Feb 18

Back in Action!!

Well its been a very long time since I was able to post on this blog, time for a small update. The family and I have moved to Hawaii and I never thought I’d be affected by a place so much! I can’t get enough of the water and the people here. I have bought several surfboards and spend as much time as I can in the waves, which cuts into my writing time severely. However I have had a great last 6 months in writing, I finished Sword of Achilles and have sent it off to a couple of Beta readers, the input has been great! I am going to send it to an editor to get cleaned up before sending it to a publisher for consideration. I hope to have it published by fall. I also have been picked up by Celestial Waters Publishing for my other books! As they are all kind of fantasy and paranormal they fit in to this houses foot print really well. I am very excited about working with Elizabeth and Candace as I get some more work done.

The family is doing great! We had a bit of a scare mid way through last year as we were all ramped up for a deployment which was cancelled at the last moment, literally! Since that scare we have settled in nicely! Laynee is a busy freshman, doing amazing on her school work and I think enjoying her yearbook class most, though she’d probably tell you something different. Jax is doing ok, he is struggling a bit trying to decide who he wants to be. He is however excelling at singing! He made it onto his school Glee club and is their front man in their performances. I love watching him perform! He’s got to fix a couple of thing and we will be getting him in voice lessons and competitions for singing. We are so excited and proud! Evan is as usual the golden child. He has lofty goals to run 5-5K’s this year and with me still being injured I can’t run with him, but I can cheer. He has done several good projects and is enjoying his school here. Jules has developed severe migraine head aches and is in and out. She is very excited about starting barber school this year and hopes to get that started and done so she can get to work and have something besides house work to do all day.

Now onto books, writing and all things author-ish. Transition Man, Twisted Souls and Genesis have all been picked up and published by Celestial Waters Publishing and I have been honored by their excitement for the works. Sword of Achilles has had one full revision and has been to 1 beta reader. When I can afford it I’m sending it to an editor and getting it polished up for publishing later this year. I’m not sure if my current publisher, which handles mainly fantasy stuff will want a war book, so we’ll see. Either way I still want to publish it and offer it to other publishers if CWP passes. I am soon to go on a mini deployment which is awesome as I will have time to write! The next book in the chute is Griffin Chronicles 3! Griffin and Jordan have been pulling on my mind lately wanting me to finish the story! I’ll see if I can finish it in book 3 or is a 4th will be needed. I have 2 major villains left and the battle of Armageddon to tackle so no pressure! I find myself torn between to loves now.

Besides my family which always comes first, I have discovered Surfing! I absolutely love this sport! I find myself running to the beach as often as I can! I am shortly to start building my first surf board and I’m loving finding new surf spots all the time. I have my favorite spots but it’s fun to go to more and more picturesque spots. Hawaii is an amazing place. I’ve seen volcanoes, whales, dolphins, turtles, many different types of sea life, forested areas and snow packed mountains flying around. I get to be a tourist every time I go fly. It’s been a real blessing being here. I plan to stay as long as I can. This time struggle however means I have to give up some writing and promoting time with my writing career, so please bear with me. I’ll try to be more diligent in getting updates and fun bits from my work in progress items, as well as video updates of my surfing adventures. All in all I plan to blog once a week, and keep up my Facebook page a little better.I’d like to thank you for checking in on my little hobby, and supporting me in chasing dreams.

Thats it for this episode so as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet Earth!

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