Nov 25

A movie review or two.


Hello again from the freezing country of Kentucky, not for the last time, but that is soon to come. I have had a crazy busy last couple of months and I’ll not lie to you, I haven’t blogged like I should to keep my author persona in the public view. However I did manage to get several things done and have a couple of new projects underway.

One of the more exciting projects I’m working on is for my job as a soldier. For the last couple of years I have been my unit historian. I was given the assignment because I write novels and I believe the hope was that I could get the bigger picture and share more than just raw facts about the Pachyderms colorful and truly historic journey through the ages of war since Vietnam. I have managed to acquire many Commander and First Sergeant names and am trying to put together an effective timeline. But truly the more important part to me is to get a few stories of previous Pachyderms to put in so we can all reminisce on each others experiences. As of now the book isn’t long by my normal standards, but I think it’ll be fun to read for those who love Chinooks and the history of one of the oldest units around. Keep an eye out, Pachy 6 and his next unit historian will manage the domain and keep things up to date.

The other work I’m trying to get through before I move to Hawaii in December is my book Sword of Achilles. As you may or may not know the manuscript is done, but is extremely rough. I have made it through the first half of the book on my first pass, and as soon as I get it done I’ll send it to my editor and then go through again. My goal is to have it done and hopefully released in the next month but I’ll have to keep you up to date on that. So far though, it is by far the best thing I’ve put on paper.

This post is a movie review for 2 movies I really enjoyed, Thor 2 and Catching fire the second hunger games movie.

Thor was a surprise to me. I enjoy comic book movies and as Marvel has a near monopoly on the market they have plenty of money and effort to put into them. The first Thor movie was a set up for something else that was upcoming, the Avengers and did a fine job in establishing Thor as a hero. This second installment of the franchise is along the same lines, however, the head honchos at Marvel did this one much better. The story line is much deeper, the character development comes in faster and the action sequences are more along the lines of what you’d think a movie about Gods would be. The Dark Elf part of the conflict is well done and the special effects done distract from the overall scheme of what their message is. Loki is back and up to his usual tricks and Oden is wise and venerable. Thor at times shows his true power and strength as the God of Thunder, though they do try to humanize him a bit, which to me takes away from his status. This movie was funny at times, actiony nearly all the time and Natalie Portman is her usual gorgeous self. I enjoyed the whole movie and consider it a massive step up and brought the Thor franchise back from the edge of losing itself entirely, I look forward to the next one. I give this sucker 4 stars and recommend it for kids 9 and older. (my 9-year-old did just fine.)

Now for Catching Fire. As an urban fantasy author I was drawn to the Hunger Games series as a unique and outstanding idea. It was extremely well written and moved fast as I think a war type book series should do. The first movie was slow and didn’t quite catch-all that the first book in the series represented. I still liked it unlike many other purists. Many of the criticisms I hear are that the emotion of the book didn’t get through, and that too many small parts of the story were cut out. To those I answer, are you crazy? there is no way to convey the complete emotion of that first book on-screen, and I thought Jennifer Lawrence did well trying to bring it out. Her problem is that Katnis isn’t a very emotive person, so hard to act that out. they may have needed a narrator. (LOL) This next installment however was spot on. This book, for almost the first time in all my book reading/ movie going experience actually did the book justice. We all know that no movie can mimic the book perfectly, however this one conveyed the complete story and not just parts and fillers. The arena is amazing, the characters look and sound like what you’d think from reading and as I’ve read elsewhere, Jenifer looks great. No spoilers here, but if you liked the book, you’ll like the movie, it’s that simple. I give this 5 stars, it is one of my favorite movies of the year and it’ll definitely be in competition for the actual movie of the year post coming up in January. As for kids, I don’t think I’d take ’em younger than 10 unless they read and loved the books. otherwise, enjoy!

Well that’s it for this edition, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth.

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