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Long time no post…(excerpt of Achilles as promised!)

Hello from humid Corpus Christi Texas! I’m sorry I’ve been missing from the net for a while, and that I’ve been not keeping up with the commitment I have to write and promote the books that at least few people want to read. Let me do a quick catch up and then I’ll do the update on books, writing and what’s going on with the world of Jon Pew Author. The kids are doing great! Jax and Laynee have started middle school and are doing great! He is getting to know his surroundings and is excited about playing in the band. He’s chosen the trombone to play and has borrowed one from the school, I’m out of town and haven’t heard him play yet but I’m wanting to hear it! Evan is the last in elementary school and he is enjoying being king of that particular castle. Laynee is starting to play volleyball this fall and she’s loving that! Jaxon is on a soccer team and we are hoping that they will find another coach for Evan’s age group. All the teams filled up and they said I couldn’t coach because it would take too long for the back ground check so I got shot down on that but anyway here’s hoping. Jules is doing well she’s running the show while I am gone and is doing a good job. She’s missing me as much as I miss them, but we are getting along. Alright, here’s the update on books! So to start with Transition Man, we are selling copies again! We are staying ranked which means I’m selling a few books a week. I also am getting a lot of feed back from my readers that says it needs to be re-edited so, I am having that done as we speak. Twisted Souls is fully finished! The original release was an advanced readers release, but now the full version is done and ready, so enjoy and let me know what you think and if you can leave some reviews! Genesis is consistent it the top 100 of Christian fantasy, and ranks usually in the top 300k over all. That may not be a massive ranking, but it is very satisfying for me. All the books are still on sale through the end of the month. I’m placing my final order when I get back from this trip which should be the end of next week so get your copy while they are on sale! Sword of Achilles has been on the back burner for a few weeks now. I have been swamped by the work load of being a soldier, and publishing 2 books and cleaning up a 3rd. However now that I am feeling a bit more on top of things I am going to get back to it. I expect to have the manuscript finished before I head home from Corpus here and hope to have it edited and ready for cover art and reviews by the end of September. After that you author here is taking a break from writing until I get settled into my new house in Hawaii. I have written nearly 2/3’s of the novel and s0 now need to review the last chapter and pick it up again. I left off where Patroclus fights Hector. As you might imagine, it is a very different battle scene when they are using rifles and grenades, and not swords and shields. I have been struggling a bit trying to decide how to have the battle between Achilles and Hector which is the ultimate fight in the book. In the classic it was a 1 on 1 fight, but we don’t do that in modern warfare, so it’ll have to be modified a bit. I expect to have that fight during a battle between the Myrmidons and the Apollonian Guard. Either way, I can tell you it will be awesome! the excerpt I am giving today is one from the battle scene between Patroclus and Hector to catch you up on where the book is and how it is going to feel as you read through it. Try and remember it is very rough, and don’t judge on grammar and spelling, but check out the content and the design of the story. I hope you like it. Next blog post will not be about me but about a subject I find interesting or something most writers can relate to as a struggle for indie authors. I hope you enjoy the excerpt from the book, and please message me about anything you would like to have me blog about. As Always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth!   Patroclus broke cover and charge at Hector AK up and started to fire trying to end the great captain before he could lead his men back to safety. Shots rang out and Patroclus had good target on Hector, he smiled confident he had the drop, and he would be the one to slay the mighty Hector. The Trojan Prince located the source of the fire holding him down and rolled behind a rock and using his pistol shot at Patroclus throwing him off balance and forcing him to move to the right. He rolled back and threw a grenade to where he thought Patroclus would be. Sabre dove behind a rock when he saw the fraggo in flight and covered up just in time. Both men got up and identified their opponent. Both knew what defeating the other would mean to their cause. For Hector, he could cripple the Myrmidon ability to make war. For Patroclus he could destroy the only hope Troy had of victory. Both men dropped their mags in simultaneous movements and released their bolts forward. They opened fire while tactically avoiding the others incoming rounds. Neither had made contact and both slung their rifles and pulled their pistols. Hector was a little faster and put a single round in the center of Patroclus breast plate. Ajax gasped and reported to Achilles that his friend was down, but not out. Hector charged forward not bothering to reload, he knew he had 5 shots left. Patroclus rolled to one side and tried to get up firing his pistol wildly over his shoulder.  Hector raised his weapon and dropped to one knee and put one in his shoulder and one in his hip. “All units this is Knife, charge ahead and cover Sabre, MOVE!!” ordered Ajax over the radios The men responded instantly and rushed forward. Paris killed the first 7 men to get to their feet and start the forward charge. Mustang 1 and 2 sank to a knee and laid down covering fire as Hector moved in for the kill. Knowing he had won but still being cautious, this was Patroclus, one of the greatest warriors in the world, and he wouldn’t underestimate his foe. With a fully loaded magazine and slide released Hector closed the last 20 meters and pounced on his enemy. He drew his knife and rolled the downed man onto his back. As Sabre rolled to the sun, he had his pistol held at hip height and fired 2 rounds, both hit the edge of Hectors armor narrowly missing vital hits. Hector sat back on the ground and heard the click of the trigger being squeezed by Patroclus over and over again. “You’re empty brother.” Said Hector Patroclus turned the weapon sideways stared surprised at the empty chamber, the slide locked to the rear. He dropped the pistol and looked Hector in the face. “Well I guess you are the better man.” Hector shook his head, “Not better, just faster today. On a different day it would be me lying there, and you in my position. Good fight, rest well, I’ll see you soon.” Patroclus removed his helmet and nodded his assent. The shot to his hip had glanced off bone and cut through his leg nicking his femoral artery. The shoulder shot had found meat but had cut two veins in his muscled limb. He was bleeding profusely and it was only a matter of time until he was dead. Better to get it over with than to suffer. “I’ll see you soon. Farewell.” Said Patroclus and removed his breast plate as well It was a tradition among great warriors of the day to make their final kill with a blade. Gunshot wounds were too messy, and there was usually a state funeral to farewell the deceased. He lay back and exposed his chest. Hector loomed up and looking into his fallen enemies eyes he had nothing but respect for this great man. He’d fought as a true hero, and a great leader. He was sure that under different circumstances he and Patroclus would have enjoyed sitting on the walls watching the sun go down and enjoying a beer after a fine day of labor. But they were fated to be enemies on this field. He raised his knife overhead and plunged it into his enemy’s heart with surgical precision ending his life without further suffering. Seeing the life bleed out of his eyes, Hector gathered the dead man’s armor and retreated back to his man and the escape route they’d planned.

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