Jun 22

The big day!

Well hello from FT Campbell! I’ve been working hard getting Genesis ready to roll out and the good news is…I’ve done it!! For the updates of the family and being home, everyone’s fine and everything’s great. I hope you’ll all forgive me not giving more details but it’s the eve of the release of my second novel Genesis and I’m just stoked!

I’m giving you a couple of small excerpts at the end and the final cover front and back from the paper copy, but for now I wanted to give you some back ground. It’s my opinion that people don’t just buy your book, they buy a piece of you, so here’s me.

Aside from being a soldier and dad, and all the stuff in my author bio, I wanted to mention real quickly a little about author me. I have actually been asked why I’m not with a house and why I am now an indie author, indie published. Well it’s a complicated answer, but to sum up, when my publisher decided she’d had enough and it wasn’t a good fit for her (very understandable, very tough business) I had a choice. I had several offers to take my books to different houses and several that wanted to have a look and asked me to submit, I just didn’t feel good about it. I’ve spoken all my views on the publishing industry and which shoes fit differently for different people, but for me it came down to this, what was I getting for giving away half my royalties if not more? As I know many people in the industry I am able to get covers done fairly inexpensively that I love, editing again at a fair price, and help from numerous sources to help get my books to the public. For most small houses that’s what they give you. (That and a weekly re-blog, or tweet fest.) And for some that’s what they want, or need and it’s a good fit for both parties. For me however it wasn’t this time. So I chose to go it alone and try this on my own. I have truly enjoyed learning the format, and grammar game, the editing and negotiating has also been a blast. It’s not for everyone and it can also be a huge headache, but for me it’s a better fit for now. So the answer is, it’s a choice this time.

Now onto Genesis! The basis of this book series is to give an alternative to vampires and werewolves. I love those books, but I’m getting tired of seeing them every other day. The way I read the bible there are people God has given immortality to so they can fulfill an earthly mission and it will take the whole life span of our planet to do it. To me that is a way better immortal than a blood sucking terror, or even a sparkly hero. And werewolves are seriously cool, but the same thing. They’re either rotten or heroic but either way both not real, they are fake. I’d rather write about true immortals. I read through the old and new testament and found a few, but the fun came when I realized that the canvas was so blank and I could write about nearly anything and keep it in the scope of the Bible stories.

In the foreword to the book (which I’ll post here in a bit) I make a reference to Cain being Sasquatch. This concept comes from my own church legends, and I find it fascinating. I’m Mormon, and we have legends of our early missionaries running across 8ft tall hairy men that claimed to be Cain. I also unearthed several articles about huge hairy creatures claiming to be Cain going through modern history. One from a man who said Cain was one of the main founders of the Communist party and that his mission has always been to remove God from the world. It’s kind of working unfortunately. But all this isn’t proof that Cain survived the flood. It’s simply part of my fictitious story and should make good fun to read.

To give you some more, my hero is Abby. She’s the eldest child of Adam and Eve, her best friend and co-conspirator is a massive wolf name Rikter. When I say massive I mean it, he’s charcoal grey with yellow eyes and he’s bigger than a grizzly bear. He’s also as intelligent as a human and together they get into lots of trouble. Adam and Eve are of course in this novel, as they were the first Immortals, and over all this sets up the rest of the series, which after part 2 is going to take a massive leap forward into more modern times with flashbacks of battles throughout the ages. Constantinople, Egypt, Rome, all the way through the American revolution and the world wars.

The series will end with the end of the world and Armageddon of course. (no pressure) I’m not sure how many books this series will have, but many is a good number. For those that like the creation story or the Garden of Eden you’ll like this. If you like a story about beings that can’t die and have awesome powers, you’ll like it too. I can recommend this book to a teen audience, not like my first series, this is fairly clean and not too involved with blood and guts or crazy out of this world mental stuff. I truly hope you’ll give it a read and share it with your friends. (I could sure use the book sales.) My ARC readers all give the book 5 stars and have no real criticisms, except for the fact that part 2 probably wont be out for a year and they wanted the next part of the story yesterday.


Genesis cover small

The release party is tomorrow June 22 online on Facebook from 6-8pm central, you can find it here, https://www.facebook.com/events/198220846997019/

Well that’s it for this edition of my little blog. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy Planet Earth!


Here’s the foreword.



When I first spoke to her, the story of her life seemed to me a great joke. Here I was, a starving author trying to make a name for myself as a writer. I was looking for a good entertaining idea, and the popular ones of the time were vampires or werewolves or a combination of the two. I simply couldn’t stomach the idea of writing another vampire/werewolf, story so I started to search for another creature that could capture and entertain. I was intrigued by the story of Big Foot or Sasquatch and thought maybe I could rekindle this classic into some kind of scary fantasy combo, including some of these mythical creatures. I started my usual method, to research and gather all the information I could about my subject and that’s when the madness set in.

