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The Big Plan revealed for publishing books!


Well hello again from Afghani-land! It’s been a few days and here’s the scoop. My mother in law Wendy lady has been with the family for 10 days and has to go back to Arizona. She has been a huge help and has managed to allow my mother to go back to Utah and help with the duties she has there. She is done, or near it and is ready (or at least willing) to come back to KY and help us finish up this tour. I can never say thank you enough to either of them for their sacrifice for my family’s sake. My mom will have spent nearly 2 months away from home with my kids and wife to allow me to stay here and further my career so a big thanks again to the both of them. Jules and the kids are doing better everyday. Julie Jean’s confidence is rising and she’s working on getting back to 100%. The boys are doing really well in school this quarter doing all their homework and trying not to kill each other and their mother. Laynee is amazing as always. Her grades are top-notch and she’s getting ready for the end of the year concert in band. (I should be home for that!!!) I’m so proud of all my family and loved ones have accomplished while I’ve  been away, way to go.

On the author front I have been working hard with Elizabeth Delna Rosa aka Aurora on getting Transition Man up and ready to go. I posted the new cover last post and this one I promised to give you an excerpt to go along with it. After the close I’ll post the excerpt from T-Man for all to see! But first I wanted to put out what Aurora and I have been talking about for a few weeks now. As you all know that read this blog I didn’t sign with a small house again because I simply don’t need one this time. Not that they don’t have their use’s and aren’t great, but it’s not the right fit for me. What a small house, any house is good for is networking and getting your blogs and tweets and FB comments seen by more people and therefore expand your potential customer base. I nearly signed with a house just for this advantage. But we thought maybe we could do something similar and maybe help other indie authors along the way without them having to lose a percentage of their royalties.

So here’s the plan, we are starting an independently published group called “Our House publishing”. No it’s not a publishing house, at least not yet. For now we are going to have a group that wants to work together and more importantly to promote together. I know there are many FB groups that do this, however we are not going to allow self promoting in this group. We will work together not sell to each other. We’re going to do the usual, re-blog each others posts, tweets and share each others FB pages. We will have a news letter where each member can inform the group as to what they are trying to do so we can all help each other and of course group giveaways. We will provide each other feed back on WIP’s and provide the help and advice that most people need. IE how does this cover look, or read this chapter for me and let me know how it sounds.

We are also going to have (we hope) a group of small houses to recommend if an author wants a house, and of course referrals for paid author services. The main point of this group is not to sell to each other but to sell to our combined network of friends and their friends. When one of our members is bringing a book to print we will all pitch in and help get the work done and posted. Then we will help with the release part of the process and donate to the giveaway and release party with free copies of our own works and or swag we might have.

We’re also designing a logo that can be put the back of our books so we can be identified in association with each other. All of this will be mandatory for being a part of the group. (Not the paid services part but being involved and helping our groupies) Non of this will cost anything it’s free but we are going to be selective and we are going to make sure that everyone who decides to get involved understands what they are getting into. If a member decides they don’t want to be so involved they can of course choose to leave. It should be very helpful and we should be able to work well together to push out our work to people who may not know us directly, but who would look at our stuff because they know someone in the group. Working together we should be able to make everyone rise at the same time.

If you’re like me then the biggest headache you get is reaching an audience that you don’t know and that will look at buying your book  because it was referred by a friend, that is what this group is all about. Plus the advantage of having other indie-author-publishers that have done all that and can offer help and advice, for free! So if you’re interested send me a message and we’ll find out why you want to join, and make sure you understand what we are doing. I am so excited about this idea it makes me giddy. (Good word right?) As soon as you’re in we’ll have you sign on our blog tour and that will help when you have announcements or blog posts so we can all get the network a churning!

So if you’re a serious blogger get involved here! If you’re a reviewer we’ll have an endless supply of stories for you. If you’re a small house and want to get involved in the network, let’s get it going. If you’re a self-puber looking for allies in the never-ending quest to sell books and don’t have a million hours a week to spend online then get involved and take advantage of combined hours worked and re-blogged, published, tweeted, FB’s and all that good schtuff!

Well that’s it for now, as usual I’m so proud of my kids and wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet earth!

***T-Man Excerpt

The shadow on the Dark Transition Man turned liquid and he flung it at Wesley as he
jumped forward with a yell of rage and hate….

He raised his shield out of instinct and blocked the first attack, Wesley spun back and used his shields sharp edges to cut off his opponent’s legs but he bounced over Wesley’s back and sliced his upper arm with a short stroke. Landing softly he made an immediate forward thrust for Wesley’s exposed side and he had to dive forward to avoid major injury. He rolled up to his feet and turned quickly slung his shield across his back and stood with Talon in hand and ready.

“Time to go to work” Wesley said and let the silver flow.

The shadow was already airborne and then running along the ceiling of the room, throwing small daggers at Wesley as he ran. He dodged two and turned ducking down and blocked another five with his shield. But one got threw and cut his calf muscle. The pain was immediate and intense. He felt numbness start spreading up his leg from some toxin on the edges of the blades. The shadow landed behind him and Wesley had to act fast.

Dropping to the floor, skimming away from his enemy he launched Talon trying to either kill the Dark Transition Man or at the least gain some space in which to change the momentum of the fight. He could see the whole battle unfold and his strategy formed quickly. He put it into action without hesitation.

The Dark Transition Man dodged, but barley, Talon almost took his head off. Wesley spun away tried to recall Talon but he wouldn’t respond. In a flash he raised his shield and drew his sword in one fluid motion preparing for the battle that was about to begin. He felt a weak in the one leg thanks to the toxin on the dagger and his enemy knew it. He didn’t wait for Wesley to repost, he came on like a tsunami.

Wesley felt him draw on the dark power and watched as he flew up in the air and came down on him with full strength. Wesley raised his shield and was driven to the floor but his shield arm held. In desperation he did the only thing he could being trapped on the floor, he reached his sword out behind his enemy and cut both of his Achilles tendons with one slash. The Dark Transition Man fell to the floor screaming in pain and agony furious that he had been beaten. Wesley stood over his fallen foe, reveling in his enemy’s fear as he drew near to finish him.

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