May 28

More Important things.


Well hello from the good ole USA!!! I’ve been home for over a week now and can I just say the food here is amazing! I’ve also managed to get to the gym with the wife and bought me a motorcycle which is great for some alone time to unplug. First let’s get you the family update.

Laynee, Jax and Evan are doing great. the grades are out soon and it looks like everyone is passing with flying colors. We have also had first practices for fast pitch softball and baseball and I’m having a great time watching my kids play. For the summer we were going to rent a boat or go to the beach but the kids voted and decided to put up a pool in the back yard so they can have it all summer. So we’ll be getting a fence and a pool in the next week so when summer officially starts for them they’ll get to have fun and get turned a dark shade of tan over their break. Jules is doing well and taking over as the mom of the house again as my mother has left and gone back to Utah to resume her own life. Again we wish to thank her for all she’s done.

As for me, it’s back to work as usual tomorrow. PT at 630 and work at the hangar at 930 blah, wish I had more time to just sit around and workout when everyday, but we already have helicopters on the pads and they need attention. Plus we do need to iron out leave, and other items that are part of the getting home process. Over all I’m glad to be back, and didn’t expect to be left alone anyway so back to work I go.

This post is about something that occurred to me just last night as I was brushing my teeth. I’ve committed to publishing 4 books in 5 months. T-Man is out, and I’m still ironing out details on the paperback copy and getting the digital into all the sites I want them in for max exposure. However once I’ve nailed down this first one, I hope the others will go a little more smoothly. I’ve also committed to the Army another 18 months of my life so that I can get the station assignment I want in Hawaii, so I’ve given them more. After the long time away from the kids and the wife I have also committed more to them. To be around more and give them more of my attention is essential to reconnecting and making sure that no matter how important it is to put food on the table, I still need to be dad.

On my website and FB fan page it says “Jon Pew, Author, Soldier, Blogger” and as my army friends make up from time to time, “Bi-curious” or “Old Man” or “Angry Mormon” or whatever else they can think up like it’s some sort of crazy list of personality traits. (Bi-curious has never been one, but thanks Win for the one that stuck the most.) All that I do, and what I think I might try to accomplish in the author/writer arena, or the Soldier/working part of my life are really not all that important in the long scheme of things. So I’m going to talk for a minute about more important things in my life, and maybe it’ll strike a chord with you too.

There are many more important things. the most important is my kids and my wife. My family in short, to me, is the most important thing I have going for me. I married way out of my league and my offspring amaze me more and more everyday. I listen to their words and try to understand the way they think and I’m blown away by the maturity and intellect they have. My wife has struggled and we have our problems, but she’s the one I want to be in the fox hole with so, we put up and get through.

If I never sell another book, (which I hope doesn’t happen) my life will still have meaning. If I don’t get to serve my 20 years and retire, I’ll find another job and I’ll provide as best I can for those I love. But neither of those things cause me to lose sleep anymore. If one of my kids however grows up to be a complete waste of space I will have failed at the one important thing I was charged with doing by my creator, being a good father.

There are other things. I am an active member of my church, and try to be involved in my community and political process. These are important area’s of my life and will reflect on how I leave the world. Did I improve it, or leave it to the savages? These are very important to me and much more important than my little stories. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to down play my work in the Army, or my writing and trying to sell books, but they aren’t as important as being there for my kids and my wife. They in fact pale in comparison to my service to God and my community. No matter how I might excel at any thing there is still a debt owed and an accounting that will be do one day for how I’ve lived and what I have done with the talents and gifts given to me.

For us all there are “more important things” what are they for you? How do we as a people of good conscience focus on those things and leave some of the other’s aside while we focus on them? I think there are many ways, and recognizing them is one. Others are prioritizing time and managing the one most precious commodity, making sure that we don’t over extend ourselves. I’m not a self-help guru, but there are many who are and I encourage you to read a book on the subject if you need a little help in this area.

I simply wanted to point out that no matter what seems to be the focus of our internal struggle to find ourselves and that which matters most to us there are always more important things. And if we can keep that in mind as we struggle through any trial of our faith and sometimes more poignantly our patience, we can feel and blunder our way through and back to the heart of our worlds, the more important things.

Well that’s it for this edition. Since I’ve been home I’ve taken up my second or third favorite pastime of going to the movies so look for a bi-weekly post on movie reviews of what I’ve seen. If I haven’t seen a movie, I’ll review some of my favorites and see where that takes us.

As always I’m proud of my Kids and my Wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet Earth!

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