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a taste of Genesis, True Immortals part one.

Hey from Afghani-land, as promised here is a small excerpt from True Immortals Genesis, this part is where Abby has discovered that she and Rikter share an ability to fight together and she has honed her skills. Now Adam has to get Eve to understand that Abby isn’t going to be a stay at home mom, she’s a working girl and there is something different about her.  Please don’t be too critical, it’s still rough draft form and I promise it’ll be edited by the time the book is released in June. LOL. Hope you enjoy!


Adam knew that Abby wouldn’t be left behind when Rikter went out on patrol. Nor would she be left behind when he trained or fought. It was time to let Eve know about their new developments. He went to work in his workshop making Abby her own weapons. He made her a sword, small shield, a specific spear head and most special of all a new invention. What he made was a hidden knife sheath that would fit up her sleeve and held five small daggers. She could get the knives in her hand by swinging her arm at a short angle and then throw all five knives with one motion. He worked with her tirelessly over the space of many months in order to make sure she prepared and could use all these weapons with extreme skill.

He made her armor specific to her size and need. It fit inside her cloths and  fit like a shirt and was flexible as she was. All her weapons fit into her armor, so no matter what she was wearing, she was armed and protected. Once he felt he had done all he could to prepare her, it was time to show Eve and the boys.

One afternoon after nearly a year had passed he called the family together to show them what he and Abby had done. The boys were growing. Cain was nearly six years old, Abel had just celebrated his fourth birthday and Abby was ten. Eve was in the Nursery with Cain and Abel was being playing by Rikter. They all came together in the courtyard in the spring.

“Thanks for taking the time to come when I called.” Said Adam awkwardly “What you are about to see will shock and amaze you. Before you get upset or excited please observe, then let me explain before anything else is done.”

            Eve knew that Adam had been doing something but didn’t press him. Eventually she would find out, she always did. He was the worst liar and she loved him for that. But what ever this was, it had to do with Abby, and she wasn’t happy that something this secret involved her little girl.

“This better be good. If what ever you’re doing endangers my little angel, you’ll have me to answer to Man.”

“Y, Y, Yes dear.”  Adam said knowing he was in deep crap no matter how the demonstration went. “Alright, Abby come on out.”

            Abby crept slowly out of the workshop looking shy, but normal as ever. She was so cute. She was tall for a ten-year old and surprisingly well-developed. She was strong with muscular legs and arms and small breasts starting to show. Her cloths were black with tight-fitting pants and a silky looking grey long sleeve shirt with a hood. She had black gloves on and her hair was up in a pony tail. Eve applauded and so did Cain to see how wonderful she looked. Abby curtsied and her hair fell slightly to the side Eve could see the hilt of a little sword protruding from her back and stopped clapping at once.

“What is that!” She yelled pointing and starting to move forward to inspect.

Adam jumped between them forcing her to keep some distance. “Wait and see, then let me explain before you go ballistic ok?”

            The way Eve looked at him would have killed a charging wild boar. Her glare was icy and her hand was balled up ready to put a few new knots on Adam’s head. Even though she looked murderous, she sat back down slowly. She was rigid, sitting on a spring waiting to jump up again and knock his head off. Abby watched and waited. Adam gave her a wink and a motion to go ahead.

            “Mom and everyone I wanted to show you what I have been working on with dad. He actually caught me a few years ago breaking into his shop. I found one of the early swords he forged and was practicing trying to learn how to fight and defend myself. I have watched him from the time I was very small and have been longing to go with Rikter to help in the battles that defend the valley against all invaders. I fell like this is what I’m meant to do, that battle is what my mission is.”

            She twitched her arm, Rikter jumped up and pulled a rope that swung out several large semi human shaped logs. She spun in a circle and flung her arms in an arc the knives flew from her hands and blistered the face and chest of the first log. She jumped as high as she could and Rikter moved underneath her, she bounced off his shoulder and as she flew through the air she drew her sword from her back and sliced a bag full of sand in half, as she came down several spears sprung out nearly impaling her but she gracefully bounced from one shaft to the next bouncing off the first and propelling herself past the next slicing off the tips with her sword as she went.

