Apr 19

Time for some news!!


Well hello again from Afghani-land! In a few more weeks I won’t be saying that anymore! (sings leaving on a jet plane!) That will be a great day. For news from home it’s all about the same except my mom’s back in Kentucky and looking after the fam until I can get there. We are starting to fly a bit more which is great, it sure makes time go by faster when you’re busy.

On the author front I’m working hard on several fronts right now. 1st and the biggest news of the day…Transition Man will be re-released on April 30th with a  new cover and a re-format! I’ll be independently published and working on the next book in the line True Immortals Genesis which is in June. For all my fans and friends that bought T-Man edition 1 thanks for the support and the help. I didn’t change anything inside the book really except a couple more typos I found while reformatting, so your book is still the same, no additions or re-writes. And remember, Griffin Chronicles part 2 Twisted Souls is scheduled for a July release. I’m so excited about getting this done and having the fresh look up and going.

I am publishing through Smashwords and Create space so it’ll still be available in paper and digital formats. Plus it will now be available through many more avenues than before. I am hosting a release party online because I’ll still be here on this rotation, but we are having a bunch of giveaways free copies of the book, posters, etc. and I hope you’ll all attend and bring your friends and fans of fantasy books.

The other front is the tiring one, my 4th novel is Sword of Achilles and I just passed page 144 and still have a lot of story left to tell. I was hoping to have it finished before I go home and I’m working hard on that point and will keep you updated as I go along. Let me just say, this is the hardest yet best book I’ve written and it takes time to think out the scenes so they aren’t confusing or out of line. Plus because I’m using actual aircraft and strategies we employ, I have to be careful of what I say. I want to make a great book here, but I also don’t want to put any of my brothers or sisters in more harms way than they already are.

Any way that’s what’s going on with this guy. Keep an eye out for the details of the release party and I’ll keep posting. That’s it for this edition, as always I’m proud of my kids and wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet earth!

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