Apr 09

some fun for me.

Well hello again from paradise! We here at the Author Jon Pew blog, (meaning author Jon Pew) have a few simple ideas on what on earth we (meaning I) think are post worthy on the internet. In this one, I thought to hit on some of the things I have been interested in lately. I know, mind blowing right?!?

Ok, first I do need to update any readers I might have on the status of books. Transition Man is at the editor, I don’t know where it stands in her stack of stuff, but I think it should get finished in the next few weeks and I will have the appropriate relaunch after that. Twisted Souls and Genesis are still available on your favorite site, B&N, Amazon and Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords etc…you get the point. If you don’t own one of my books and you think you’d like to know what my twisted mind can put on paper, just go check it out and see. Genesis is the special right now, its .99 for e-book. I have my paperbacks priced as low as I can, but the e-book prices will fluctuate depending on which book I have on special at the time. Achilles is still in progress. I have several copies of the first 30 pages out right now to test readers and I am waiting on feedback before I proceed on the revising and editing and getting it ready to send to the pros. I am still very proud and excited for this book but it needs to be edited and set up before I want to release it. I feel like its my best work, and I want it to shine. The Pachyderm history book is being removed from my published works, and is reverting to a fundraiser for my old Army company the Bco, 6-101 Pachyderms. I did the history for them and I hope it serves them well. As for my next book after I finish with Achilles I am still debating with myself whether I want to try to finish up Griffin and his adventures in 2014 or press forward with Abby and the True Immortals series. (more on this on another post) I also have another series idea but will wait to reveal it until I have time to write some on the project.

Secondly on the subject of writing, I have lots of fun stories about my Transition Man series that I haven’t been able to squeeze into the novels. Several individual cases that have some back ground on their own, the story of Rae and her life, and other fun interactions between some of the characters in a more normal setting. I plan to write a series of short stories surrounding these events and release them for free right here on the blog. After I get enough of them done I will compile them and publish them under a side note series for sale as a compilation. should be fun! So look for the first one of these to come out in the next couple of weeks. Writing them and getting them a quick edit, is all I am going to do so they wont be prefect, they’ll just be stories I wanted to tell. hope you’ll like that.

Now onto the point of this post. Today’s world has too many serious people in it. I know, we live in a serious time with real risk, responsibilities and requirements, but does that mean we can’t have even a little fun. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I can tell you there are some pretty serious people in our faith. Some who think that lite times and relaxed laughter can somehow detract from our duty to share the gospel and message of Christ. I have other friends that are political advocates and so active that they can’t talk about anything but the slow decline of our country and its political problems. There are others, in the military (I am military) as well and we are not taught that its ok to laugh too much or to take time to relax and unwind, “Soldiers first!” or whatever. And while I agree that we do have a duty to share the message of Christ and his saving grace, and to discuss the ways in which our country and more particular our children are going to suffer if we don’t change things around are relevant, there still is time in our lives to enjoy ourselves and have meaningless fun.

Lets think about a few. Video games, TV, Movies, Leisure recreation, Motorcycles and ATVs, sports cars and travel. A lot of these places and things serve very little real purpose. Video games and the media items rarely have profound influence. We play games and check out of reality for hours at a time. No it isn’t hearty fun, or time well spent with loved ones usually, it’s just simple fun. Watching hours on hours of TV and unplugging from reality for a while is not so productive. Sitting on the beach or being lazy on a floating boat watching the sun cross the sky is again, not doing a lot for you, motorcycles, muscle cars etc. etc. Not producing and some would say not a good or valuable use of our limited time while we are on the earth. Can I just disagree a little.

Hear me out here, I agree and don’t argue the point that these activities serve no useful purpose whatsoever in the grand scheme of things. They don’t help us create better family relationships, or spread the good news. They may even be considered a waste of God-given talent and of course precious time and resources, but what they do give us is the reality that we are human, and here to enjoy the experience of life. I love spending time and gas tooling around on my motorbike. I love reading magazines and articles about it, how to improve it, make it go faster, techniques for riding and so on and so on. I love watching FB for posts by my motor-head homies who have cars with massive V-8s and the modifications they are investing time and money into. Lifting weights, surfing, writing novels that may never be published. All of this is so I can spend a little time with me, my interests and most of all my humanity. I quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” Wisdom.

Not one of my selected activities is truly life altering or mind expanding, but it is fun. A chance to unwind, explore some absolutely useless facts, and blow some time on goofing off and making no real lasting memories. I spent at least 100 hours playing Skyrim, and I am a slacker! I write novels and take time to write this blog for no other reason than I enjoy it, it makes me happy and for me its fun. Fun can be what keeps us sane, and can help us understand that life isn’t all about making sure you dot the I’s and cross the T’s, it’s about enjoying ourselves and passing the time in this life in a balance of worth while activities, hard work, sleep and yes dare I say it, having fun. I think you’ll find that if you put this little gem to the test, unplug from whatever it is that seems so important to you, go out and have some meaningless fun for a few hours or even a few days you’ll find that when you come back to whatever it is that’s so important, you’ll do it better. It’ll mean more to you and you’ll find an ability to focus better than you did before. You’ll also find that the important things are more important, because you know exactly what its like to do something for no other reason than it sounded fun. Trust me, and try it. Report back on this post if you want!

That’s it for now, my next post will be a Video blog post, it’ll be the premier of that feature on my blog so don’t miss it. Not sure when it’s coming but you can be sure it is. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! and You stay classy planet Earth!

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