Jun 04

The Big News!!

Well hello again! I’ve been home state side for about 2 weeks now and everything’s starting to settle down. I’ve actually made it back to the gym and have maintained lifting, and in fact have the wife going with me.The kiddos are all enrolled and playing either softball or baseball and having generally a great time. We play whiffle ball in the back yard to work on hitting and have a great time playing catch. We’ve also planted a nice garden and enjoy watching the flowers and other plants grow. We should have a great crop in a couple of months. This morning  I dropped Laynee off to go to girls camp with the Church and I will miss her tons over the next few days, but I’m sure she’ll have a great time. I found a different motorcycle I like even more than the first and it was a lot less expensive so it’ll be nice to put that money back in the bank. Over all a great couple of weeks home and good time getting back together with the little woman, and the babies.

As for soldiering not much to report. Block leave starts in the next couple of days and I’m not taking anytime off until later in the month. So I expect the couple of other soldiers that are kind of hanging around will have very little time at work, which brings us to the bigger and more important point the author front.

For most of you who read this blog or are fans of my work, you know I have a massive summer ahead bringing you 3 new novels to read. The first and a project I am very proud of is True Immortals my new work in progress. This is a new series and a new idea that came to me out of the blue near a year ago and it has taken me this long to get it out.

The concept behind this series (which will be a long one) is the story of Biblical Immortal beings that we know about from that history. As you may know I am a very Christian man and love the stories of how God has kept certain men and women alive for long periods of time, maybe even for the entire breadth of human existence. I came up with this story after having read another vampire and werewolf story. That little nugget has been pretty over done lately in my opinion, and I thought how could I put a twist on this popular idea. So I started looking around and in my own faith (LDS) I found many legends and stories of the original villain and master of evil, Cain the son of Adam. There are no substantiated accounts of Cain surviving past the flood, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make up a great story that says he is.

So Cain is my bad guy and my hero is actually a heroin, Abby. She is beautiful and deadly. She is as immortal as Cain is. The companions of my main characters are massive Great Wolves. Abby’s wolf is Rikter. He is a charcoal Grey wolf with yellow eyes. He is the size of a great Kodiak bear and an amazing personality. Cain’s is Shayn. She is pitch black, and not as big as Rikter, but is still of the same race and she gets certain gifts in the book that make her the match of the alpha, Rikter. Adam and Eve of course make the start of the book, and there is the legendary battle between Cain and Abel.

I put my own twist on everything and I have tried to follow the first 5 chapters of the book of Genesis, as far as the timeline and as far as the events. Though I have made 5 chapters into over 80 thousand words, I have tried to keep it close to the events, I have just filled in the empty time spots with my own story line.

Unlike the Transition Man series, this book is meant to cater to a broader audience. It has no real swearing-in it, and no nudity or drug use. I also has a great message and a hero everyone can relate to and connect with. The only dark side to this story is Cain, he is a serial killer with a pension for the dramatic. So his killing scene’s are a little disturbing, but if you’ve read twilight and or Harry Potter, and or Eragon, Star Wars etc., and were ok with that, then this will be fine too. Well there’s a little back ground and look into True Immortals Genesis which will be released June 15th. I am having an online event on Facebook and if I get enough people interested I’ll have a book release event with copies for sale, posters and food at one of the local restaurants.

This is the first event of 3 this summer. The second is the release of Griffin Chronicles part 2: Twisted Souls which will be on July 20th, and finished off with Sword of Achilles on August 17th. When Sword is released I will be having a 2 day book signing event at a location in Nashville and trying to really drum up some press and fun for that event to launch into the fall season. I am so excited about what I have coming up, and look forward to another awesome year of writing and publishing.

Well that’s it for this edition, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet Earth.

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