Oct 28

Wow its been 2 months!

“Well here I am again!” (If you know where that quote comes from you are a true believer.) I’m very sorry for you who have followed this blog, wanting to follow my books and me as a person. It has been a very busy couple of months. After that long trip to Texas we came back home without a helicopter, so some other guys from the unit had to go bring it back. I missed the fam too much and had to bail. Any way since I’ve been home I finished my first college course and got an A thank you very much! I’ve now finished Sword of Achilles initial manuscript and have revised Transition Man. I feel awful about this. The T-Man version I used, I thought was good to go, being the one from my former publisher, come to find out, it wasn’t. So I revised and it’s getting re-edited now, if you’ve bought the version released under my own name keep an eye out and you will be able to get a fresh copy from any website you originally downloaded it from. If you have any trouble please message me and I’ll see to it you get the correct version of the book. Like is said, busy.

On the family front, Jaxon had an entire season of Soccer and his team finished around .500 on the season. He learned a lot and was a good defender. Laynee also played sports and was one of the best players on her volleyball team. We had a great time running around and watching as many practices and games as we could. Evan missed out on soccer, but did find a fun thing, the base running club. Turns out I have a runner in my family. (very strange) We have run 2 5K events together, the Trot for Troops, and the Go commando. Evan finished 3rd in the first and 4th in the second, I am a very proud papa. Jules is doing great having fun with the kids and taking some self-help classes. On a sad front out minivan died on us and we were forced to get a new car. Jules hates it when I call her new vehicle a car, it’s a truck. She picked out a 2011 Chevy Silverado Z71 SLT, a very nice truck.

My little Lexi has grown from a 25 lb. baby to a 55 lb. girl in a couple short months. We are getting through some of the growing pains of a pup and having a great time watching her grow. (which happens every single day.) We are making plans to move to Hawaii and really enjoying the last few months and hopefully last few seasons here that we will have for a few years. I have decided to sell my beloved cruiser (motorcycle) and try to get a different type of bike to ride for when we get there. Plans change and with the government shut down we aren’t sure when we will be leaving but we are excited to go when it happens. In the mean time I’m just working hard and trying to get through this last book before I take a break.

Once T-Man comes back from the editor and Achilles is done and released I am making plans to submit my work to some of the larger publishers. I find I have very little time to commit to promotion and that is 75% of the book publishing world. I can tell a good story, but it’s hard to get that story out for others to read. I truly have no idea how to make it most accessible for those who would read it and so I’m afraid back into the world of having a publisher I go. I stick by the older posts I have on the subject of small publishing houses, so I am only submitting to successful houses that sell books. A friend of mine asked me what would happen to me if they said it wasn’t good enough to publish? I told her that I would be disappointed, but that at least I would have an answer and would know this is just a hobby and I could adjust fire from there.

The truth is its very hard to sell books. I may be one of the best authors the world has ever known ( not really) and no one will ever know because I don’t have the time or experience to get the proper exposure that I need to keep the titles in the front of the pack. I am super happy with my covers and the editing and so I feel I will be presenting my best effort to the would be publishers I hope to get picked up by. We shall see.

With all the crazy stuff going on in life constantly I am going to try to do a weekly blog post every Sunday night, that will keep up with what’s happening around me and my family, as well as my books. So keep tuned in and share me around, I promise to make things more interesting and even get some guests on here. Until that time as always I am proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy Planet Earth!


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