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hello again from Afghanistan.

I have to say its been an interesting few weeks since i have updated my blog. my Army career had been captivating my mind to a great deal and so my writing suffered because of that. now that i understand better how my career progression will work, i have let that preoccupation go and am now more focused than ever on making my writing career work for me.

i was very happy and re-energized by two 5 star reviews of Transition Man from people i don’t know. most of my reviewers are friends or acquaintances who know me, so i have been afraid of bias on their part because of our relationship. it is certainly gratifying to know that perfect strangers and book enthusiasts, who are even not fans of my genre love the book and in particular my writing style. this having put some wind back in my sails i have put my mind back into author mode and have managed to pump out 30 complete pages in a few days. its all rough draft form of course, but the research has been fun as well.

for those that worry about me in a combat zone, just know that i’m doing just fine. i am flying or at least on the schedule to fly nearly everyday, and that our missions are making a difference in this conflict. i am a soldier and do what i am told, but i have to say that this place is growing old on me and I’ve only been her a couple of months. with daily indirect fire from insurgents and problems with communication back home it can be very frustrating and lonely. that is why i have returned to my friends in my  mind, and have begun to focus on telling their story to get me out of mine.

on the writing front, i have begun in earnest on my new project True Immortals and have done a surprising amount of research on the subject of the series. first, i have to put in here what i did on my authors note. this is a fiction book, meant to entertain and inspire, not to be factual or even truthful. however i have determined that at least for my own views, i believe that these True Immortals exist and have a lot of work they are trying to accomplish. my main characters in the book are Cain of course, he is my villain for the entire series so i am trying to establish that he really is alive and not dead in the flood, or from a collapsing roof, or from choking. there are many references to Cain’s death and that his son Lamech took over as Master Mahan, the master of the great secret. however i have read the accounts of dozens of witnesses that have seen him throughout the ages. i am a Mormon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be exact and there are many in the annals of church history who have seen and talked with him. i have read accounts of former communists who say Cain was the mastermind behind Lenin in bringing about a system of government that would remove God and Christ from the minds of mortals. its amazing what Google can dig up in a short time. so as for myself i am convinced he exists and is continuing to be the Master of the Great Secret. (You’ll have to read the book to understand the secret, or research it yourself.)

i also have read about the family of Adam. there are many reports that say he only had 5 kids, and that Cain and Abel were actually twins and had a sister each. personally i don’t know if they were twins or if i believe that, but i certainly don’t believe that Adam and Eve only had 5 kids when they lived for nearly 1000 years. if it were me i would have hundreds. but then again i am deeply in love with my wife and cant keep my hands off of her for the short term of our lives together now. i have invented a daughter of Adam that was married to Abel, and seeks revenge for his death becoming Cain’s opposite throughout the series. she will aid other True Immortals that i think are actual Immortal beings spoken of in scripture. there is Enoch, who never tasted of death. also Moses, who  never died nor saw the promised land. we have John the Beloved/Revelator, and others who i will get into as the story unfolds.

the concept behind these books will be that there are True Immortals alive today that have been alive since the world began, and that they are still working for good or evil against or for us. the books will be full of action, cause that’s what i do, but the main idea is to entertain and inspire. there is no doubt that these books will be religious in nature and i hope that they will inspire good deeds as well as keep you engaged in the story line.

As for the Griffin Chronicles, part two is still with the BETA reader and she will get it back as soon as she can. she donates her time to the books and so i give her all the time she needs. so thanks again Colleen Kiefer for your hard work. i will post some excerpts from the book and get busy trying to get it published when i get home. but for now you’ll just have to wait. i will make my next post about Twisted Souls, which is the tittle for part two, and drop some hints as too what it will be about.

i believe my publisher plans on another KDP Free day on Amazon soon and will keep you updated about that when i have more info.

well that’s it for this edition of the Jon Pew- Author blog. until next time, you stay classy planet earth! and Play to Win!

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