May 03

this should be obvious

Well hello again from Afghani-land! the count down is officially underway and I’m going to be on my way home from this crap hole to my family in around a week. (plus or minus, we are talking about the army here.) As far as I know the fam and kids are doing great. Laynee is signed up to play softball this spring, and the boys are getting into gymnastics and Tae Kwan Do. Jules is working hard trying to take up the reigns of being the Mama again and trying to keep up with three active kids. My mother is still there and helping and between the two of them things seem to be going well. However I am sure you all understand my longing to be there and take care of all that myself. Soon baby! I’m coming home soon.

On the soldier front my first month as an NCO has been interesting. There are certainly a few things to learn when you’re not just put in charge but expected to take charge. I have done it for most of my life, but in this job you can get used to other people saying “Pew take care of this” and me saying ” No prob” but to be expected to observe and assign those tasks to others to be accomplished took a little remembering. Over all it’s nice to get the pay bump and the automatic respect one gets wearing the stripes.

On the author front (this is the obvious part) my first novel Transition Man is going to be released May 4 and I am so excited about it! I was pretty sad when my publisher closed her doors and left me without a home for T-Man and I had hoped my other works. But I’m finding it to be a true blessing. I have now gone through the painful steps of learning how to independently publish a book. And trust me, the first one is the worst! But that’s over now and it is ready to roll out to the public!

My good friend and helper Aurora Martinez (who I frequently mention on this blog )has helped a lot and made big plans for the release party. She is ordering giveaway posters and swag, and I am ordering several print copies of the book and setting up several free coupons for giveaways for the EBook for a few lucky contributors on the big day. I unfortunately am still deployed and so I can’t be online all day as I would like to be but I’ll be there from 6-9 central time to enjoy the time with my friends that attend the online party. I plan to do a book signing when I get home, I hope in Nashville at the mall there when the summer is over.

This release of Transition Man is the first in a line of 4 releases this summer, all under my own name and as my own publisher. The second book is True Immortals Genesis, my new series! (note the wolf on the home page) I’m so excited about this novel, it’s very different and I can recommend it to a younger audience, which I was very happy about.

The third to release is Twisted Souls, the second book in the Griffin Chronicles series. (not for kids) It will be released on July 15th and will have a big party I hope in Clarksville for those that can attend. The last and the one that I hope to have the signing with is the Sword of Achilles due to be released Aug. 15th. This is my work in progress at present. It is the story of the battle of Troy but retold in modern times using my experience from this deployment. So I certainly have bitten off a lot this summer with not only writing my stories, but trying to publish them myself. Phew! That was a lot.

Well that’s all for now. Please join me for the Transition Man online release event through Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/events/338907769565639/ right now only 36 people attending so odds are good you can win some stuff just for stopping in and participating in the games.

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! Ad you stay classy planet earth!


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