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update from the gan, 26 Jan 2013

Well here I am again. its been an interesting couple of weeks and i have some news to report. first I’m doing well, not sick or injured, i have lost a total of 36 lbs and now weigh in at a petite, 222 lbs. I’m on the last week of my Insanity program and feel its gone well over the last 60 days, thanks for the supportive words and wishes. still flying and doing my job as best i can in the war effort. we are catching and killing bad guys over here so don’t feel like the war is for nothing. it looks like i will get a chance to go to the promotion board in the month of March so keep an ear out an I’ll let you know how that goes. though i have to say i cant wait to get home.

the family is doing well and enjoying there last couple of dad free months until i get home. Jax now wears glasses and he looks very smart, both intelligent and the British inflection of smart as well. my Julie jean sent me some bikini pics and i think im gonna have to learn to fight for when we get to hawaii to keep the other guys off of her. Layners is finally playing basketball again, she has been wanting to get into sprots and i hear she’s doing well i cant wait to see the videos. Evan is a big 8 year old and from what i have been told has learned how to push his mama’s buttons and get her spooled up, cant wait to get home and see that.

this is an author webiste so lets get you updated on the writing scene for old JP here. alright, T-Man is selling slow, but its just after christmas and we did have a good month in Dec, so i hope that picks up again soon. for those waiting on Griffin Chronicles part two: Twisted souls, i have pushed it to the back burner so i can focus what little time i do have on my new projects. plus, T-Man has only been out like 9 months, so i cant release the second book in the series so quick, that wont really help build an audienc will it. keep an eye out in about a year or so for that.

True Immortals is coming along nicely, i have written 100 pages or so and am nearly half way done. i am currently doing a read through to make sure im staying on point and that the timeline isnt jumping around. i expect it’ll be done this summer, if my Beta reader is upto doing another one of my books. Colleen is a life saver to me and i owe her some royalties as soon as i get any! for now, she gets mad props, without her i wouldnt be a publshed author. right now im going to write the fabled battle between Cain and Abel, then we will see the rise of evil in a new way and light at the end of the book which will take us upto the flood. again more to come as i get closer to being done.

my newest project woke me up from a dead sleep a couple of weeks ago and i cant stop thinking about it. this is a total action book about the Trojan war, i know its been done, but i am going to bring it into modern times and put a little of my military experience into the weapons and vehicles of the book. imagine Achilles and the Mymidans invading the beaches of Troy on CH-47F armored bad ass helicopters! .50 Cal machine guns mini guns and .20 mm cannons out the sides! and let me just say the battle between Hector and Achilles will be one for the ages, not that it already isnt but think of it in our times, Call of Duty will have nothing on these hero’s. i dont want to spoil anything, but the bad guy in this book will shock you, and no its not any mythological God or ever a king, you’ll have to read to understand. im finishing up my research now and soon this book will be underway. i dont expect this novel to be as long as my others so it to could be released this summer. (Again if Colleen is available to help.)

i hope to be working on a cover for true immortals in the next month or so and also gettting weapons and characters up for both new books in the next few posts so keep an eye out and spread the word.

As for those hoping to read the new Griffin Chronicles books i need to sell some copies of T-Man so tell your friends and help a starving author out by doing reviews and sharing the fun! As always i am proud of my wife and kids and encourage everyone to go for your dreams, Play to win! and You stay classy planet Earth!

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