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Transition Man Roboot!

Well hello again from Afghani land! Not much to report on the home front things really haven’t changed. But your well wishes lift my spirits and I pass them to the wife and kids. So again, thanks. A few more days until my promotion and I’m excited about that, but one thing I don’t get about the army is the way they say congratulations, now let’s punch you in the chest until your sternum breaks. Or happy birthday, now we’re gonna ball you up and beat the crap out of you, because we love you. Like is said don’t get it but I have to live with it, I guess its part of being in the military.

On the author front things are moving in a direction I never expected. My publisher Little Acorns, is closing its doors and letting me out of contract. So I now have choices to make and things to consider. As all 5 of you know that read this blog I have invested a small amount of money (even though it’s all I have) into hiring a pro to help get my author work into public eyes and try to advance sales on my book. Well the good news is one month after that investment I’m seeing sales improve! I’ve sold 4 books in the last week and things are looking good. My biggest concern is it’ll taper off. I only have so many friends and I need to tap a much bigger audience to have any hope of sustaining sales to a certain number a month. I’m not sure, but I had a few publishers interested in my work before I signed with LAP and I know of one right now that is interested for sure. So my question is sign or try going on my own. I’ve blogged extensively about this topic, however it’s still something to consider and I think I’m gonna.

I haven’t blogged about Transition Man in a while and I thought since my last several posts have been book related I’d wrap up with covering my first novel and currently the only one for sale to the public. So here’s a brief over view and some of my source material and original inspiration.

I’d considered what I might be good at and what my I might have an aptitude for and I came to the conclusion that besides my family the only thing I really enjoy is the movies. I love going and sitting in the theater, eating the fattening popcorn and sipping a large soda. I love picking apart the plot details and predicting the outcome at the beginning of the movie. (My wife hates that by the way but I love it!) So I considered how I might put that to use. I’m always thinking of ways movies can be improved by simple things that couldn’t be too expensive. It mostly has to do with dialogue or what characters are being moved from one point in the movie to another, but most of the time I’m right. (Even if I do say so myself!)

So I looked at trying to adapt one of my favorite novels, Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz to a movie series. He see’s dead people and helps them solve their problems. Often they help him out of a jam or guide him in a quest to solve a crime. It’s really outstanding and I love reading the books. I’m glad another book in the series came out and I need to read it. But anyway staying on point here I needed to feed the fam and I’m not an accomplished screen writer so I joined the Army in order to put food on the table and cloths on backs and so far it’s working out pretty well.

I was on duty at a night desk while at training for my army job and saw the ghost whisper guys who say they’ve died seen down the proverbial tunnel to the afterlife and returned. What a crappy way to connect with people. But it gave me an idea, and that was what about a scum bag going down the tunnel and returning with super powers and being forced to take an active part in the war between good and evil. And so it started.

I have a good friend Nathan Leonhardt that lives in Las Vegas and when we travel between Utah and Arizona (which we used to do a lot once upon a time) we’d stay there with him. I ate at several outstanding restaurants, walked up and down the strip over and over again, gambled in the casinos and in general had a great time. So I decided to bring all those elements into the book.

Some of my favorite movies shaped characters. Griffin is modeled a little after Neo in the Matrix, Isa has always been Selma Hayek in my mind and I went with Bandits for that one. Anyway I started writing and the story shaped itself. From my love of movies is where my writing style comes from. I love visual things, things that create a reaction in people and that’s how I try to manipulate my books. So Griffin, my hero is lost in the sauce and caught between a rock and a hard place.

I also served a mission for my church in New Zealand and fell in love with the native people. They are a warrior culture there, the Maori’s and I looked at their weapons and just admire the skill of the people with their Tiaha, which is amazing and deadly. That’s where Talon came from.

Anyway to wrap up here, the story of Transition Man is a Las Vegas scum bag big shot sends his best girl to close a deal, she gets roughed up and goes to him for help, which he refuses. She’s had enough and following a prompting shoots him and kills him. He sees down the tunnel and an evil presence sends him back to earth to try again making him a Transition Man.

When he wakes up he has super powers, and can see dark figures (demons) called shadows, and angels. He has to act on what he sees. For humans time stops in an instant, and the angels, demons and Transition Men fight it out with swords and shields, flying around and doing unearthly things that only superhero’s can do! In the end Griffin will have to decide to serve the darkness, or the light. His internal struggle is what the book series is all about. He falls in love with his teacher, Isa, and his girl that shoots him becomes his biggest project, her name is Jordan. There is much more, but if I’ve piqued your interest check out Transition Man, it’s available on your favorite book site. http://www.amazon.com/Transition-Man-Griffin-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B008G1BVFS/ is the amazon site.

Well that’s it for now, as always I’m proud of my kids and my wife. Play to win! And you stay classy planet earth.

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