May 30

The soldiers library!


Hello again from Fort Campbell! It’s been a crazy couple of days. First the fam. My kids are doing awesome at sports and all have earned awards for academic achievement during the last year so all’s well that end’s well. Jules has been working hard in the gym and is having some success. She’s a little frustrated that getting in shape takes so long, but she’ll just have to accept it and move on. She has gone with me a few times to lift and is so cute getting her war face on and pushing some weight.

On the soldier front we are getting back to work a little bit. We still don’t have our helicopters yet (thank goodness) but we will after our block vacation (leave) so it’ll be back to work for real then. We changed back to the regular Army ACU’s and I never realized how much I don’t like that uniform. Missing my flight uniforms, but not wearing those until we start flying again so I might as well get over it too.

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The big author news is the new idea that my genius friend Aurora with Elizabeth Delena Author Services came up with. As most of you know I have recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan and found used reading good books as a way to pass the time. And though there seem to be plenty of paperback books from popular authors, there are many duplicates and not a great variety. I also noticed that most of them have a tablet of some kind, or at least an eReader, so we figured why not offer them a great selection of Indie books from a lending library!

We are trying to take precautions to prevent piracy and the sign in will include a non-piracy clause and we can track who takes what so if they are pirating we can put a stop to it, but they are soldiers and for the most part they’ll be happy to have great books to read and not having to pay for them. I’m opening this up to all authors and all genre’s. We are going to have different folders for different types.

We are especially inviting the Indie author community to place their books here and get a little exposure for the effort. I’m hoping this will help to not only get something good for the servicemen and women fighting down range, but that it will also help promote some of our great Indie authors. So if you’re interested please leave a message on either my site or my fan page and either me or Aurora will get with you about how to donate your book. If you’re not an author and want to donate books, you can purchase a digital copy of what you’d like to donate and gift it to the library it’s all the same. I was going to blog about some of the movies I’ve been watching since I got home, but this seemed like a better idea. so I hope a lot of people get involved.

On a quick note I just wanted to plug the next release in my crazy summer of mad book releases. My new series True Immortals is debuting in June. Genesis the first book in the series will be released on the 15th and I’ll be having an online party and if enough people want to come a book signing party in Clarksville TN, with food and fun for an hour or two with paper copies for sale with signature. My next blog post will be exclusively about Genesis, what it’s all about, how I came up with it, and even some of who my muses were for the characters with photos so I hope you’ll tune in and see what the new project is all about. This is not the next Transition Man novel, it’s a whole new thing, and I am very proud of it.


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Anyway, that’s it for this edition. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth!!

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