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Twisted Souls revealed!!



Well hello again from lovely, humid, hot, sticky, but clear skied Ft. Campbell! So a few things to report on the family front. (This post is mostly going to be about the coming release of Twisted Souls.) The kids are having an awesome summer. Laynee just got back from her trip to Ohio and New York with the church, and had a moving experience bringing her closer to God. We have been blessed. Jaxon is really enjoying his summer at the youth center here on post. He goes there everyday just about and gets to do something amazing. He’s been to Olive Garden, Bowling, Swimming, the arts and crafts center, the movies, archery and more and more. He’s going Kayaking tomorrow, and skeet shooting next week! If you can’t tell, this dad’s a bit jealous.  Evan has been around the neighborhood a bit more where he has lots of friends and small pools to play in. he is going to spend the next few weeks until school starts going to enrichment to get his school head back on and ready to go for August. Jules is doing well, keeping up with the munchkins now that I’m back to work. She’s a happy mother playing taxi, and helping get kids signed up for the next big thing. Our new pup Lexi is getting huge! She’s already gained about 7 lbs. in 2 weeks. In another 2 she’ll be bigger than Jessie our heeler, and that will be interesting. For those concerned they are getting along great and having fun together.

Now for the big thing, Twisted Souls release party will be this Saturday the 20th of July! Pretty slick being 1 year to the month that Transition Man was released. I have been working hard with my editor and publicist Aurora to make sure everything’s ready, and I think we’ll make it. I wanted to give you a few insights into the new book, so here ya go.

In part 1: Transition Man, Wesley Griffin, a Vegas king pin has a near death experience and comes back to life after he’s shot by Jordan his best girl. He then spends the rest of the book trying to figure out what he is and who he is supposed to be. He gets help from a variety of different characters and in the end wins a huge battle but loses someone close to his heart. Part 2: Twisted Souls pretty much picks up where we left off. Griffin and Jordan make their way back to Vegas and start working on saving souls as soon as they arrive. Jordan goes back to school and tries to make sense of everything she’s learned and Griffin tries to put his losses behind him and try to clean up his miss-deeds and get into the light where he wants to be. But the evil inside him isn’t gone, in fact it’s growing.

My wife thinks it’s funny that I wrote a book series about a guy who has multiple personality disorder, but I think it adds a lot to the story. Wesley is the dark side of our hero, and he’s not very happy about the current situation. Not as powerful or potent as Griffin he is always watching and waiting for his chance to take the lead and use all the amazing powers that Griffin has in his arsenal. In Transition Man, he is able to do this several times and each time he does the body count flies off the chart, Twisted Souls is no different. When Griffin is hit by even more hard news, and is driven deep inside himself, Wesley takes the lead, and not just for a battle, but for long enough to put his overall plan into action. The fall out is massive and the Strip suffers with Wesley as he tries to take total control starting at that place.

In Twisted Souls I manage to tackle crazy huge subjects, the creation of heaven, spirits, powers and angles. I try to explain the seven angels spoken of in the book of Revelations, and manage to introduce a new love interest and create the strangest love triangle I have ever read. Jordan takes a more prominent place in the book series, and Griffin’s father Cliff is also brought on board. Also there are a couple of references to the villain for the next book as well.

As the title suggests there are a lot of twists and turns in this book. I also manage to try and get out how twisted it is inside Griffin himself. He wants to do the right things and rediscover who he was, and in turn figure out who he is supposed to be now. Wesley wants to use their power to control everything and everyone around him. Bitter and angry about  is circumstances he takes his frustrations out on everything and everyone, and that is dangerous for everyone else, considering who he really is. (We get a lot more info on that front as well.) Talon of course is always wherever Griffin is, so he’s around doing his best to reclaim his old friend. Emmerick and Daru are back as well, and have a massive battle to make up for all their bad blood.

In short, there’s a lot going on, and this is an action packed book from start to finish. Remember this is part 2, I think this series will have 4 parts overall, so obviously there is a good hint at the end to lead us into part 3, which I am going to try and get out next summer, in July. I am so excited about this book. Continuing the story has been so fun. My method of writing doesn’t tell me how this is all going to end. I have a few notes on where I want the story to go, and how I think it’ll end, but I’m not exactly sure as things change when I sit down at the computer. I want to read the next book, and that means writing it. I’ve had the same team helping me with the editing process, Colleen Kiefer has done a great Beta for me, and Lee Gardner has done the editing. It’s the same team I had for Transition Man so it should be very similar and feel like a straight continuation of the first book.

For any of my T-Man fans out there, Twisted Souls is available for pre-order on my website at the store. http://www.jonpew.com/store/. I am also having a FB event on the 20th from 6-8 pm so please come and join me for some fun, and certainly some excerpts and giveaways. Hope to see you there. https://www.facebook.com/events/681944128497825/

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet earth!

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