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A writer out of place.

Its hard to be a writer with a day job. i have no idea how my colleagues do it. i watch so many first time authors, or Indie authors writing away and seeming to have lots of time to do so. i also watch these hero’s promoting all the time on social media and online blogs and don’t get if it helps their cause or not. i wonder how many of them make their living writing and selling their novels and how many actually succeed in making it their way of life.

i will not deny that i would love to be a full time author. and yes, i have one novel published and have others in the works, but for me its so hard to do the whole online promotion thing and think its having a huge impact, and find the time to do a good chunk of writing without affecting my other work. (which is the one that pays the bills.)

i have made wonderful online friends and associates that have given me good advice and also have helped me hone some of these promoting skills but the more time i spend doing it the more i find i am reaching the same hundred people and not expanding my audience very much.

i would like to humbly make and observation about social media promotion, compared to real time media promotion and see what anyone has to say on the subject. i am by no means an expert here, this is my first time in the hopper and so am at a bit of a loss as to how all this is supposed to be done. i have spent hours a day promoting my book through facebook, twitter and starting this little blog which i know maybe a handful of people read. and all i have notice for all my hours spent, all i have received is good advice like i said, and a mediocre ranking on amazon, and not a whole lot of sales to speak of.

now lets look at media. i did one tv interview and several news paper interviews and my ranking went from 300k over all to 24k over all in a few days. since then i have been deployed and am not able to keep up with news paper and other normal media outlets and i have watched daily as my book ranking has dipped back down into the 300k’s and is on its way into the 400k’s. and from what my publisher says this is maybe one of the slowest months in sales my book has seen. (admittedly, its only been on the market since June, so not much to compare to..) but its seems that regular media has a much bigger impact than social media. let me hear ya if you think i am crazy. i really am looking for the right ways to spend my limited time promoting my book and helping my own cause, which is to be a full time author.

lastly, being in the army and also being an aspiring writer has lent me to discover how much time is required to effectively promote ones work. holy crap! that’s all i have to say about that. i have been out of the country for only a month, and its like i have been written off as a lost cause. i know that being apart of the group means participating, but its difficult for me to find the time to circulate in the indie author circles at present. seems like a very finicky group. reading up on the likes of JK Rowling with her famed series and Paolini with his, they did a lot of unconventional promoting of their own. the problem facing most of the rest of us is how do we duplicate that kind of success.


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