Apr 23

update on publishing Transition Man

Well this is another shorty because I’m working my fingers to the bone here trying to get this book uploaded, reviewed and out to the public. so here’s the images for the cover, so excited! And the book will be available through Smashwords, and Create space which should make it available for E-book, or print. Also I have started a re-release event on FB for the online release of the book for April 30th, please share a round to your friends and anyone who likes fantasy books! I am going to have giveaways of copies of the book, and posters. I will also be sharing tidbits from the upcoming release of Part two in the series Twisted souls. I would love to have a busy day answering questions and sharing the excitement with all my friends and supporters. Thanks again and please come! https://www.facebook.com/events/338907769565639/



BookCoverPreview Next I’ll be working on getting it into hardback!

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