Mar 27

My new philosophy.

Hello again from Paradise! The fam and I are all set up here in beautiful Oahu. We live in a nice little town with wonderful people not far from work. The kids are all settled into school and I am getting into work, and Jules is doing her thing and also getting more and more comfortable with each passing day. We have made contact with the Ward of our church for this area and are attending each Sunday making new friends and connections. All that being said we are happy here and connecting with the Sea and the beaches, we are certainly a more outdoorsy family than we were before.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time this post with my books, though I have to say if you’ve read them, please do a review! I need more reviews to get my books recognized and also to attract new readers. So once again please…leave a review. Sword of Achilles update, still working it, probably going to be a month or more before I can get it to the editor, plus I have no money for editing, so it’ll have to wait until I get some bucks in for that. Transition Man is at the editor for a final read through and should be ready to reformat and repost in the next few weeks, so something to look forward to there.

Alright, my new Philosophy on being an author, or writer and keeping up with everything else is to make it all fun again. I admit, I wanted to make some money and so was busy writing books, thinking I was good enough to sell a lot of them and make some extra coin, I lost the whole reason I was writing in the first place, which was for the story. I love my stories! My imaginary friends are so real to me I love spending time with them and getting them moved around in their worlds. However, just writing a good story isn’t enough to sell books, you have to market, and advertise and so on and further and I’d had enough. I took a break and during that break I was able to blog surf and read what my other writer buddies are writing and how excited they are about their new work and I’d lost that. I said keeping up and I mean that, but I also mean keeping it simple. let me explain.

I enjoy politics, I enjoy sports, video games, flying, spending time with my beautiful wife and playing with my kids. I love motorcycles and now that I am learning to surf, I’m loving that too! I have a lot that I enjoy and writing was taking up too much of the time I needed to have a well-rounded life. Don’t get me wrong I get a real high when I get on the computer and pump out page after page of good text, but the truth is, unless I get picked up by a solid publishing house that does a lot of marketing for their authors, I’ll never get much notice. So while I have this blog, I thought I’d try to share a little of my personality and thoughts with you via this channel. I also will have people on who are similar minded and share similar views. I doubt I’ll give equal time to opposing points of view, because honestly I don’t care about those. But I will have interesting people who want to donate an article or post about something they feel is important on and give them a place to share. I also plan to do some Vlog posts and get some cool links up to things I’m following and what I’m into and doing at the moment.

Today I’m venturing into deep water with a political rant about our society. I am very tired of hearing about how bad our current president is. (I have to be careful what I say here.) I don’t agree with pretty much everything he’s done, or wants to do. I think his policies are terrible and will lead our people in the wrong direction. I am a Christian man, Mormon or LDS faith is how I worship, I love God, I follow the example of my Savior Jesus Christ, I am a student of all things good and wholesome. I believe the liberal agenda leads us away from those things I believe in and away from the foundations our country was built on. But disagreeing with the administration is only the first part of my problem with our society, the bigger problem is that 51 percent of our people agree with him. though many don’t like what he’s done by breaking his promises and trying to use his “mighty pen” to enact legislation, which is against the constitution, they would still rather have a meal, health care or education on someone elses dime and that is a huge concern to me. Our people have forgotten the value of a good days work, they’ve forgotten to teach their kids that dependency on other people’s mercy and charity isn’t the way to get through life. Teaching that the government is going to take care of us, instead of us taking care of us, is backwards to the way things really should be. Lets compare out world today to how the people of our country reacted to the government overstepping its bounds in generations past. The farm society that our country once was changed to an industrial and commercial world causing the growth and creation of massive cities where huge populations gathered. From there the power and dependency shifted from neighbors, family members, town elders and town councils to “Big Government”. We needed police departments, fire departments, road workers, mayors, public school systems and people to run them. That was the beginning and it grew, and grew and grew.

Where has the innocence gone? Where is the challenge in life if you are failing and you have no accountability to anyone or anything, you can simply stand in line, fill out some paper work and get free food, housing, and now even cars and cell phones. As a matter of fact you can get spending money, healthcare, travel assistants, education assistance, and the list goes on and on. If you know how to work the system you can get a whole lot for no cost to you, but it’s still not free, someone else who is working and has hopes and dreams of their own is paying for your “free stuff”. There was once a point of pride in our land, where a father and mother would teach their little ones, to pray, work, save and strive. They taught them to dream big and chase those dreams and in our great society even the lowest man on the totem pole could climb to the top. Our history is filled with great men and women who have done just that. These stories are now a thing of the past, a place to look and be nostalgic not inspired. The new generations are so distracted by the shiny things the world is creating that they are being convinced that “Change is better” and that the old-fashioned ideas are a drawback instead of a way to correct our course and save our countries promise for our children.

Is there a solution? Absolutely, but it will take real work and diligence to accomplish it. I’m in my 30’s and I don’t really have hope for my generation, and the truth is with the laws we now have I think my kids might be screwed to but my grandkids might have hope if we start with a few simple things now and build on them. I went to my doctor recently and told him I wanted to get healthier and more fit. He told me to start by replacing one thing at a time in my diet and to make sure to exercise a few days a week, and in time, I would reach my goals. The answer for our sick country is the same, we need to try one thing at a time, fix it and secure it, then move on to the next. I would say the first step I see is fixing the education system, and taking it out of federal hands, but that implies that we have a functioning federal government, we don’t. What we need is to get good men and women of character and discipline into office. Most of the best of our generation are able to see what needs to be done to start drawing back the social programs that cause such massive dependency, but they are to busy building empires to be bothered to care. The ones that do care and try to make a difference are out numbered by the blind and greedy majority that will do and say anything, and I do mean anything to maintain their position. I quote a great mind, Albus Dumbledore when he not too gently rebukes the pathetic Cornelius Fudge, “You are blinded by the love of the office you hold.”

The usual way to affect a culture change is to start from the bottom up, and I agree with that, but in this case, we need to get those good men and women to rise up and take their place as leaders in our society and bring down this house of cards that is already starting to topple before it’s too late. I read the bible, and I try to see its meaning, I don’t know if we are meant to be saved, but so long as I have my children, their hopes and the dreams of a righteous posterity to look after I will continue to try to fix what can be fixed. I am currently serving in the military and don’t have the luxury of running for an office while I am under contract, but I intend to run when I get out. Local offices are as important as the grand ones on the federal level. While we wait to get the younger and stronger ranks filled in Washington, lets start at the local school boards, the city councils, the Mayor positions and even state legislatures. We can make real change in government at all levels. We don’t need millions of career politicians, we need a few terms from some good people who are willing to sacrifice some of their time and talent to aid our country and indeed our worlds future. Even if you run and don’t win, you tried to got out a message that is different from the status quo. Don’t give up, run again! As its been said and quoted over the year, the only way Evil wins is for Good men and women to do nothing.

Lets not be the ones that did nothing and watched our future get thrown away by smoke and mirrors. Lets not let it be said that the “Greatest Generation” came form the 1940’s. In the last 12 years of war, hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest have answered the call of a country that needed them, now there is a different call for you, a new need, freedom and liberty are still your charge to protect, let’s get to the task at hand and take the hill! The future hope of all we have fought and died for in our countries history is still here, it’s still available for the next generation, but we have to start the fight now to get it back on course.

So there you go, a piece of my mind, agree? disagree? Let me hear from ya, I love to get things rolling and really love a healthy debate. I’ll be your moderator for the next little while, look for my next post when I can get around to it, it’ll probably have something to do with my thoughts on the state of our economy. Bring it!

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! and You stay classy planet Earth!

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