Aug 06

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alright kids, i have had more than a few people ask for paper back books signed and stuff. here’s the deal. i am so flattered by your support and desire to read my stuff and i would love to give you all copies however i cant, i have to pay for them too. so i have time to do one order and one signing before i leave at the end of august. so if you really want one please go to my website, i am putting up a sign up list with an address you can send the money to, and i will order your book. i will leave this up until Sunday and make the order on Monday the 13th. i would love to order a hundred books so if you or friends like the Urban fantasy style let me know and i will order you book. cost on amazon is 14.99 plus shipping and handling, so i will order the books for 12 bucks flat sign them and send them to you or deliver them if you live close, but i need the money for the order so please send it ASAP if you want a copy for real. here’s the site. http://jonpew.weebly.com/book-orders.html.

Also more big news! I am having my first free promo day on KDPS Aug 17-18th so spread the word and if you want a free download ebook put it on your calender!

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