Dec 14

book promo free days dec 14-15

well here i am again. its been a little bit between posts, but here we go. in the past roughly month many things have happened here in the Stan! i have flown quite a bit and improved some job skills, very important. and I’m preparing to hopefully go to the promotion board to get some stripes soon. we’ll see how that one goes. but the main reason for this post is to spread the word.

it’s Christmas time! and that means a big push for my book to get some sales i hope. i am doing a 2 day free promo from Dec 14th (today) until the 15th. please share and download, the more i give away the better the exposure. or at least that’s the idea.

i have wondered how much these days help in spreading exposure of my writing and my little project and the research i have done tells me it helps quite a bit, but only if you reach the top ten. i have looked further into other ways of spreading the word about T-Man and there are a few other ways to get it done.

for my free days i used a tool for free promotion days in Authors Corner. they had about 15 sites that promote books for free on your days and they also offer paid services. i asked around and found a few authors who have used that service and found they had mild success. but that word mild is from their perspective. they had a big spike during the month they paid for and the lingering increase was minimal, around 5-10 additional sales per month. well for me that would be a huge increase in sales. i have decided after the 1st of the year to invest in that exposure.

Indie authors like me, published through small publishing houses are hoping for a big break. many spend so many hours online, blogging and social networking that it becomes a full time job, and i think they can loose touch with reality. the online world becomes more important to them then real world out their front door.

when I’m not at war i am one of them. i spend at least 4 hours a day online trying to network and promote my work. as well as get encouragement from other indie authors to keep my spirit’s up. but i did one TV interview and a few news paper interviews and had a far more reaching impact on promoting my book than a  months worth of online networking produced. but as i am in another country where my book will certainly not be attracting attention, i am left with what i can do online. if you are an avid social media climber and have any comments on what indie authors can do, please share with us.

in the mean time, please share and download a copy of my book and get your friends to as well.

as always, play to win, and you stay classy planet earth!

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