Jul 23

An Amazing Experience!


Well hello again from lovely Fort Campbell! It’s still hot and sticky here and can be so uncomfortable, but my garden is doing great and the air conditioning works, so we get by. We have enjoyed a month without sports, thinking we’d have a relaxed time, but we have been busy as ever! Jaxon has been going to the youth center and doing activities everyday.He’s also just tried out and got the part of Toto in the Wizard of Oz play, the performance is on Friday so we are happy about that and will give you a totally biased review on Saturday morning. Laynee is having a fun time being lazy and hanging with her friends. Evan is doing summer enrichment, which is just going to school, voluntarily during his summer holiday, we are very proud. (Laughing our heads off, but happy.) Jules is working hard with her doctors and trying to make sure her meds are perfect, I think she’s doing fantabulous!

On the soldier front, it’s the Army. We are back to work with a vengeance. We will be flying a lot, doing tons of extra duties, and trying to keep up with aircraft as we go. We have a lot of change of Command ceremonies and that isn’t a lot of fun in the summer heat. (Not that they are any kind of fun pretty much anytime.) Either way, being a soldier is definitely a full-time job and I find myself searching for time to write and work on the author side of Jon Pew.

On that front I’m working on promoting as much as I can for the books already published. I am also trying to get Achilles finished up for the September release. I can tell you we are definitely releasing in September, I just don’t know what day yet.

On the Book front, the Twisted Souls release was a big success! We gave a few copies away and had some fun with pictures and chatting about characters and such. Again a big thanks to my promoter and friend Aurora Martinez for all her hard work. That makes 3 books published this summer with 1 to go, but more on that later.  Genesis has rocketed up to #60 in Christian Fantasy, and in the top 80K over all in the paid store. I can only thank those who bought books pushing us that far up the charts. My humble request is, read, review and recommend. I could use all the help I can get pushing my brand name out, and getting more sales so I can afford to keep this up.

Now for my subject. I have learned a whole lot in the past few months, not just about what it takes to publish and sell books, but about me as a person. I have owned several businesses, worked as an independent contractor, been a soldier, and now I’m throwing my hand in at publishing. (just for myself) I can tell you that it’s not all roses. The challenge of finding people you can work with and understand you and your point of view on the process of publishing is difficult. Luckily I have found several people who I work with very well, and who buy into what I want to do with my work, but not all who try it find this help as I did. I can also tell you I love the Army! I haven’t had to suffer waiting on every sale, and hoping it’ll be enough to feed the kids at all, which has made the choices of publishing and cost much easier to  bear.

But my friends…what an amazing experience! It sure doesn’t take long to find out who your real friends are. Most of us have several hundred if not thousands of online “friends” who are nothing more to us than a potential customer who might buy a book, do a review or recommend us to a friend of theirs spreading our effect. However when you’re in the process of editing, cover art, final prep and formatting and need a hand, and don’t have the cash to pay for the help you’ll need, your real friends show up. They stay up late with you working on the tweaks needed to make the cover exactly what you want it to be. They read through your work and have the guts to tell you when something you think is amazing is crap! They show up to your release event, not to get all the free stuff, but to support you and encourage you to continue in a hard business like books. They buy copies of your books, not because it’s a world-wide best seller, but because they want to help you along.

I also found the depths of my own understanding and motivation. It’s very hard to work a 10-12 hour day, come home, edit, and format to keep to a deadline. It’s sometimes very difficult to take criticism and grow from it. The hardest thing some of us may ever do is keep pushing the little keys and getting that last page written, and not rush it, but slow down on purpose to make sure it’s right. You learn what you’re willing to accept on what your finished product will look and sound like, what over all feel you want your readers to experience when they turn the pages. It’s all so wonderful, exhilarating, exhausting, and frustrating all at the same time, and it’s something you just never forget. Being the boss through the entire process and then getting the box in the mail that has your finished book in it, is truly a unique experience that is hard to acquire.

I have many thank-you (s) to say today, and so many I’ll forget that I really don’t want to try, but here’s the ones on the top of my head. First to my heavenly Father for giving me a gift I never knew I had. To my family for their patience and support. To Aurora and her team, for her friendship and willingness to keep me going. Most of all to those that are reading and enjoying my books, it’s because of you I keep doing this hard work, and I promise I’ll keep it up. (at least for a little longer.)

Well that’s all I have time for today. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet earth!

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