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so i talk to much!

Well here I am again from Afghanistan trying to share a few thoughts about writing. I’m going to be giving an update on whats happening here and about exciting things happening with writing.

But first I need to address screwing up on my last post. I offended a good friend of mine and the person who has helped me most in my writing career to date Kristina Jackson. When I re-read what I wrote on the advice of my friend Aurora Martinez (more to come on her later) I realized what I wrote wasnt only rude, but very untrue. Kristina and Little Acorns aren’t the reason for any of my troubles nor are they anything but quality people. They are some of the best people I know. I have edited the post to more accurately reflect what I was actually trying to say, and not look so much like I was bashing her or her house.  So I just need to say to her specifically, sorry my friend.

All done, moving on.

Here in the Gan it’s still freezing and snowing. Flying at 10k ft and above with wind blowing through the cabin can be torture, but its part of the job, so I wrap up and keep going. The mood here is good and busy among the soldiers and we are having some success in our efforts. (not going to get too specific, you understand I’m sure.) I’ve lost about 38 lbs to date and have started lifting weights with a serious intent to change my body shape and fitness. I’m at the end of my third week, and my bones have stopped hurting, now only my muscles do. LOL! In the next two weeks I’ll attend the Promotion Board and if all goes well I will be recommended for promotion to the rank of SGT. so when I’m not flying or in the gym, I study my butt off and try to remember what I studied the night before. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. That’s about every thing from the soldier side of things.

For the fam, they’re getting along fine with out dad from all I hear. Jules is still having some health issues but says the doctors are trying a new medicine(again) and she has high hopes. The kids have had some colds this winter and missed quite a bit of school, but are making up work and trying to get there as much as they can. Laynee’s playing basketball and having fun from what she says. My Jax just turned 11 and is really looking forward to graduating to Boy Scouts from cubs. That means Dad here will have to go camping when I get home, so I’ll be still having to sleep in tents. Boo. Our Evan is doing great! He is enjoying Cub scouts, having turned 8 earlier this year and is wanting to play soccer this spring. I miss em all like crazy and cant wait to get home. No, I still don’t know when that is so don’t ask.

On the writer side of me is where a lot of growth has been happening. Having addressed my previous blog post I don’t need to go into that, however the decision to try to self publish the next couple of my books has helped to clarify the direction im going to go in the next 12 months. I’ve hired Aurora Martinez from Elizabeth Delena Rosa, Author services and set up a budget from my “day job” for investment into improving my Jon Pew-author brand. I really want to make a go of writing and see if it can help supplement my income, (soldiering doesn’t pay a whole lot) and she’s full of great ideas and advice. (I highly recommend her help, if like me you are or were a little lost in the sauce. http://www.elizabethdrosa.com/). I have a good feeling with the money I’ve committed to promotion and marketing, as well as development of websites and of course going through the process of getting 3 books ready to publish this summer, I’ll see some return on investment.

For each series here’s a little update.

For the Griffin Chronicles, Transition Man is still with Little Acorns and I hope it will stay that way. I also hope that sales for that book will pick up and I can push another book through LAP when one’s ready. We are pushing it as best we can. I understand we had another sale yesterday and that is an encouraging sign. I’m planning on working with LAP on having another free promo day with kindle in the spring and will keep you up to date on that.

Part two: title and cover to be revealed March 15th, is on its way to me here in the Gan in the next week or so. I can then make some changes and send it off to my editor. I believe the editor for Transition Man is available and is willing to work on part two for me. Thanks Lee! So it should stay in the same vein as the first. Stay tuned for the march 15th reveal to find out what’s going to happen to Griffin next.

For my new series True Immortals, part one is finally finished. This has been a challenging story to write because of the biblical nature of the story. Nearly everyone has heard the story of the Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and has their own opinion about that whole saga. I almost gave up on this one, but persevered and made it through. The cover is done and this book is with a beta reader now. I also have an editor lined up for this one as well. The cover and blurb will also be revealed on march 15th so keep an eye out for that.

Both should be ready to start the process of getting set up for e-pub and print this summer when I get home.

Now for my most exciting news, I started a book that woke me up in the middle of the night and hasn’t left me alone. I broke the prologue 2 days ago and have written through chapter 2 already! It’s flowing onto the pages faster than T-Man did! I expect this book to be finished in the next 30-45 days and off to a beta right after that. It will be ready for release also this summer. I havent decided what to do with this one. But I’ll let a little slip about this book.

It’s based on the legend of the Trojan War, but I brought it to modern times. Because of this deployment and what I do, I have gained a unique perspective into how war is fought. Everything I put into this book is what I hear, and what I see when I do my job as a crew chief in the helicopter flying around dropping off an picking up the guys with the guns. I have several friends in the Special Forces community and have let them read a little of what I’ve done and they said it was very accurate. So it should be an exciting modern-day version of an old war. More to come again on the reveal march 15th

Well for now that’s it for me, hope you all have a great day and go chase your dreams. As always im very proud of my kids and my wife. Play to Win! And you stay classy planet earth.

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