Sep 19

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well here we go again. i am finally settled here in Afghani land and settling into work, so i have  a little time to blog. first of all let me say my trip here to theater was long and very uncomfortable. but i made it safe and sound. the living conditions are not too bad, i have a private room. well private meaning plywood walls sectioning off a 10×10 section of a tent, along with 7 other dudes. so sounds travel easily through the walls but at least i can change my underwear without showing my goods to other lonely men!

there are no paved roads here, everything is dirt and rocks, but at least we have hot food and beds to sleep on in reasonable comfort. i have set up internet service and so can now update this blog weekly if not a little more often. i appreciate all the well wishes and offers for care packages, but really i have pretty much all i need, except a kindle, but i don’t expect anyone to send me one of those.

we do most of our flying at odd hours so sleep and awake times can vary from time to time. i am trying to work out and get all buff, next time anyone sees me back home i hope to look like Hugh Jackman! LOL!

well from a writing stand point i have nearly finished the prologue to True Immortals and my beta reader is working her way through Twisted Souls, the second part of the Griffin Chronicles, which i hope to publish when i get home from this pleasant little vacation to the desert. i don’t have a name for the first book of True Immortals yet, but its the first story of the old testament, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able. though i intend to add a lot of extra pieces that should make for a great read and a long series.

news of T-man is that it is the LAP best seller for the month, and has gotten 9 great reviews on Amazon.com. the promotion of the book is starting to rev up. my publisher Kristina Jackson is starting to get her creative juices flowing as far as getting the book out there and promoting it to get up in the Amazon best seller list. here’s hoping Kris! the fam is doing great and i get new messages from fans everyday. i am doing several blog tours and interviews in the coming weeks so i will get those posted as soon as i can!

well thats about it from me here in Afghani Land, take care and as always…Play to Win!

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