Mar 30

big news!!

Well hello again from Afghani land! Some big news on a few fronts, 1st im less than 2 says from becoming an NCO and getting pinned SGT, very excited. Second looks like im less than 2 months from seeing my wife and babies again, I’m pumped!!! Third and most important for this blog, I have decided to self publish all my own books for now!

As most of you know my publisher Little Acorns has closed it’s doors for very good reasons. (In my opinion) And Kristina has very kindly offered to keep T-Man in print and e-book until I get settled which works out well for me as I’m deployed and its hard to publish anything from here. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and praying and considering my options, but in the end I’ve figured I’m nearly ready to publish my books anyway and I’ve done all the work  with the help of a pro. (www.elizabethdrosa.com)

It’s been a hard choice. I had a few smaller houses interested in taking over the contract and helping me publish with them. I’ve blogged on the topic before and I feel that I truly can do this on  my own for now. If I change my mind I can resubmit my work later for a new contract. I’m also going to set up my own little publishing house with only one author, me. I have found that print options are more favorable to a house than to a person. Also for some reason being published with a “house” is better in the eyes of the world than independent publishing. Let me say here real quick that those that were talking with me about offering me a contact to publish, I’m deeply honored and still will speak kindly of your houses and your work, but this is a choice I have made just for myself I mean no offense.

So I’m reworking T-Man just a little bit and re-releasing it soon, in the mean time thanks to Kristina for being such an awesome person it’s still available to the public through the usual sources. I know this is short for one of my posts but I want to promote everything I do with my new site and blog, so there you go. don’t worry my usual lecture will be out in another day or two but for now that’s it.

As always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet earth.

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