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A little bit of me, talking about morals.

Well hello again from Afghani land! I have a few new things to report this start of a new week and a new month. 1st, I have been promoted at work to the rank of Sargent and pay grade of E-5 which will help take care of 3 growing kids. It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited about it. Second as announced last post I’ve decided to go it alone and self-publish all my works so I’m going to be ubber busy very soon getting that all going. Third the fam is closing in on the end of our time a part and nearing my going home. Still don’t have for sure dates but I can feel the nearness of it and it’s starting to make me trunk-ey to get out of here. I’ve nearly hit 300 hours in country and am sure I will before we leave. That’s not an extra ordinary amount of hours but I’ve flown on a lot of air assault missions and that kinda makes up for the shorter amount of hours. Either way, I have nearly met my goals for why I wanted to come on this rendezvous with destiny anyway. (Not that I have a choice, it goes where it’s told.)

I sat in front of my computer screen for a while trying to determine what I wanted to blog about today and I wasn’t at first sure. I’ve hit all my major works in production and want to wait a little before revealing much about Sword of Achilles. Plus I’ve had friends comment on how they want to hear more about my opinions and more about me personally. This is difficult for me. I’m usually a very private person who doesn’t like to air his laundry, dirty or clean. But I do have a few opinions and experiences that might come in handy to others so I’ve decided to share a little of myself and my thoughts with you today.

The first topic I thought I’d hit is one close to my heart. It’s particularly poignant today with my promotion. The subject is morals. I suppose that statement needs a little explanation so I’ll try and keep it short. A little over a year ago I was demoted at work for breaking the law I’m not going into specifics but don’t worry I didn’t kill anyone. I took some not so good advice, and made a choice. It was a bad choice and it’s totally my fault I knew better and should have behaved in that way. But needless to say I screwed up and as it’s not in my character to lie about it, I owned it and paid my debt to society. I had a good career path that was going to put me far ahead of my peers and was well on my way when this set back entered my life. It was a hard row to hoe but still that is what a person who doesn’t usually make those kinds of mistakes does to make what they did wrong right. This is where I came up with the idea of morals.

First what are morals? As I’m an author many people think I must have a massive vocabulary and that I can wordsmith up something cool in a jiff, the truth is it’s hard for me to define words. I discovered this about myself when I tried to define leadership. How would you in your own words define leadership? Try it…kinda difficult huh. I tried to define other words, like certainty, or confidence, words I use everyday and struggled. But morals was particularly difficult. I think of morals as a person’s base for determining right from wrong. It’s the ground work laid by several people in that person’s early up brining and life. For example if you’re raised in a Christian home, your morals are often based on the Ten Commandments or some interpretation of them. If parents are more lenient on certain things or lack the ability to provide proper discipline, love and structure to a child then that person will have different morals than someone else. It doesn’t mean that anyone is better than another it just provides some explanation as to why we have so many different layers in society.

For me the idea of breaking the law is wrong and unjust to the rest of my fellow beings, but to others it’s totally acceptable. I felt the need to atone for my wrongs as others might but I didn’t account for what it’d cost me. Monetarily it cost me nearly 5000 bucks. Career wise, I might have been able to pin this promotion on 9 months to a year ago. I might also have been looking at trying for the E-6 board in another 9 months to a year from now. But like I said my mistake my cost, it’s what’s required to pay the cost and I’m happy to pay my dues for what I did. But how does this relate to morals? It’s by my moral judgment that I know I did wrong, it’s by that same judgment that I can accept the punishment for the crime and do my best to recover and not get discouraged or angry. These judgments and choices we all make in life are guided by our own moral compass. It gives us a heading toward that which is good and descent. It tells us when we’ve gone too far or off our natural path. Seeing this for what it is I can understand what people mean when they say I can’t do this or I have to do that because of my morals. But which path is correct and what morals should you follow? I have no freakin idea! I only know what my guidelines are. I only know what is right from my point of view and would never imagine telling people what to believe or how to live their lives. I try to teach my kids what is right and wrong and instill in each of them a certain group of morals that can lead them to happiness. I want them to understand what choices will result in good and which in bad. I want them to embrace that they will make mistakes but as long as they follow a good set of morals they can’t go so wrong that they can never recover. I want them to be happy productive members of society and of our church. I want them to be good parents to their kids, better than I am to them. All of this is taught through the correct application of moral living.

If we can live moral and just lives we can have a positive influence on the world at large. We can spread the good actions and good results that come from being an upstanding citizen. We can receive God’s blessings if we follow that which he has commanded us to do. In the end we can only find true peace in life by learning and staying true to good moral principle. At least that’s what I believe and have come to understand from my 36 years on this earth.

Well that’s a little bit from inside my mind. Hope you enjoyed it and if not, don’t worry I’ll be back talking about books tomorrow. I’m planning on updating the site with a new excerpt from Genesis tomorrow. Alright that’s it for now, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to win! And you stay classy planet earth.

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