When she hit the ground more bags swung out at her she reacted instinctively. She sliced sideways and up, cutting and slashing her enemy forms. She sliced the other log men threw the torso in a lethal move. She tumbled and ran across the courtyard bouncing off the wall and climbing up on small hand holds. She did fifteen pull ups and ran across a ladder suspended between two buildings. She flipped sideways and plummeted to the ground where she landed and rolled to disperse the impact without a break in motion. In the moment she landed Adam attacked her in a flurry of blows that were so fast Abel couldn’t follow what was happening. Eve caught her breath and covered her mouth in fear. Rikter then ran forward and joined in the fray Eve thought it would be too much but Abby held her own.

She jumped and flipped, defended and parried all blows. She kicked out and turned Rikter’s attacks. She sent her father’s sword flying and tripped Rikter so he stumbled over his own massive paws. She landed in a strong forward pose and let the two of them get back to their feet. They all stopped and bowed to each other. She sheathed her sword and walked over to retrieve her knives. After she reloaded her forearm knife loads and paused to fix her hair and cloths. Then she looked at her mom for approval.

“Eve I caught her breaking into her shop a couple of years ago, I tried to kick her out and told her not to return, but she came back again and again. She and Rikter can do everything you have seen here, minus the weapons before I got involved.”

            As he spoke her face went from amazed and surprised to furious! “What the…are you joking…you did all this…NO!!” She finished lamely not being able to string together a sentence that could describe their treachery.

Her daughter was now a warrior there was no way around that fact. She was the best warrior Eve had seen from any race or species besides Adam. Her initial thoughts were how she to undo what had been done. She wanted Abby to be a mother and to have time with Eve to spend raising their kids together and being the first mothers of the race. But she now knew that would never happen. This child had something special to do, something that had nothing to do with bearing and raising children. She would do something so much more amazing that Eve no longer felt she could really relate. She was now more than ever a daddy’s girl and would be forever.

“Eve she has this skill. I don’t know how or why and I want to but she won’t be left behind. She is determined to go out with Rikter and me to defend the valley. Since she wouldn’t be comforted or dissuaded I thought the best thing to do was to train her and help her prepare. I made her weapons, and I made the armor that she has on. She will always be protected, she will always be armed. What do you think?” he asked

Eve got up slowly and stood poised and queenly. She walked up to Abby and inspected her armor and weapons. She looked her daughter over and her chin quivered as the tears started in her eyes she cleaned some dirt off Abby’s face. She then turned to Adam looked and into his eyes. He opened his arms to comfort her and she punched him straight in the nose. Blood spurted everywhere and he doubled over in pain.

“You stupid ass! Why would you do this to our only daughter? She will never leave it alone now. She thinks she’s a warrior, she thinks she’s some kind of…I don’t know… a crazy assassin or I don’t even know what to call it and it’s entirely your fault. I hope you’re happy with the family you have because you’re sleeping in your workshop forever!” she stormed away

Adam pinched his nose to stop the bleeding and sat on the ground. Abby walked over and put her hand on his shoulder trying to pat his back without laughing. The boys wandered over to laugh at their dad, and Rikter was already laughing rolling over and over on the grass.

“Well I don’t think you could’ve really hoped for better than that dad. Don’t worry, she’ll forgive you eventually.” Said Cain

The kids couldn’t hold it anymore they all broke out laughing and joined Rikter on the ground. Adam stopped the bleeding and got to his feet. He walked away dejectedly to this workshop and shut the door.

“You ungrateful little cretins.” He yelled from inside and all was quiet except the kids laughing together on the lawn.

The boys wanted to examine all the weapons and armor. They asked her all kinds of questions about her training and what she wanted to do now that she was trained to fight. Abel took the spear from the training course and held it in his hands thoughtfully. But Cain just looked at her, and for the first time thought how wonderful she was and that he wanted to make her smile like she was right now for the rest of her life.

Cain excused himself and went back out to the nursery to work with his plants. He was developing a new type of crop with his mother that would be able to grow in all seasons of the year. They were also working on different types of herbs and medicines to help with healing the warriors that fought for the valley. Even at his young age, he knew he wanted to work with plants, and grow amazing crops and herbs. He would be able to feed everyone in his family, no matter how big it got.

Abel however was into caring for animals. He loved taking care of the flocks and herds. He went out with his dad a lot to take care of the animals they possessed. The cattle and sheep especially were his friends. But he saw in the talents of his sister a way to care for his charges. If predators came to hunt his animals she could defend them. All together there were tons of new developments and time was flying by.

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