Apr 11

Transition Man re-boot!!

Well hello from Afghani-land again! it’s been a few days since I’ve posted and there is a good reason but first let’s get to the family news. Jules has been in good communication with me for a while now and she’s doing much better! (Prayers always work.) My kids are doing much better as well and grades for the boys are improving. Sometimes you have to go through a hard time to understand the good ones. My mother needed to go back home for a bit and get a break, as well as take care of her taxes so she swapped out with Julie’s mom, Wendy and she’ll be with the fam for around 10 days when my mom will return again and help finish up the last couple weeks of this rotation. I truly am blessed to have such a great support team to help me with this Army career, thanks so much guys love you.

As for me and soldiering…I have my stripes on now and am very happy about that. I’m learning what the army expects its leaders to do and implementing that in what I have set for myself as leadership skills, should make a good pairing. We’ve had lots of weather lately so flying has slowed down, but the new reports are that it’s breaking up and warming up, so I should get back in the sky and finish up flying! Very excited about that. I’ve managed to get back in the gym after taking some time off for a couple “old man” injuries and love the results I’m seeing. (Even if no one else is!) My weight is staying stable and my muscles are getting stronger and a little bigger. Running is easier as well and playing a little b-ball is breaking up the monotony.

Now for writing. Sword of Achilles has been put on a temporary hold while I have been working on setting up my own little house, (with 1 author) and I’ve been getting Transition Man ready for re-release. Re-formatting was an interesting exercise in patience, but worth it. I’ve decided I’ll be using Smashwords, and Create-Space for my publishing outlets and have set up appropriate accounts there. I have been extremely lucky in this whole thing to have had a friend and consultant Aurora Martinez with Elizabeth Delna Rosa author services or I’d be lost! I’ve decided to revamp the cover a little, it’s very similar and used the same model. We’ve used a different back drop to bring Vegas more into the cover. It’s also going to be the back ground for all 4 books in the series so we ended up tweaking Twisted Souls to use the same backdrop. I’m very proud of the work Aurora did and pleased with the final product. (Which I will show you at the end of this post!)

I’ve had a chance to revisit some of the final edits and put it through another updated word program and caught a few errors that were missed but for the most part I’m keeping the main body the same. I’ve had my consultant give me some pointers on Mexican language and social cues that I need to change in Isa’s language and actions, but that’s all the changes I’m going to make. I thought to do a re-read, but decided against it so everything should remain nearly identical to the original. I’m pleased to announce that everything should be done in the next 2 weeks and a re-release party will be held online with giveaways and imaginary food and drinks for everyone. (Spared no expense!) I’ll update with a for sure day when I know I’ve got all my ducks in a row. remember that True Immortals Genesis is coming in June so we’re gonna have a wild ride this summer starting with the Transition Man re-boot coming soon!

Well that’s it for now. As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet earth!


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