Achilles as promised!)

Hello from humid Corpus Christi Texas! I’m sorry I’ve been missing from the net for a while, and that I’ve been not keeping up with the commitment I have to write and promote the books that at least few people want to read. Let me do a quick catch up and then I’ll do the update on books, writing and what’s going on with the world of Jon Pew Author. The kids are doing great! Jax and Laynee have started middle school and are doing great! He is getting to know his surroundings and is excited about playing in the band. He’s chosen the trombone to play and has borrowed one from the school, I’m out of town and haven’t heard him play yet but I’m wanting to hear it! Evan is the last in elementary school and he is enjoying being king of that particular castle. Laynee is starting to play volleyball this fall and she’s loving that! Jaxon is on a soccer team and we are hoping that they will find another coach for Evan’s age group. All the teams filled up and they said I couldn’t coach because it would take too long for the back ground check so I got shot down on that but anyway here’s hoping. Jules is doing well she’s running the show while I am gone and is doing a good job. She’s missing me as much as I miss them, but we are getting along. Alright, here’s the update on books! So to start with Transition Man, we are selling copies again! We are staying ranked which means I’m selling a few books a week. I also am getting a lot of feed back from my readers that says it needs to be re-edited so, I am having that done as we speak. Twisted Souls is fully finished! The original release was an advanced readers release, but now the full version is done and ready, so enjoy and let me know what you think and if you can leave some reviews! Genesis is consistent it the top 100 of Christian fantasy, and ranks usually in the top 300k over all. That may not be a massive ranking, but it is very satisfying for me. All the books are still on sale through the end of the month. I’m placing my final order when I get back from this trip which should be the end of next week so get your copy while they are on sale! Sword of Achilles has been on the back burner for a few weeks now. I have been swamped by the work load of being a soldier, and publishing 2 books and cleaning up a 3rd. However now that I am feeling a bit more on top of things I am going to get back to it. I expect to have the manuscript finished before I head home from Corpus here and hope to have it edited and ready for cover art and reviews by the end of September. After that you author here is taking a break from writing until I get settled into my new house in Hawaii. I have written nearly 2/3’s of the novel and s0 now need to review the last chapter and pick it up again. I left off where Patroclus fights Hector. As you might imagine, it is a very different battle scene when they are using rifles and grenades, and not swords and shields. I have been struggling a bit trying to decide how to have the battle between Achilles and Hector which is the ultimate fight in the book. In the classic it was a 1 on 1 fight, but we don’t do that in modern warfare, so it’ll have to be modified a bit. I expect to have that fight during a battle between the Myrmidons and the Apollonian Guard. Either way, I can tell you it will be awesome! the excerpt I am giving today is one from the battle scene between Patroclus and Hector to catch you up on where the book is and how it is going to feel as you read through it. Try and remember it is very rough, and don’t judge on grammar and spelling, but check out the content and the design of the story. I hope you like it. Next blog post will not be about me but about a subject I find interesting or something most writers can relate to as a struggle for indie authors. I hope you enjoy the excerpt from the book, and please message me about anything you would like to have me blog about. As Always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth!   Patroclus broke cover and charge at Hector AK up and started to fire trying to end the great captain before he could lead his men back to safety. Shots rang out and Patroclus had good target on Hector, he smiled confident he had the drop, and he would be the one to slay the mighty Hector. The Trojan Prince located the source of the fire holding him down and rolled behind a rock and using his pistol shot at Patroclus throwing him off balance and forcing him to move to the right. He rolled back and threw a grenade to where he thought Patroclus would be. Sabre dove behind a rock when he saw the fraggo in flight and covered up just in time. Both men got up and identified their opponent. Both knew what defeating the other would mean to their cause. For Hector, he could cripple the Myrmidon ability to make war. For Patroclus he could destroy the only hope Troy had of victory. Both men dropped their mags in simultaneous movements and released their bolts forward. They opened fire while tactically avoiding the others incoming rounds. Neither had made contact and both slung their rifles and pulled their pistols. Hector was a little faster and put a single round in the center of Patroclus breast plate. Ajax gasped and reported to Achilles that his friend was down, but not out. Hector charged forward not bothering to reload, he knew he had 5 shots left. Patroclus rolled to one side and tried to get up firing his pistol wildly over his shoulder.  Hector raised his weapon and dropped to one knee and put one in his shoulder and one in his hip. “All units this is Knife, charge ahead and cover Sabre, MOVE!!” ordered Ajax over the radios The men responded instantly and rushed forward. Paris killed the first 7 men to get to their feet and start the forward charge. Mustang 1 and 2 sank to a knee and laid down covering fire as Hector moved in for the kill. Knowing he had won but still being cautious, this was Patroclus, one of the greatest warriors in the world, and he wouldn’t underestimate his foe. With a fully loaded magazine and slide released Hector closed the last 20 meters and pounced on his enemy. He drew his knife and rolled the downed man onto his back. As Sabre rolled to the sun, he had his pistol held at hip height and fired 2 rounds, both hit the edge of Hectors armor narrowly missing vital hits. Hector sat back on the ground and heard the click of the trigger being squeezed by Patroclus over and over again. “You’re empty brother.” Said Hector Patroclus turned the weapon sideways stared surprised at the empty chamber, the slide locked to the rear. He dropped the pistol and looked Hector in the face. “Well I guess you are the better man.” Hector shook his head, “Not better, just faster today. On a different day it would be me lying there, and you in my position. Good fight, rest well, I’ll see you soon.” Patroclus removed his helmet and nodded his assent. The shot to his hip had glanced off bone and cut through his leg nicking his femoral artery. The shoulder shot had found meat but had cut two veins in his muscled limb. He was bleeding profusely and it was only a matter of time until he was dead. Better to get it over with than to suffer. “I’ll see you soon. Farewell.” Said Patroclus and removed his breast plate as well It was a tradition among great warriors of the day to make their final kill with a blade. Gunshot wounds were too messy, and there was usually a state funeral to farewell the deceased. He lay back and exposed his chest. Hector loomed up and looking into his fallen enemies eyes he had nothing but respect for this great man. He’d fought as a true hero, and a great leader. He was sure that under different circumstances he and Patroclus would have enjoyed sitting on the walls watching the sun go down and enjoying a beer after a fine day of labor. But they were fated to be enemies on this field. He raised his knife overhead and plunged it into his enemy’s heart with surgical precision ending his life without further suffering. Seeing the life bleed out of his eyes, Hector gathered the dead man’s armor and retreated back to his man and the escape route they’d planned.

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