Did you know that creatures like a Big Foot have legends all over the world? Did you know they all have the same basic descriptions of looks and behaviors? Here are a few of the names; Sasquatch(which by the way is a combination of many Native American names), the Yeti in the Himalayas, Windigo in Canada, Yowi from Australia, Yeren from China… there are many more but you get the picture. I also found that the legends of these creatures go so far back in time that this species seems to have existed almost as long as mankind. I dug deeper.

There are many reports of people running across what appeared to be a Sasquatch, but he wasn’t a dumb beast, he spoke to them. Stories of missionaries and wanderers coming across a large hairy dark creature that stood as tall as men riding on horseback and could keep pace with them, asking them questions, and in general leaving them feeling terrified. It’s amazing how much information Google can unearth in a few varied searches.

Just as I was formulating my stories, my research connected the creature known as Sasquatch in North America to Cain, the son of Adam who murdered his brother. I was shocked to learn that this isn’t a species of creature, but is one man, a cursed man and his followers, terrors to the entire human family. I began to request information from obscure resources and blogs. I started to find more information connecting Cain to Big Foot; I was obsessed. In all my research and everything I found, did not explain how he had become this massive hairy beast, but I was convinced. I have come to firmly believe that this Sasquatch is none other than Cain and his minions and that they have continued to work for the Evil One all over the world and through all ages of time since the day Cain made the bargain to “kill his brother to get gain”.

I was lost as to where to start my story or how to proceed. None of the dots connected and the tale was incomplete. This was no longer a fictional invention that would be full of wit and adventure; this was real. I sat in front of my computer staring at the screen, begging my brain to let go of the knowledge I now had and the questions still unanswered and write a fun novel about Big Foot, not Cain when she knocked on my door. I only had a few hours with her to listen and realize that she not only knew what I was suggesting was true, but she wanted to provide me with proof and details of the whole story from the beginning. As we sat talking, well into the night, me trying to take notes, another knock on my door interrupted us. A delivery truck appeared with cases and cases of books; journals to be precise. They were hers. Her history; her memoirs of what she had been through trying to bring Cain to bear over the entire course of human history and how he became what he is.

She told me to read them and then write the story. “It needs to be told” she said over and over again, so that all of her brothers and sisters, all the family of Adam. Would understand why there is so much suffering in this world, and where it all comes from. Why the legends of vampires, werewolves, and all the other evil demons came from that haunt our dreams.

I told her I wasn’t sure if I believed her or that she wasn’t just mocking me. She looked at me with those vibrant green eyes and smiled. I felt a breath of hot air across my neck. Thinking it was some kind of magic I turned and froze where I stood. Standing in front of me was a charcoal grey wolf the size of a bear staring me in the face with his intense yellow eyes. I was forced to look up to see him. He allowed me to pet his great neck to know he was real. He snuffled like a laugh and turned and walked calmly back out of my house and before he disappeared I heard a deep low voice in my head that shook my soul.

Believe. He simply said and was gone

I turned back to her and her appearance had changed to that of a witch, then she fell on the floor and was a mermaid, then back to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, pale and white, flawless in complexion and bodily form and her hair glossy flowing blond. She could be a vampire she looked so amazing. She told me again to read then write. Then like the lady in the lake shrouded in mist, she was gone.

This is not a story of happiness or even great sadness. It’s just the truth as she relayed it to me. I know that many of us, fans of the Bible or of the Christian faith will undoubtedly know the events of this story. However I don’t believe that any of us know the extent to which certain characters were involved in human history.

It’s inconceivable to me that one man or woman could have made such a difference in the world we know, but they did. Without his influence we would not know war, or secret deals or societies that plot to kill and extort to advance their agendas to remove God from our teachings and lives. All of this was the deal he made with the one who tried to convince Eve that eating the fruit was her only her only and best option.

But is this one, Cain, Master Mahan, the Master of the great secret, and those that follow him are the enemies of all and the ones who taught this secret to the children of Adam and Eve. He was cursed and deformed, but is he still around trying to deceive us and destroy the plans and goodness of God? I believe so.

She however is his opposite and has balanced the scale every time he has unbalanced it. She brought us the knowledge we need to understand what and who he is and cast this Master Mahan and evil out forever and restore God and faith to our lives bringing us back to Christ who will save us.

You can read this story or not, that is immaterial. You can pretend to be an atheist or any other religion in the world and think the story of the creation and Adam and Eve is a joke. But doubt not that the Immortals do exist. They live amongst us doing God’s will, or the Devils from the beginning of time until now.

There are many stories of Vampires and skin changing werewolves. There are others like Sasquatch and the Lady in the lake. But these are not myths or legends; they are Immortal beings that never die. They have all the time they need to destroy life and hope. These “vampires” don’t drink your blood or get killed by garlic and sunlight. The “werewolves” don’t appear only at the full moon and become mindless killers until stopped by a silver bullet. These are indeed real creatures that never die and have haunted the world since time began. Weather you meet a massive hairy dark man-like figure that terrifies you, or an angelic beautiful woman magically appearing with a massive wolf to save you from that terror, keep an eye out and believe. For they are coming and you will one day have to decide if you are with her and God, or with him and evil.

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