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well dear followers, i haven’t been able to update for a while so here ya go. i have now been out nearly 3 months. i have flown over 120 hours and have been in the gym at least 5 days a week. as a result your author has lost 33 lbs and is now a dapper 225 lb man. still not thin enough i’m shooting for 205 so i think its achievable.  the weather is starting to turn cold and we have finally had a few weather days where we don’t fly cause weather has kept us on the ground. however i still have my spirits up a bit and think i should make it through ok. many people have asked what they can give me, not much have pretty much all i need, just help my family if you have the chance. thanks again.

i have written about 50 pages since i have been here which shows how little time i have to write, but what is done, i think is really pretty good. i have done the research and have decided my premise for True Immortals has enough merit to make it at least believable. i have tried to spice up the creation and Garden of Eden scenes a bit and have decided i like that a lot. in the story i have moved the family of Adam outside the garden and am starting to establish their kingdom there. should be fun. there will be a lot of sword fights and battles with wild beasts and nature. soon Cain will enter the scene and he and Abel will get to fight. that should be good.

on a more interesting note, i have made the hero of the series a woman named Abby. my muse for her is Jessica Beil and the guise is Blade Trinity which funny enough her character is Abigail. 

i think she fits. Abby isn’t old nor is she young shes in the perfect age. she also turns heads everywhere she goes. a little spoiler, Cain and Abel’s fight will be over who gets her as a wife. not gonna tell ya too much more, but, after Cain wins she refuses and becomes his enemy trying to avenge Abel and thwart Cain through the ages. that’s the premise of the series.

her companion through all her fights will be a massive wolf named Rikter. you’ll have to read the book to find out how he comes to exist let alone be apart of the story. here’s a pic i’m using for now, however i think this might be a piece of art my lovely wife can help me with. here are some cool pics i found anyway.

the biggest problem i have now is finding an Adam and Eve that would be believable in creating my Abby. As for Cain, i’m still searching, if you have any ideas let me know. i’m actually leaning Christian Bale, but who   knows right now. the story is flowing along smoothly without a Cain chosen yet. however i will need one soon so sound off with your ideas. 
as it is, we are now working on chapter 5 which isn’t saying much because i was on chapter 4 last post. but never fear winter is coming and i think i’m gonna have a whole lot of time to write. in the mean time for anyone whose jonesin for more of Jon Pew Author writing here ya go, this is the prologue in rough draft form for True Immortals. 
Whitaker Chambers wrote in Life Magazine an account of his
experiences with communism and testified before the courts of this land
that the communistic propaganda and purpose was to wipe God from the
memory of the people and to create a forgetfulness of any atonement of
Christ or anything of a religious nature, and ridicule it and bring it 
to scorn. Chambers testified on oath that he had met the founder of this
great communistic movement and that he had met him in a great ball, in a
great cafeteria on Broadway, and that he had come into the room and had
introduced himself to him as the founder of all the works of darkness in
the earth, that he had been upon the earth since its beginning. This
couldn’t have been anybody but Cain. He was an embodied man. He said at
this particular time that he was a giant of a man, about 6 1/2 or 7 feet
tall, very broad and burly, that he was dressed in western habit and
that he was filled with scorn and ridicule toward everything that was
good. He said he sat and talked with him for considerable length of time
and had outlined to him the designs that he had, that he was
perpetuating, and he boasted that he had headed these things since the
beginning of time. This was written in Life Magazine. The reason I
remember it was when we were in prison, Lyman took that Life Magazine
with him, and we read it many, many times. 
–Rulon C. Allred, Treasures of Knowledge Vol. 1, Hamilton, Montana: 
Bitterroot Publishing 1981, pg. 167.


