Mar 21

Twisted Souls behind the book.

Well hello again from Afghani land! It’s been an interesting few days here. The weather is warming and the spring rains have started to fall. We are starting to pack up all our winter things and it’s a lot more comfortable to fly without so many layers on. Don’t get me wrong it’s still cold, but bearable. I managed to hurt my elbow lifting weights and trying to play basketball like a younger man, and it’s taken me a bit to recover but feeling better. At home the family is recovering nicely and Jules is home with the kids again. Laynee won her last game of the season and all three kids are starting fresh for the 4th quarter of the year. So crisis averted and we seem to be back on track.

This deployment is going well. By the time I post next I’ll know if I made the promotion list, here’s hoping. The flying is going great! I’m really comfortable in the air now and enjoy watching the world go by beneath me. The fighting season has officially begun here so we are thinking the number of flights should increase. I may yet get to 400 hours on this tour, we’ll see. In the meantime I’m working hard and trying to get home safe.

Well this post is about Twisted Souls the second book in the Griffin Chronicles series. I hope you all got to see the cover at the reveal and like the hard work being put in to bring this book to life.

At the present I plan to release by July this year. If you’ve read the first book in this series, (and I hope you have, if not go buy one!) you may remember where we left our hero. Griffin had just lost his love in a great battle in Tempe Arizona and taken Jordan back to Vegas to try and rebuild her life. Well that’s where we pick it up. Griffin and Jordan back in Vegas.

Griffin will have his hands full with Jordan in this story. She’s seen him as a Transition Man and has found she has powers of her own. Both sides are turning up the heat and Griffin’s choices are becoming harder and harder. The biggest battle will be dealing with his past and accepting what he has to do. Wesley is growing stronger inside the hero and is trying to break out and take over the great power that the General possesses. But who will win this internal struggle? Read and find out.

I introduce some new Characters in the book, one that is particularly relevant, Rae and she’s one of the seven as well. (Again if you haven’t read book one this might be a little confusing, so go buy and read. I’ll even sign it!) Rae if you couldn’t guess is female. Tall and slender, a natural platinum blonde with blue eyes, great curves and amazing powers. She’s also an interesting addition to Griffin’s life with her pull on his heart from “long ago.” So a fun love triangle emerges here between Rae, Isa and Griffin. (Read it and find out.) Our old friend Raven is back with a vengeance along with Daru and the horsemen. I also introduce a new villain; however he’s only mentioned, he doesn’t really appear until the third novel. New weapons and great more intense fights all brought to you from the wicked imagination of yours truly. The battles will all take place in Vegas this time so if you love the strip you’ll like the scenes here. I don’t want to give too much away but we lose one of the main characters in the series in this book. Not telling who, but it surprised me when I wrote it.

The best part is Griffin and Wesley will have it out on the strip! (Mass destruction ensues.) The main plot behind this book will be to determine who will ultimately control the power of the Transition Man. But who will it be and what will happen after? It’s all part of the continuing saga of the Transition Man in the Griffin Chronicles. If you have questions about something specific I will answer a few questions about the book as you ask.

Well that’s it for this blog post, hope you enjoyed it. As always I’m so proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win!! And you stay classy planet earth.

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