May 21

finally back home!!!

Well hello from the good old USA!!! I know I promised a new post a couple of days ago, but man! It’s hard to get back on the right schedule after a long flight and coming home from the other side of the world. It has been great to get home and reconnect with the family and friends. I can tell you that the kids are doing great!! Laynee and the boys are set up for spring sports and its one of my favorites…baseball and softball. (Fast pitch of course.) I have decided to invest in a very comfortable folding chair to take with me to practice and games. I’m going to be a busy dad, and I’m very excited about it. I’ll be posting pics and scores from the games throughout the season.

As for getting adjusted to being in the states, its been fun. I’ve been snacking on all my favorite items, going out to eat and enjoying a movie in a real movie theater. Probably my favorite item has been my king-size pillow top bed, with my gorgeous wife lying next to me. (Often naked.) The first week back on the soldiering front is called reintegration, which is a fancy way of saying getting signed back into post, and a way for the command to keep an eye on us while we spend that first few days back. I personally don’t drink or go out on the town, but plenty of soldiers do and this is a way to say, “keep it together and don’t go too crazy, but welcome home”.

Everyone’s out buying new cars and motorcycles, I’m no different. I went out to get a new motorcycle. I wanted to get an adventure sport so I could go with friends that like to go off-road but the financing didn’t work out so I looked at the street bikes. All sport bikes seemed to be a little scrunched for a 6″ 3″ 225 lb. guy. I went back to the chopper/cruiser world and found a fairly nice and very unused Honda VT600 custom, she’s a little old but very nice. I rode it back to the house and hour and a half ride, and had the little thing up to 85 going up hill passing cars, it was a blast. So the reviews I read that it didn’t have enough engine to have fun on were wrong. I think I’ll get a pic up on this post of the new ride, let me know what ya think. Over all it’s great to be home and with the fam again.

I managed to get to church on Sunday and it was wonderful to worship with the saints. I also didn’t fit into any of my old cloths, they are all huge! (I was a major fatty.) So all new cloths for this guy. I also got me a new iPhone 5 and have loved getting to know it, pretty awesome! New bike helmet, new boots on order, and all that good stuff, it’s like a whole new me!

On the author front, I feel pretty awful. I have a few changes to make to the re-release of T-Man. The paper version needs to have the cover resized in order to make it clearer, and fit the page better. Also farther back into the pages the chapter’s end up shifting from where they are supposed to be into funky places, so a couple of tweaks and it’ll be perfect. On a positive note, I found T-Man on iBook store, and Barnes and Noble again so it’s finally populating through Smashwords premium. That means very soon, you’ll be able to get it from anywhere!

To update you on the next book to be released True Immortals: Genesis, it’s still planned for release June 15th. It is with the Editor right now and I should have a working copy finished in a couple of weeks, then I’m off and running on the set-up and layout for the publication. All is looking good and the release should go ahead according to plan. Keep an eye out for excerpts, teasers, giveaways and announcements leading up to the big release of my second series.

As far as the next Griffin Chronicles still planning on publishing Twisted Souls July 15th, but one at a time. I’m also getting revved up for the Aug 15th release of Sword of Achilles. When this book comes out I’m planning a book signing and party in Nashville. So if you want to get involved and be here I’d love to have you, put it on your calendar and start making plans.

To close I just wanted to really thank all those who have been there for me throughout the deployment. the support I’ve had not just with my writing but with my work and my family left behind. Truly the love and good wishes you’ve all sent me has been appreciated and remembered, and though there are too many to mention individually I hope you’ll all take this broad stroke thank you to heart, because it is heart-felt. Supper big Thanks!

Well that’s it for this edition of my little blog, I think I might give it its own little title, I’m taking suggestions. once I get a few ideas I’ll post them and we can vote, the winner gets a signed copy of T-Man and a major promo on the site, so get involved.

As always I’m proud of my kids and wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy Planet Earth.



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