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4th of July, more than another holiday, a day to remember citizens.


Well hello again from a rainy Fort Campbell! The fam and I are hoping the rain will stop long enough to see some fire works tonight. Nothing new has really happened other than the usual household stuff. We had a washing machine break, but I found a repair man to fix it for cheap so no worries. The Lord blessed us because with the broken machine we found a huge mold problem behind the machines we never would have seen otherwise. The last week before work has been really great, lots done and a lot of fun.

As far as announcements go with books and such, I posted last post that Twisted Souls the second Griffin Chronicles book is to be released July 20th. I haven’t set up the event on FB event yet but I will, so look for your invite and please come. Also on the book front I have a few amazing things that have been done in the last week so let me catch you up. 1st- on my website  I have had a bookstore built where anyone can order copies of the book. www.jonpew.com/store/ I have posted paper copies of Genesis, Transition Man, and the upcoming Twisted Souls will also be there. You can also get digital copies for your Kindle or Nook, or eReader. They are all the same price as Amazon, but if you order a paper copy from me, you get a signed copy, but it’ll take a couple extra days to get to you. It has to come to  me, then sign, then on to you. So go check it out and support my work so I can keep writing and publishing books.

The last cool part is that my first book trailer is done!!! Transition Man has it’s very own book trailer!!! I’m very excited about it and think its been very well done! I have to throw out a huge plug for Elizabeth Delena Rosa Author services who did the trailer, and Aurora who has worked so hard to get it done! I’ll be linking it here so check out the awesomeness!!!!

The subject of this blog post is the 4th of July, and that its more than just another holiday. (I feel so strongly about Christmas to, but since its July we’ll talk about the other holiday that is huge!!) We are Americans, but more that we are citizens of the United States of America. Most today don’t understand what it means to be a citizen, nor do they understand that part of that title is a requirement. A member of a society is an important person, they are a part of what makes a group of people unique and different.But a member of a society isn’t a citizen of a republic. It’s a hard thing to contemplate but to be a citizen of the greatest republic ever created, one simply has to be born on the correct continent, further to be born in the correct country. So many of our people really haven’t earned the title of citizen. They haven’t served in the armed forces, they don’t get involved in the political process, and they don’t vote or give two cents about what is happening to the country as a whole, only what is happening with them individually. A citizen should care about all these things.

Not every citizen is required to serve in the armed forces that keep them safe and preserve their liberty, but they at least should support them. In Roman times people saluted the warriors that fought for their freedom, in Sparta and throughout Greece when freedom was first brought about the soldiers were the top of the food chain and were given special rights and privileges, yet in our country, which has made its mark on history by our military might, our warriors are looked on as lower class citizens. The politicians are actually talking about armed veterans as potential terrorists. Nearly all the Veterans of our country’s wars would pick up those same weapons the government wants to take away from us, and defend our country by going to war again if called upon by the needs of our great republic. I am a soldier and I’m not looking for a big pat on the back, or for people to stop and let me pass by in line, but I don’t think it would hurt for our citizens to vote to ensure that those of us sacrificing so much get to keep our healthcare benefits, and our regular paychecks and inflation matching increases. If our citizens would unite in support of our warriors the military wouldn’t be getting asked to balance the budget on the backs or the 1%. As it is we do as we’re told and try not to complain, but if we had real citizens rather than members of society we wouldn’t really be having some of these debates.

The necessity of a citizen to participate in the political process is another area of which most members of our society don’t understand. Most common people only care about what government program best helps them, instead of why the program exists in the first place, who wrote it, and how it’s supposed to be implemented. The Washington bureaucrats have become what the citizens of our republic have let them become. The lobbyist’s, career politicians, presidents, judges, advisors and counselors are manipulating the system and earning a living because we have allowed our system of government to change and alter to cater to our desires instead of the best interest of the nation. Individual state representatives find ways to slip incentives into budgets to bring higher government revenue to their states, and districts. The career politician design government programs to attract voters instead of what is really best for our people. As a result the role of the citizen has diminished to a point that we are all becoming just members of society, needing our federal government to tell us how to live. But if we would pay attention to what our leaders are doing and get involved by writing letters, making phone calls, electing honorable men and women who want what’s best for the country and not for themselves, we might actually have space for the citizen again. Only citizens elect good people and hold their feet to the fire. Only citizens demand the right to be heard and taken seriously even if they won’t gain anything from it personally, but they know it’s what the country needs. We need those types of people to reclaim the title of citizen.

The last part of my post is that if our people would try to look at the issues that plague our time and would try to find answers for the republic, for the country and not just for themselves we might return to our republic roots. Our world has become so centered on wealth and prestige that the ordinary man or woman who works their fingers to the bone and sacrifices to bring their children up with an understanding of what it means be a citizen, not just a productive member of society, are not only over looked, but looked down upon. The political leaders of our time show us that they would rather have a society than a republic, which is what we were founded to be. The national tendency to be interested in our own self-interest has changed our great republic almost to a socialist haven for those who don’t want to work, and want a hand out from those that do. This entitlement society we have become is a disgrace to what we once were, a great republic full of informed and active people who fought for the right to have freedom and be called Citizens.

I don’t mean this to all sound like doom and gloom, we are still the greatest country on earth, but the last election and results from it have caused me to take time to consider where our people are going and what it is we can do to counter the path and slippery slope we are now on. The danger to our way of life and freedom is very real and we need the great citizens sitting silently in our midst to stand up and raise the banner of liberty and freedom once again. We need our silent citizens to lead the way, to teach the young the truth, not the skewed reality those that oppose God and freedom would have them learn. We need our citizens to get into the political arena to make change, not to make money. Mostly we need our citizens to demand of those that are in leadership positions to take responsibility and to immediately begin to take steps to stop the bleeding or our national pride and greatness into the gutters of socialism and societal equality. We need our citizens to be the hero’s the 4th of July was created for. This day is not just another holiday, it’s a day to remember the citizens who have gone before and strive to be those kinds of great men and women ourselves.

That’s it for this edition, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth!

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