Aug 12

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My debut novel the Griffin Chronicles- the Transition Man just got a first review on amazon. 5 stars! this is a proud moment!

READ IT NOW!!! WOW! What a great start for first time author Jon Pew! The story of Griffin is a roller coaster ride between good and evil. Well written, strong dialogue and great characters make for a fantastic read. When the war in Heaven heats up Wesley Griffin finds himself called upon. Refusing to meet this challenge lands him on deaths door with two options, go to Hell or fight it. Griffin has a hard choice and struggles to battle not only the demons vying for his soul but his own personal demons as well. With the help of the lovely and dangerous Isa, Griffin learns how to harness the powers he has been gifted with. Griffin’s powers are legend even to those in Heaven and now Griffin must choose between the power he wields and the power that drives him. Can Wesley Griffin choose between light and dark before all Hell breaks loose? Read Transition Man: The Griffin Chronicles and find out!

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