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True Immortals Genesis reveal

Well hello again from Afghanistan! It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here for old JP, and I’ll tell you what I can. First, I am doing well, but the family not so much. Jules is having a bit of a hard time and I can only say thanks so much to family and friends who have been such a huge help. I especially want to say a big thank you to my mother Alice who has dropped everything and run out to KY to be with the kids and Jules as they try to figure everything out. For me there’s even more news, I have been to the promotion board and been recommended for promotion. That means if the points needed to get promoted are lower than what I’ve earned I could be getting pinned SGT Pew on April 1st, more to come on that when I know more.

On the author front, I was pleased to do the reveal for True Immortals series debut-Genesis. This is going to be the first of several books in a series that will take the characters created in the first book, namely Abby and Rikter vs. Cain and Shayn through the entire history of human existence. As this is the premise of the books series, it by nature will be a long series, I don’t have a book limit on this as I do with The Griffin Chronicles which will be 4 books. (More to come on Griffin next post.) I’m gonna give you a short break down of the idea behind the books and a starter for the upcoming release this summer. Also if you follow the blog I will be posting blurbs to peak your interest until all the work is done and it is ready for the public.

So here ya go, I got very tired of all the vampire and werewolf stories, and how they glorified these made up immortal beings, when if you believe in it, the bible has great stories of true real immortals living amongst us. So I started with that premise. Genesis is basically the first 5 chapters of the book of Genesis in the bible’s Old Testament, though the names aren’t supposed to indicate that. I tried to tackle a huge Christian concept here in the creation and the Garden of Eden. Relatively little is said about this time period in the good book so it leaves plenty of room for me to make up a fun and exciting story. The struggle for me was how far to branch off from the biblical version seeing as it’s probably the most famous story next to Jesus’s own. So at certain points where the bible does make specific reference, I tried to incorporate that reference in my story to keep what is known as accurate as possible. The made up part is what was fun for me. I was struggling on whether to make my hero a guy or a girl, and in the end I decided girl. My oldest daughter has an attitude that won’t quit and I love her for it. So I listened to Paramore and came up with a killer kick-A heroin that will ultimately save the day.

The main fictional part of all this starts with the fact that we don’t know how many kids Adam and Eve had, nor do we know what happened to Cain after he was driven away from his family after he was cursed. All we know is that he was and he had a family of his own, also that he was the master of a great secret taught to him by Satan and he passed it on to his kids. I started to research the possibility that Cain might still be alive, and was surprised that there have been sightings and reports of people learning the great secret from him. He is massive between 8 and 10 feet tall, covered with dark skin and hair. Sounded familiar to me how about you? Big Foot maybe? Anyway don’t want to give too much away but that is where my research led me. There are creatures like a Sasquatch all over the world that have different names but look and behave the same. Could this be the cursed Cain still walking the earth? For me I went with yep for sure and used that as the basis for my bad guy.

Abby is his opposite, she is a great person and was chosen to battle Cain’s evil through time. When Cain would turn evil lose, she was there to return it to God, and so on and so on. I wanted to give both Cain and Abby a friend for their troubles and combat the werewolf thing, so I invented a race of giant wolf with great intelligence and power. So Rikter is Abby’s wolf and Shayn is Cain’s. So boy girl, boy girl on both sides. The initial storyline will take the reader from the creation all the way through Cain’s curse and banishment; second story will cover past the flood, and so on until we reach present day. Like I said a long series, but it should be fun. Keep an eye on the blog if you’re interested in this story I will be posting more about it as I get closer to the release and again if you have questions or comments please leave them on the blog and I’ll address them. I will post an update and an excerpt from Genesis in a few days.

Well that’s it for this addition of the author blog, as always I’m proud of my kids and wife, Play to Win and You stay classy planet earth.

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