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Hello again from Fort Campbell! We had a rainy but cool 4th, and I don’t know if you read it but, I wrote an amazing piece on what it means to be a citizen. (If I do say so myself.) We have been having a lazy month. The kids haven’t done a whole lot, but that’s about to change. Jaxon is signed up for  something every day for the rest of the month through the youth center here. He’s got bowling, a trip to Olive Garden, Archery, Kayaking, swimming, and more. We are very excited for him. Laynee is having a great time babysitting our newest addition, Lexi our Great Saint pup. (Great Dane, St. Bernard mix) She is however going on a trip with our church to Kirtland OH, and Palmyra New Your. For LDS kids, it’s a big deal. Evan is having a great time playing in the neighborhood and getting into trouble. Jules is about to kill he doctor, the medicine she’s on is giving her trouble. So, going to be a fun last couple of weeks before school starts up again.

I unfortunately had to go back to work. I only had a month off, but I still want more. Actually I’m kind of glad to get back to work, it puts things back on a regular schedule, and helps me not spend my entire paycheck going to the movies and buying stuff for my motorcycle. Plus I get to see my other friends and that’s nice too. From what I hear they are giving us some money to fly around. And it’s not a little bit either, so I should be able to get back in the saddle again and gaining more experience.

On the author front, we are steaming along to the release of Twisted Souls. the FB online release event is set up and ready to go. https://www.facebook.com/events/681944128497825/                                                                                                                                                          Please come and join me, and we’ll have a great time. Next post I’ll put up stuff about the new book, and a good excerpt. I promise.

I’ve had a friend at work who said to me “I need a list of other authors that inspire Jon Pew author.” I thought, now there’s a good idea for a blog post. but not just a simple post, it’s a request for your favorites as well. For me, I have a lot of authors who I read, but not that I necessarily used to create me own writing style.

I’ll give you a few of my favorite authors and books they’ve written, who I enjoy reading but that have absolutely nothing to do with how I write. The first and one of my absolute favorites is Dean Koontz. This author writes murder mystery and suspense books. They are all third person and often take a unique twist on strange topics. I love his lovable heroes and horrible villains. Plus he’s got a million books, so you’ll have a hard time reading the list. Another is Christopher Paolini. He’s just got the Inheritance Cycle, 4 books, terribly addicting and a lot of fun, but there is no way I could write as thick and rich as he does. Here’s a few more rapid fire. Steve Berry, very fun historical action books, John Grisham legal books awesome if you like a real intellectual read, I love the Rick Reardon books, (Percy Jackson) there are several more I’m sure I’ve forgotten, but all of these, are some of my favorite authors that are nothing like how I write.

The authors I have taken ideas and styling form are as follows. Probably the one that I would love to imitate is Clive Cussler. He has a series of amazing stories and his title character Dirk Pitt is one of my all time favorites. Let me give you a few more. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series taught me a little  about comic relief, with my favorite character, Ron. Stuart Woods taught me to be fun and a little racy, CS Lewis helped me to stay true to my beliefs and make sure I don’t go beyond what I’m comfortable with. I again could go on, but there are 2 authors that have really affected me. First is Dan Brown. He’s very methodical in the way he writes a book. His research and brainstorming are amazing. He’s puts together an outstanding read no matter what subject he tackles. I’ve tried to put that into what I do. I search out my subject, try to find out as much as I can about it, then I start to frame my story. The last author and the one that got me into reading let alone writing. JRR Tolkien this guy is a master! He’s not just written an amazing set of stories, but he’s made up an entire language. His classic is now one of the most well-known  series ever. His books are a combination of first and third person. He also has a cool narrator thing going on, and it works!! Truthfully, my books are nothing like his, but what I get from him is a love of entertainment. He is the most entertaining author I’ve ever read and that is what I’ve tried to put into my work. From him I found an author I didn’t have any issues with, and have completely enjoyed all his books. my wife calls me a huge Tolkien nerd, because I have studied the Middle Earth history.

If I am completely honest, the last part of my writing style isn’t a book, or author at all, it’s movies. I love everything about the cinema. The world of make-believe and visual entertainment is how I try to write. Jurassic Park, The Matrix Trilogy, even Back to the Future gave me ideas and inspiration that I’d never have gotten anywhere else. My latest book, the Sword of Achilles came to me after I’d watched Sucker Punch. Steam punk is awesome and I think I’m going to get into that genre for real very soon.

So there you go. Hope you enjoy it, check out these books, authors and movies. Tell me what you think, and who you read and how they inspire you.

As always I’m proud of my wife and my kids. Play to Win!! And you stay classy Planet Earth!!

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