Mar 08

I’m back!

Well hello again from the beautiful paradise of Hawaii! For those that don’t follow me regularly I have been in the process of moving to Hawaii with the Army since around thanksgiving of 2013. It’s been a long journey to get the whole family out and set up but with a lot of hard work and money we managed to get it done. Yes, we were able to bring our dog Lexi with us thanks to Julie’s parent who helped us out with the cost, and a special thanks to all those who went out of their way to make sure we got to see as many people as we possibly could on our way.

We now live in a place called Mililani Town on the island of Oahu. My new unit is the Chinook flight company here with 25th CAB the Hill Climbers, and while I miss my Pachyderm buddies it is nice to have a new place to call home. I have to admit to complete laziness and to be honest a lack of interest in writing books, promoting and in any other way pushing my hobby out the way I should. It is hard for me to try to sell my work. I think the books are a lot of fun to read and well written, but the truth is…I am a novice in every sense of the word. For those that like my books don’t worry I will continue to write them and have the occasional post about what’s coming up with the series of  books I have, and so forth. But over all I think I probably won’t be working so hard on promotion and or spending any more of my money on books as I can’t afford it anyway.

So what is this blog going to be about you ask? Well that’s an interesting question. The truth is I have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics and have never been shy about sharing them. So that’s what you’ll find on this blog. I have a lot of passion for politics, economics, religion, motorcycles, writing, kids, my country that I love and its direction and much more. I also will have some personal stuff when I want to show my kids off or talk about struggle that life presents to us. So if you read something here and you like it keep an eye out and look for the next post, cause it’ll probably be nothing like the last one.

I imagine at least one paragraph will be about books since that was the main reason for setting up this blog, but that’s probably all that will be, in this case, it’s this paragraph. Transition Man is once again the center of my attention, my first baby is now being reviewed. I had a good friend and my publisher tell me that the original copy was far to racy and not much like my personality in real life and after I re-read it I was forced to agree. Too much swearing and too much description in places where it didn’t need to be. So I have revised it and in doing so found I wrote the dang thin a weird 1st/3rd past and present tense setting. How did no one tell me it was so confusing? (laughing) So I have revised and have brought the whole thing into a true third person and cut out the racy language that goes against who I am and what I believe in. I should have it ready for re-release in the next couple of weeks. I don’t think I’m going to do a major roll-out, but I am going to replace the existing copy with this so if you paid for the old edit and want to update it with the new version, you should be able to re-download it from whatever site you got it from. If you have trouble and want to the updated version hit me up and I’ll do what I can to make sure you get it. If you have a paper copy, congrats you own the original. I can set you up with a discounted paper copy of the new revision again, just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Twisted Souls the sequel to Transition Man is out, but hasn’t sold many copies. That is mostly my fault for not  really promoting it the way I should. I am going to review it to make sure it isn’t written in the same weird past/present tense style, but other than that it is a finished product and a good one I think. For those wanting to see what Jordan looks like, she’s on the cover so take a peak. Lastly Genesis is still doing alright for not being promoted much either. In Christian fantasy it jumps and sinks on the Amazon charts I’m not sure where it is right now, but you can be sure I’ll be promoting more so I hope to get things rolling with some sales again soon. I have Sword of Achilles initial manuscript done and it is in need of review, so it won’t be out until summer. That’s only a year after when I originally planned to release it, but I want to get it right. I love the story, and the point of view that has come about thanks to my deployment to Afghanistan and don’t want to sell it short of its full potential. So be patient and you’ll bet the new thing soon. Also for this year I plan to do the 3rd installment in the Griffin Chronicles series and if I can the 2nd in the True Immortals. I also have a new idea for a book, but it will get its own paragraph at a later date. Now you’re caught up so let move on.

I managed to grow a nice beard on my leave from the Army while we were travelling and picked up a new hobby, shaving with a  straight razor! Man it’s awesome and I love it. I managed to find 2 antique razors and am trying to get them shave ready but in the mean time I found a razor with disposable blades that I can use and it seems to be working out fine. If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend it. The fam and I also went dirt bike riding while we were in Arizona and got hooked! Evan is a natural and the others are having fun learning as well. I expect we’ll be riding a lot in the near future. We are saving money up to buy a couple of bikes and a trailer so we can go trail riding here. There are several spots that look great and I’m going to go exploring on my bike to find new trails before I get the wife and kids out. While we were in Utah we went skiing for the first time. Laynee was a laugh as she was so uncomfortable on the snow. Evan was a natural as usual. Jules was awesome, having roller blading experience might have helped her a lot. Jaxon picked it up and by the end of the day we tackled the whole mountain. We also had such a great adventure on our trip out to Arizona and on to California from Kentucky. Evan, Laynee and I drove across country in our family truck and had great adventures all along the way. I want to make a little video out of it and post it here, so look for that to come. We got stuck over night in a little town called Vega Texas in a terrible winter storm that closed the freeways in New Mexico. The hotels were full, so we stayed the night in a shelter set up by the good people of the town. a big thanks to them for their generosity.

After a long trip we ended up here in Oahu and had to live in a hotel for a month. What an interesting experience. I also got straight to work as usual for the Army I guess. We looked for housing for a couple of weeks and found a cute little house in a low valley in a cute little neighborhood and really enjoy it. We hear roosters every morning and get to see beautiful mountain views from our back porch. We go to the beach often and have driven all the way around the island. We have seen the Arizona and the Pearl Harbor memorial, we have eaten lots of pineapple and have made lots of good friends already. Jaxon has his very own Trombone and Laynee’s saxophone has been repaired and is working great as well. I bought a new motorcycle a 2003 DR650 and love the heck out of that bike. As a good friend of mine said, once you go dirt you never go back, (Pete Fell) and he was right. I may never own a cruiser again. (I know this post is kind of all over the place, but I have been gone a while and am trying to catch up on everything I haven’t written about for a while, so bear with me.) We went to the beach with some of the members of my new unit, and tried surfing. I got up twice on my first day out and got hooked. The next week I bought my first board and am excited to be taking it out tomorrow for the first time.

I think that about covers it, I’ve made it through most of what’s happened. The Pachyderm history book I complied is reverting to property of Bco 6-101st, so if you want a copy you can still get it through them as a fund-raiser for the unit there. I think it’s a great little book and enjoy it every time I look at it.

Well that does it for this edition, I know I was all over the page, but hey, that’s me. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! and you stay classy Planet Earth!

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