            This is not a story of happiness or even great sadness. It’s just the truth as she relayed it to me. I know that many of us, fans of the bible or of the Christian faith will undoubtedly know the events of this story. However I don’t believe that any of us know the extent to which certain characters were involved in world history.
            It is inconceivable to me that one man or woman could have made such a difference in the world we know. Without his influence we would not know war, or secret deals or societies that plot to kill and extort to advance their agendas. All of this was the deal he made with the evil one, the one who first convinced Eve that the fruit was “good to the taste, and desirable to make one wise.”
But this one, Cain, Master Mahan, the Master of the great secret is the enemy of all and the one who taught this to all the children of Adam and Eve. And he is around still trying to deceive us and destroy the plans and goodness of God.
But she is his opposite and has balanced the scale every time he has unbalanced it. It was she who has brought us the knowledge we need to defeat the evil and balance the scale in our favor, and cast this Master Mahan out forever and restore God and faith to our lives bringing us back to Christ who will save us.
You can read this story or not, that is immaterial. But doubt not that the Immortals do exist. They live amongst us doing Gods will, or the Devils from the beginning of time until now. There are many stories of Vampires and skin changing werewolves. The Vampires don’t suck your blood, nor do the werewolves only show up on a full moon, they are real beings that can’t die, even if they wanted to. There are others like Sasquatch and the lady in the lake. But these are not myths, they are Immortal beings that never die and have all the time they need to get into your life, and destroy it or help it depending on which legend you happen to run into. 

            Sunset, the day of reckoning. All the righteous sons of Adam were gathered together fighting to defeat the wicked, the ones who follow Adamsson that murdered his brother in cold blood. The day had come to avenge his beloved son’s death, and bring Cain to justice for his crimes. The death of Abel hadn’t been Cain’s first transgression, but it had been the one that cemented his place as Perdition, the fallen, or Master Mahan who follows Satan to whatever end his plans would bring.
            Abbanah or Abby for short, wearing a skin tight, black, full body jump suit, sprinted the length of the mountains base, accompanied by her companion of the ages. They were trying to execute the plan to bring themselves within striking distance of their long time enemy. Bullets flew by, miraculously missing her by a hairs breadth. She glanced at the advancing army and saw her father at the head, looking her way with pride in his eyes for all her years of service. It was she who had kept Cain from ruining the world forever. She, who had suffered so much at his hands. She, who had volunteered for the position long ago, and would do it again if given the chance.
            She nimbly vaulted over the enemy pickets, dancing among the bayonets and battlements that stood in her way. Guards turned noticing her appearance like a spirit of the ether in their midst. Before they could react she had drawn her two 1911 sterling silver automatic 45 caliber pistols from her leg holsters and shot the first two directly between the eyes. Quickly surveying the oppositions file and rank, she dropped to a knee and unloaded the remainder of her extended magazines into the defenders that grouped themselves between her and her prey. He will not escape this time. The battle is here and our final confrontation looms. She thought as she reached for her spare ammunition.  

