Jun 10

The master plan and an invitation.


Well hello again from the beautiful USA!! I can’t say that enough! It’s so wonderful to be home. I was able to sit and watch both my boys play their first game of baseball and help each of them get better with some batting practice of our own. Laynee missed her first game as she was away at Girls camp with our church. But from what she tells me, (and we can’t get her to shut up about it) she had a great time.  We spoiled the heck out of our boys while she was gone. Going out to lunch and buying new video games were just a few things we did. They had a great time and so did we. Jules is trying to keep up with going to the gym and her aerobics classes and finds herself tired from time to time, but she does her best. I enjoy getting her there and seeing her war face as she puts up the weight. We both picked out a few supplements to help us in our efforts to lose some more weight as we work on our fitness goals. All in all, a great couple of weeks.

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As for me, I’m settling in just fine. Trying to adjust to being home and spending time with those I have missed, but been used to being without is a little more work than I thought it would be. Its times like those that I’m glad I can hop on my bike and go for a ride by myself and clear my head. Block leave has officially started, which means I should have more time to be home and work on things that to me are important. So that brings me to the news portion of this post.

I have thought hard about it and decided to push the release of True Immortals Genesis back a week so I can have a little more time to get it ready for publication. I want to have a small box of copies so I can do a signing event and invite many of my friends and all 10 of my fans out to get a copy of the new book. (If you are one of them and want a copy please let me know so I can order enough to have on hand.) The digital format was easier this time and I got I into the Smash Words catalog first time go. I had to put it on hold while I try to finish it up, but it is ready to go. Create Space isn’t all that much more work, and I’ll get it done, but I just need a few more days so it’ll be perfect for those who want a copy. I am also setting up a book store on my site where you can order copies of my books and they will come to me, I’ll sign them and send them out to you. It’ll cost a couple of dollars more for shipping, but it’ll be signed and numbered. So if you’re interested check it out.

Now for the master plan. I am now looking for authors of a similar genre as mine to read and review. I have my favorite authors and am starting to really get reading Indie books so I will have a list of authors I recommend to my readers. I plan to review their books, and post their work on my site, and my Good Reads platform as well. If you are an author in that vein, and are interested in working with me on this please send me a message and send me a copy of your book, I would love to get this working.

I am also getting going with the newest promotional efforts, and here they are. I am getting involved in a cross promotion group. We’re not taking all comers, but we are looking for other reviewers, and bloggers who want to work together to build each others audiences and push each others work. I know the hardest thing for any Indie author to do is to spread your work to a new group of readers that don’t know you, this group is about doing just that. It’s surprising how easy it is to make a few new readers and rekindle the fire of excitement that got us all into writing in the first place. I also have new ideas coming up that will only be available to this group initially before I go public with it. Here in Nashville I have several contacts with news channels, papers, bloggers (not of an Indie author sort), and several book stores where my fellow Indies and those with small houses can do book signing events. It’s my personal opinion that the social media scene is great and can produce several good sales for authors but there is always going to be need for actual media, and paper books and we need to put as much effort into that platform as we do in the virtual one. Again, if you’re interested please let me know which of all my ventures you want to get involved in and we’ll get things rolling, we all only get there together. jonpew1@gmail.com.

Lastly, I’m going to toot my own horn. My friend and confidant Aurora Martinez has offered to do reviews on my books and has created a form for anyone who want to read and review my books. I’m posting it here and hoping to get several reviews and shares out of it. You get a free digital copy of the books you read and I hope you’ll send me yours in return so I can review you, and help you as I hope you’ll help me. I have 3 books available for you and a 4th that will soon be out all of which you can get for free as long as you read and review. So there you go fill out the form and let’s get reading and sharing.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14y7Vh9e34qLAFye7_sTInB1hBal5Bvk2_8G3I8-M2hE/viewform

Well that’s it for this edition, I plan on doing a food review on my next post of my favorite restaurant Carrabas, and one of a new place for me, Cheddar’s. I also hope to have a new book to review for you, by one of my favorite authors. As always I’m proud of my wife and my kids. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet Earth!

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