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Feb 10 2013-writing is the easy part

alright, well here i am again from Afghanistan and i gotta say, its been a long five months that I’ve been here. the fam is doing great from what i hear, a little sick with a virus, but doing better than before Christmas none the less. aside from missing my family and all that they are doing, which is a lot, i miss working on my books and networking with my author friends. I’ve managed to keep up some kind of sales every month but nothing near what i was getting when i was home. i published my first novel with Little Acorns, and bam, news interviews, three news paper pieces, etc. i get deployed, and blah, not a whole lot.

not to say I’ve had no publicity and December was a decent month, but i had a KDP free day and i spent my entire 4 day (which is the only break i get on this little adventure) online trying to network. otherwise i get one day off in 14 to blog, (ahem) network and otherwise sell my book. in the mean time I’m trying to get another book finished and published that isn’t in the Griffin Chronicles series before i release the second book, and it’s hard to find time, but slowly I’m getting there. i also hit some of my buddies up on advice on how to publish a series, and i got different advice from everyone. one says wait until book one gets some traction, others say publish asap, others say something else its hard to manage. I’ve owned several small businesses over the years and tried my hand at different schemes, but this is a hard business. keeping up with social media, trying to get noticed and most of all finding publicly recognized reviews its mind boggling!

plus I’m a soldier, so lets make this simple, hard to find time. dealing with deployments and knowing I’m going away again and again makes it hard to push ahead. right now, i have my Transition man books, plus True Immortals which is gonna be like 10 books, and my new idea, which should be a stand alone, is the sword of Achilles a retelling of the Trojan war with Greece, in modern times, kinda steam punk, but more modern. so i have all these ideas and all this work i want to do but writing is my second job, not my first. though i have to say writing is the easy part. the hard work comes from promoting.

when i can keep up tweet a couple times a week and update my blog and Facebook pages not to mention my website its hours of time spent, after i work 10-12 hours at the airfield. if i spend too much time promoting i miss my kids activities, its a full time job just to promote let alone continue to write. yet i find if i don’t write i get cranky and out of balance. for a guy who never aspired to be an author, i sure love it when i can do it and hate life when i can’t. i tried to figure out how the big boys do it, you know, the Dean Koontz’s and Clive Cussler’s they have a PR firm helping them and i have to figure it out on my own.

so here’s what I’ve discovered. for me this process will take lots of time, unfortunately. when i have time to promote, i sell books, and lots of them which is encouraging and makes me want to continue to work at putting out books, people seem to enjoy reading them as much as i enjoy writing them. but if i ever had hopes of making the New York Times best seller list, it’ll be years in the making, and you know what, I’m ok with that. i never imagined i would be a published author, i expected Transition Man to sit on my shelf and i could tell my grand kids stories about writing it and trying to publish it and that no matter how big your dreams might be you should always shoot for the stars, but now the dream of being a published author and holding my book in my hand bound with cover art and all that has been realized so which dream do i want to chase next?

to get my boat and sail around with my sweetheart and pump out more an more books entertaining and inspiring as many people as i can? i think so. so now that writing is the easy part the rest is what i gotta focus on next. here’s what this little story teller has to say, life never ends. when one dream is realized another blossoms into reality to be chased. my new dream is to write full time and support my family doing it, what will that take? i guess doing the hard work of staying on top of all the ads, reviewers and sites allowing me to try and push these books as hard as i can. and maybe, just maybe i can sell enough to get noticed, maybe, i can make that coveted list of best sellers and be able to sail and write. but that dream is the hard part, what i can do now is the easy part, write, and keep dreaming.

now that my little message is over, lets update you on the writing, well my second Griffin Chronicles book is still at the Beta reader and i should have it back soon. on the advice of some author buddies i may push that out later this year, probably in the fall. so good news for those waiting on part two.

for True Immortals, i finished the read through and i was surprised on how well it moves and reads, i had to shorten the target of the story to the death of Abel and the final battle there, don’t want to spoil it but if you like battle scenes between immortals and wolves, you’ll love this. i was going to try for a female model with a sword for the cover, but some of the wolf pics I’ve been screening look amazing and grabbing so it may be a wolf.

for my newest project i haven’t even written the prologue yet, i have pics for my muses and will post them with the prologue when i write it in a few weeks. for now i will say i think I’m settled on a title, The Sword of Achilles, and the cover will have his custom AK-47 with the name plate “Sword” on it. i think that will grab some attention as well. I’m gonna post again hopefully next week with more on True Immortals if i get it finished.


and for the lady’s this is Achilles

well that’s all i got for today i hope you all enjoy your life, and until next time as always,  PLAY TO WIN!!I’m so proud of my wife and kids, and you stay classy planet earth! 

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