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Man of Steel reviewed…and other things.

Well hello again from beautiful Kentucky. It’s been a balmy 85 degrees with humidity for the past week and when it hasn’t been raining its felt like it anyway. So the bugs are out and we haven’t been able to get a good fire going in the  back yard to burn marshmallows all week. We have however been able to enjoy the sticky warm weather by playing baseball and trying not to get eaten alive. The swimming pools are still cool enough and the kids have been out enjoying them with their friends and playing with the hose in the back yard. The boys have been going to all their practices and now that Laynee’s back from Girls camp she’s catching up as well. I’m having a great time watching and cheering, there’s truly no better job than being a dad.  Jules is doing well, working out and keeping up with the kids. I’d say all in all we’re pretty much back to….well normal enough life.

Still on block leave and as promised I have been working hard on author stuff. Genesis is ready to roll out next Saturday and I hope you’ll all join me for the online release party, and if  you’re near Clarksville we are probably having some kind of release/book signing here so please drop in. I am currently still keeping Achilles on hold while I get Twisted Souls through editing, formatting and publishing as it’s next in the shoot, and I think I’m going to hold off on Achilles until I get everything else done so look for it probably around September 1.

That was the other things in the post heading, now onto what this is all about, movie reviews. Let me put out my disclaimer. I’m not a name dropper, nor am I a technical guy. If I like the movie I’ll tell you why or what I didn’t like and why as well. Anymore than that you can go to a regular movie reviewer and get all the celebrity names and technical jargon  you want.

So right out of the gate, Man of Steel. http://manofsteel.warnerbros.com/index.html

From my point of view this movie was a home run! I was skeptical as a Superman fan of how they would use the “”Batman Begins” tactics to retell this great classic. The great thing was, they didn’t. This movie was all it’s own. There was no throw back to the new Batman trilogy, nor was there a throw back to Christopher Reeves. The acting was well done, they picked a great Lois Lane, Clark/Kal-el spot on, and who did they get to play Jor-el…the Gladiator!

man of steel

The plot follows the original Superman movie pretty well. They manage to give you some more history and details that you don’t get in the other movies. The visual effects are amazing and the over all tweaks they’ve put on the franchise are outstanding. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone but let me hit a couple of things for anyone thinking of taking kids or wondering if it’s worth your time.

In the first  case, I took my 8-year-old and he loved it! No real jumps of freight or looks of I’m scared. I don’t think 5 year olds would keep up, but they certainly wouldn’t be too freighted. There are a couple of swear words, but no sex, blood and guts or crazy death scenes to haunt dreams. The only caution I have is if your kids aren’t up with the sometimes intense action of today’s movie scene it might get to them, nearly all the fighting scenes are intense and long.

In the second, this movie is 2 1/2  hours long, but the time kind of “flew by”. (haha) From the opening scene there is action and conflict and it lasts until the closing scene. Superman doesn’t let up and when it comes time to fight and fly he’s fast and he hits hard. Zod and his comrades are just what you’d expect them to be, so that’s another plus.

Seeing as this is my first of many (I hope) movie reviews I’m going to use the old star method and give Man of Steel, 4 out of 5. It’s a star off because it does take certain liberties with Superman that I didn’t like. The fortress of solitude and the never-ending struggle of the secret identity vs. superhero identity seems a bit compromised and that I don’t like. The rest however, top-notch.

I will also be having a second line on the stars, this one for kid-friendly potential, again stars out of 5. My criteria are based on several things, nudity, swearing, gory or realistic violence, and intensity of drama.  1 star would put the movie in line with Cars, and in my opinion would be acceptable for a 3-year-old. A 5 star would put it up around a mid level Harry Potter and be acceptable for around a 10-12 year old. I give Man of Steel a 2 1/2, I’d keep the really young away. If your little hero could handle Spider Man or the Avengers they’ll do fine with this.

On to a few others, now these are getting a little old in the tooth for movies in the box office, but still valid.

Next up Star Trek into darkness I give it 5 out of 5.


On the kids scale, I’d put it at a 4. it’s not scary per say but it’s very grown up. My 11-year-old liked it but my 8-year-old was lost.

I went to see this with my mother then with the wife. It was an interesting mix as my mother is a classic Treky and I follow in her mold. She is a huge original “Wrath of Kahn” lady and thought the new Kahn didn’t do justice to the old “beefcake Hispanic dream boat”. However considering the alternate universe thing, and the way the new captain Kirk is holding his own with the legend, I can get it. Again the visual effects are out of sight, the Klingon’s are great. The ships and battle scenes are perfect and they even brought back the little side kick for Scotty. And if I can just say, if Karl Urban does Bones perfectly! Overall, well done go see it while you still can, there really is nothing like the big screen.

Lastly (cuz I’m out of time) is Fast 6. I gave it 31/2 stars out of 5.


This isn’t on the kids scale, I’d leave em at home. once they’re big enough to handle PG-13, your good to go. I would however recommend Epic for a good young kids show, it was great but I don’t have time to review it today.

Don’t let the star rating foo you, this is a classic Fast and Furious franchise movie, hot chicks, buff dudes, fast cars and lots of totally unrealistic chases, crashes and action. Shouldn’t be anything to spoil here. Letty comes back as we knew she would. The Rock makes everyone else look like a pansy, and they open it up for yet another episode. (which I will go see) The mix of cars is good in this one as well as how they are driven. They even have a few trucks in here. The action takes place in London this time, and the crime lord is as good as Dom himself. Even though the cast is getting older, and we know they shouldn’t be racing around in super modded Honda’s they are, and we love em for it. This is not a great cinematic master piece, but if you love fast cars, hot chicks, buff guys and completely unbelievable theatrics, go see it.

Well that’s it for this edition, I hope you liked it. I am a huge movie buff and go every weekend, sometimes multiple times. I’m going to catch a matinée of the Great Gatsby tomorrow, as I am a nut for classic literary work too, this should work out well. I do plan to review a couple of times a month, so if there is something you’d like me to review for you and match it up with my recommendations please leave me a request.

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet Earth.

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