            The gun turret turned and aimed down at her. The gun commanders had strict orders to let no one breach the lines, and if anyone did, to destroy everything in that region. The gun commander ordered his men into position.
            “Take aim…” he commanded giving them the customary few seconds to get their target in sight.
            He took a deep breathe to give the command to fire, but as he formed the words with his mouth his throat was torn apart and his head ripped off by a gigantic paw with razor sharp claws. The men in the turret reached for their side arms but too late, the specter of a giant wolf was among them tearing them to shreds! One bite tore men in two, one swipe of his paw dismembered another. Blood and terror reigned as he killed every foe then turned and destroyed the room and the controls of the great gun that had held down the army of the sons of God all day.
Blood dripped from the corners of his giant maw, and gore covered his flanks, when he moved down the row, smelling his rout, finding the small child that had been his charge since the day of her birth. Rikter, the last Great Wolf surveyed the damage and having completed his mission left the parapet to rejoin Abby in the trenches.
            She got to her feet and began stealthily creeping toward the center of the compound where she felt the presence of her brother, and enemy, Cain. Rikter leapt from the high turret and landed silently behind her taking up his pace at her side. She reached over without breaking her focus on the road ahead and gently patted his upper arm in gratitude for his willingness to destroy that gunroom and free the advance of her father’s forces from its relentless artillery pounding as they neared their first advance on the enemy gates. He moved in front of her, lowered his head and locked his gaze on her face.
            “You know why we are doing this, we have to get to him and destroy him before he can do anymore damage. This is what we do Rikter.” She said to the wolf that towered over her.
            He looked over her smelling for damage and seeing if she was injured. He didn’t approve of her outfit, it was much to revealing. She had been born after Abel which made her far from the eldest, but she was her father’s favorite which was no surprise. She was her mother all over again. She was slender, athletic, with long legs, strong arms and firm breasts. She was the first daughter born with her mother’s blonde hair and unusual deep green eyes. With long eyelashes and full pouting lips the only “flaw” in her complexion was her most attractive feature her cheeks were covered in freckles. Her custom tailored outfit showed off every curve her mother had given her, and Rikter knew Adam was not going to have nice things to say to him for allowing her to wear it when they got back.
Child, I have watched over you as your Father asked me to long ago. All this time we have fought to prevent the evil from spreading over the entire family, and we have succeeded. But this fight belongs to your father and brothers, and not to you. His deep noble voice resonated in her mind
            “He will escape if we don’t find him and prevent it. If you’re saying I can’t kill him, because dad wants to bring him to justice and a trial and all that then you can leave now, I’ll handle this one on my own if I must. His life is mine to take. I have earned it after all the millennia of sacrifice and sorrow. MINE!!” she bellowed  
            Rikter looked away for a moment to consider her statements and what he should do. They had fought together for so long, he could tell what she would do in any situation. He looked back toward her and dipped his great head in acknowledgment of her authority and moved back around to where he had been at her side.
            They advanced slowly not wanting to give away their position too quickly. The coward would run when he knew they were there. He wouldn’t dare fight her face to face after their last encounter. He should have killed her when he had done Abel, then he would be free from enemies. But she had stopped him at every turn. Egypt, Rome, Constantinople, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and many more, he should have learned by now, she can’t be defeated, only defeat him. They neared a four way crossing in a series of hallways.
            Alarms, alarms, alarms! They had been detected in the heart of the compound! The trap had been laid perfectly. As she moved out into the open up jumped the guys with the guns, they were trapped.
            Well do you have a plan now? Queried Rilus
            Abby looked sideways at him and rolled her eyes. “How many times has he tried to lay this exact trap for us?”
            “Shut up and lay down your guns! Do it now or we’ll open fire!” commanded the platoon sergeant
            Abby turned to look at him “Just a minute, can’t you see we are having a discussion here?” she held her hand up palm out in a silencing gesture
            The guards didn’t quite know what to do. He looked to his lieutenant who looked back blankly and considered what would happen if they just killed her instead of bringing her in as they were commanded to do. They both watched in astonishment as a massive charcoal grey wolf, larger than a Grizzly bear stepped around the corner from where the woman had come. He was covered in blood, and he didn’t even look at them, he just glared at the woman in black.
            Presently she spoke. “Well we will just do what we did last time.” A pause as she listened to something no one else could hear. “Do you think he ordered them to kill us? He’ll want us as prisoners and bargaining chips with dad, as usual. This really isn’t even fair to these poor schmucks.” She said motioning around the room at the men pointing their guns at her. “Look are you going to question everything I’m doing on this invasion, cause if you are we’re never going to get anywhere…alright fine, I’ll ask.”
