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a visual writer at heart.

Hello from Afghanistan! all is well with your author extraordinaire. i am having a good time flying and learning my job better, losing weight, and missing my family all at the same time. i felt i needed to go on this deployment to do my part. i have several friends in the army that have done 4-6 deployments and its only right they get to take a knee and the new generation of soldiers, (even though i am in the older generation) take up the torch. so please, don’t feel bad for me, prayers are appreciated, and all those that are helping care for my family while i am gone thanks so much, words can never express what you have done and are doing for me. now on to other things as this is an author blog about my writing.

a quick update on my new series True Immortals, i had gotten through chapter four and all seemed pretty good until i re-read it and its moving too slow, so a re-write is in order, sorry for the delay but you’ll like the change mucho more better. and on that note i have a question to ask, and need feed back from anyone interested. the story starts with Adam and Eve, i have chosen a slant i like for the biblical story and its based around having children. my wonder is how graphic to get in the discovery of physical relations between the two. i don’t want this to be as adult a book as my Griffin Chronicle series, so trying to keep it clean, however this is a topic that must be broached so tell me what you think. now onto this editions of the blog’s main theme, visual writing.

This is a question that has been asked of me in every interview i have done, and at this point i never thought i would be saying “i have done interviews”, nor did i believe my point of view would matter much. however since i have done several interviews and this seems to be a topic of interest i wish to expand a little and have some fun at the same time.

i am a very visual writer. my technique is to watch the scenes in my minds eye and describe what i am watching. as a result i usually find pictures or actors who inspire the concept of the character in my mind. for example, i chose Ben Affleck’s character from the Town as my inspiration for Griffin in my first book. the look and attitude of being able to formulate a plan and execute it is a major part of that character. so i have decided to spill the beans about all my Transition Man character inspiration’s and see if any who have read the book, (and that’s like 20 people, so the list isn’t long. LOL) can relate. i am no expert, i have no formal training, so if anyone has input, i could use it.

but before we get to the dirt, i want to expand on the concept of my writing and try to elicit some responses form you, to see if any other authors use the same process, and if not how you bring your stories together. for me i start with the general idea of what i want the story to be about. for instance the Transition Man, i wanted to tell an action packed story of a scumbag who dies, see’s into the after life, comes back and tries to straighten out his life to change what he see’s when he dies for good. that is the premise, where i started. from there i was looking for a main hero, and watched the movie the Town, and used that as my inspiration for my main guy. (i also took many other ideas like Neo from the Matrix, and Hancock with his memory loss and others i really don’t have time to go into.) i have to admit i didn’t find a Jordan until recently, but i knew what her attributes are, i had to match her up. now that’s done and all’s well as i still have 2 more books to write in that series.

then i start with usually a scene to grab attention int he book before i start the meat and potatoes of the story. i believe in writing terms that is called a hook. usually the hook is apart of chapter one, but i like it as a prologue. then i can get into the start of the story. usually the beginning of any story is slow,. it takes time to build properly so the hook gets a reader interested, then comes the slower part and they plow through trying to get to the next hook. from all my reviews this seems to be working very well, and people in general seem to enjoy reading the book, which is why i wrote it. entertainment is the goal, not education, the proliferation of my own personal values, just good old fun. i may write a story that tells my goals and ideals, but i usually save those for public speaking that i do, or to teach my children.

for my process of writing, it can throw me for a loop. in Twisted Souls, the second book in the Griffin Chronicles series, the story threw me many curves i hadn’t expected. a new love interest, and the killing of some characters i thought would go to the end. these things i hadn’t planned. i know most writers use an outline of some sort to focus their attention and keep them on the track of what they want to tell, i can’t do that, i tried. for me the fun of writing at all, is to have the story tell itself to me, then i try and make sense of it for you. i know how i want the series to end, and i hope it does end that way, but even i am not sure how we will get there in the next two books.

the problem i am facing with True Immortals, is that i’m taking on a well known episodes from the bible, and putting a fictitious spin on them. Adam and Eve, Cain and Able are well known to most christian people and if they read the book, looking for further enlightenment on the subject they could very well throw my book out because i have taken an authors liberty with the concept. so i am trying to keep true to what the original bible story says out of the King James, and also put in some fun bits that are not in there. it is proving to be very difficult. my style wants to let the story tell itself, and when it strays from the original i have to bring it back.(reluctantly)

this style of writing is very satisfying to me, however it makes it hard when the few fans i do have want hints as to what is going to happen with a certain character. the truth is i often don’t know specifics until i write them. and if this is ever made into a movie, (my overall goal) i will be very interested to see how it is adapted and how the scenes and emotions that seem relevant to me are portrayed on screen. so there you go if you were interested to see how i made the Transition Man come to life, that’s how i do what i do.

now for the fun, i have a folder at home that has not only pictures of the inspiration for the characters, but also their weapons and style. i am only going to paste some pictures here, and provide a few notes on each one so you will know how these people apply.

first is Griffin, Ben Affleck from the Town,

 Griffin does become a very good physical specimen and it shows through the book. 
he is also very smooth and refined. so he dresses nice and is full of charisma. 

second is Isa (I am saving the revelation of Jordan for last, so you’ll have to wait.) Salma Heyek

 Isa, is fricken tough, Hispanic, and gorgeous. so i chose wisely i think.
 eye candy

next we have Daru, my first Villain. Dijmon Hounsou

 he has a strong accent, and he has a dark soul and is very powerful, i couldn’t think of anyone better.

 for the ladies.

then i have Emmerick, he is British, and he has a sly sense of humor about him, i thought Paul Bettany fit well.

 imagine this without wings, pretty cool i thought. 
next is the one i love to hate, Briggs, also known as Raven. and you’ll get the difference if you’ve read the book. Cillian Murphy
this is Briggs, an innocent looking person, who is evil inside,
 this is Raven, outwardly evil and proud of it.
now for the last, and one who will make or break this i think, Jordan Hall, the one who makes the whole story possible. Emma Stone. a natural red head, and that is what Jordan is. 
Jordan is slutty enough to make you want her, and riveting enough to make you love her all at the same time. 
not much to add to this. 
“Look into my Eyes…deep into my eyes.”
kind of a long post, but i hope you found it as fun to read as i did to write. until next time, Play to win, and i’m out!

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