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Hello everyone in the blogosphere and welcome to the newest version of this blog. I’ve tried to do several different themes and include some of the things I’m interested in and have had a little success. However I want to use this blog to promote my books and interest in fun activities. I’d love to have any input I can get from anyone who wants to get involved in this action!

For me my interests are simple, I love my wife and kids, I love writing and reading good books, and I love surfing. Pretty simple. I also enjoy movies, motorcycles and getting outside. However I am not the only fish in the sea and I understand that others have different interests. This is my blog though and if you are interested in these things I think we could have a lot to talk about! At the moment I am writing my 5th novel for print and hope it gets some good reaction. My first several books have been met with my friends and family buying copies and shooting to the top of the best seller list on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for a day or two, but it peters out and I find myself floating between 500k and 1 million on the list these days. I don’t think that has so much to do with the quality of my writing, I think it has more to do with my time and interest in spending hours and hours on the internet promoting my work. I find it hard to spend as much time as I probably should peddling my wears to the public and trying not to offend people with my conservative Facebook posts. I’ll be honest I don’t lose sleep over this. I am a soldier and I have strong opinions on what our country should be and what it shouldn’t be and if my opinion offends you I’m not really that sorry, because you are allowed to have your opinion too and we can both shout them from the roof tops and we both have the right to do so, but I digress. This is not a political blog and so I intend to keep my leanings out of it.

This blog is about books and having fun doing amazing things! I have improved as a surfer and now go looking for bigger waves and a greater rush as I take the drop and try to shoot the spray off my turns as I lean in and snap it! (if you don’t understand don’t worry, its surfing lingo.) I have a go pro and will be posting some wave video and pics, I will also be posting snip-its from my WIP just as often. I also plan to do small reviews here for some other authors I read and like and will post them here. If you have reviews and are looking for an outlet, just let me know I can post them for you. Today I wanted to blog a little on Griffin 3, my current WIP and get everyone who’s interested caught up on the world of the Las Vegas hero.

Book 3 in this series is going to take our hero from the top of the pile in the 2nd book to a place he doesn’t completely understand. His true nemesis will be revealed and the intentions of his pre-mortality self-will also come out. Rae will play a much more prominent role and Jordan will get a love interest. The location of this story is moving to Atlantic City. Cliff is running and goes there on his way to his final escape location. Griffin will follow him there and adventure will ensue. Jordan will stay in Vegas and try to hold the fort in Griffin’s absence. There’s a lot going on in this episode of the life of the Transition Man. Griffin who now realizes all his power and Talon who has unblocked their relationship has powers he never realized he did before, but with this power comes more and more memories. This book will set up the final in the series I plan to write before the end of the year culminating in the final battle where the ultimate strategist will be revealed as either Griffin or the enemy of the entire human family. It should be epic!!!

In this story Griffin will get confused and have to figure out what he really wants and why he gave up on everything he had before he came to earth and forgot who he was and what he was supposed to do. Why did he give up and not stop Daru before? Why does he have such a responsibility with Jordan? And where does he belong in the end all get some answers in book 3. The plot is twisting and turning and in the end Griffin will have to come tor grips with what he did, or didn’t do before he can lead his army to the final battle against the forces of evil. To find out what happens just keep an eye out for this book. I should hopefully get it ready for release by Christmas. In the mean time you have Transition Man, Twisted Souls and Genesis to keep you busy.

On the new release front, Achilles is at the editor and she is working her way through my horrible grammar and spelling. I hope to get it back soon and get to editing so I can have something to release this fall. Next episode of this blog will have a review and synopsis of Achilles as well as the inspiration for that novel.

I think that’s all I have time for right now. Look for one of these posts a week or maybe more if I catch an awesome wave or if I write an amazing chapter. I am reading the Game of Thrones books now and just finished book 1, I will do a review soon and get it up as well. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife, Play to Win!! And you stay classy Planet Earth.

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