Aug 24

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Transition Man is having a good week! We have sold may more books and are starting to get a buzz! I was very flattered to be asked to do a blog interview with another indie author on her page. Thanks so much Jacque for inviting me on! Here’s the link.

I have received my second order of books and have gotten them signed and ready to mail to everyone who bought one during the promotion deal. So keep an eye on the mail if you ordered a book. To update everyone on where I am at on writing, I have decided to get Griffin Chronicles part two over to the beta readers and then it’ll go in the safe for a while so I can start the next series. (more details to follow on another date.)

I have managed to acquire several books to send to book reviewers and newspapers so if you know someone I can send them to, I could use some more recognition. Next post will be details about the new series and when book one can be expected.

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