            She turned and looked at the commander of the troops demanding her weapons.
            “He wants to know if you wish to surrender before we kill you all?” she asked
            “You’re asking us if we want to surrender to you? We have you outnumbered twenty to one, out gunned by some very large weapons in these two hallways. Are you stupid or just a dumb blonde?” he asked much to the satisfaction of his men.
            She took a deep steadying breath to prevent herself from just killing him for the dumb blond comment and turned back to the wolf.
“See I told you, the typical idiots my brother hires to do his dirty work. Can we just do this and get on, we have a long way to go and I need to conserve my energy…Fine, I’ll go left.”
            Without so much as a breath she launched herself into the lieutenant on her left. She punched him in the solar plexus and doubled him over. They couldn’t see the brass knuckles she had built into her gloves they were too busy looking at her ass. She rolled over his back using him as a shield and  threw four knives, two from each hand, slicing the throats of the four men behind the barricade that were manning the two maw deuces defending that hallway. She spun back in the same motion and throat chopped her human shield collapsing his wind pipe terrifying him as began to suffocate, but not killing him instantly. She whipped out her twin 45’s and began shooting two handed from behind his back, nudging the dying man into the positions she wanted forcing him to shielding her from the oncoming rounds of the men in the other hallway’s.
            At the exact same moment she had acted, the Rikter  jumped over her with no apparent effort and began devouring the enemies along the other hallway that were armed with two tripod mounted mini-guns behind a few sandbags and in front of them a row of gunners shooting AK-74’s. Rikter and Abby had done this before. The other hallways were only blocked by men with small arms. There was a 240B machinegun, but it was the only real threat. By the time Rikter had disposed of the mini-gunners and soldiers in that hallway, Abby had defeated all the remaining forces bearing down on them from the remaining two areas.
            “Satisfied?” she asked reloading her weapons
            Rilus just shook his head and snorted his disapproval. He hated killing any of these children. He remembered with great affection how much mother Eve had crooned over every child and grand child and great grand child she was blessed with, and all of these men were her offspring.
            “I asked them to surrender, you can’t say I didn’t try. Now let’s we move on. Look,” she said pulling her arms out from behind her “I managed to save all my grenades. Good luck huh?”
            She finished reloading her weapons and spare magazines and holstered them on her muscular thighs. She also walked to the 50 cal gunners and retrieved her knives from their necks. After she cleaned and tucked her knives back into her sleeves she pulled out a small mirror and checked her make-up and hair before she allowed them to move on. Always stunning, she had defeated more enemies with her wit and intoxicating good looks than she ever had with her pistols, and just as she had reloaded them, she reloaded her aura as well.
            “How’s my butt look?” she asked cheekily, she knew he hated her outfit “Ok, we can go. Which way? Can you smell him?” she asked
            Rikter closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The first born children of his Adam were easily distinguished by the smell of their blood. They alone left in the world had that smell. The smell of the lingering Garden left inside them handed down from their parents, where all life began, and he would never forget or mistake that smell. His eyes snapped open and he motioned toward the hallway where the 50 calibers stood, now unmanned.
            “Right ladies first then” she said and took the lead on the last stage of their hunt for the brother that had taken away all she had loved, once upon a time.
            The miniscule camera mounted in the corner of the four way focused a little closer as she passed, and the facial recognition software he had written to detect her sent the alarm to his console. Cain looked down and studied the picture of the enchantress in black killing an entire platoon on her way to him. It was her, his Abby had come to him at his last great stand.
            She will be mine at last. He thought in his wicked mind. He had possessed many women over his life, and lived out every twisted sexual fantasy he could invent. But his imagination went into over drive with the thought of having her, and doing all the things to her he had never been able to with anyone else. She alone was immortal like him. She alone could survive his lusts. She should have been his property; he had been promised by his master that she would be his. He looked over at the black wolf sitting in the corner waiting to be called upon for the last battle with his nemesis.
            “It’s time to go…are you ready?” he asked her
            She growled in response.       
            “Good, lets go then.” He said and they left together to claim their prizes 

as for the Griffin Chronicles, sales are a little slow i hope Christmas will help boost some sales.  if you have a friend or relative that likes urban fantasy books, let em know that its available online from all major book outlets. as soon as Transition Man gets some traction i don’t think i’ll have a problem getting Twisted souls published.  last word from Kristina was a kindle free day sometime in Dec so keep an ear out and i’ll let ya know when. 
well that’s it for now. have a great one. and….stay classy planet earth and play to win. 

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